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8 Best Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits

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The health benefits of ylang ylang essential oil are closely related to the components inside. As we know that this is an essential oil that is widely used in various health needs. Among the components that are in it are antidepressants, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antiseborrheic, nervine, and sedative substance. Also popular as an herbal medicine for treating high blood pressure.

ylang ylang essential oil is a new oil that comes into the realm of human life. However, once known, ylang-ylang immediately became one of the tervaforit essential oils because of the offered treatment effects. Even now it is widely used in various beauty and health products. Ads appear everywhere so that his name is fast dashing and is known throughout the world as aromatherapy.

What is Ylang Ylang Essential Oil?

Before we look at the health benefits, let’s first know what ylang ylang essential oil is. This is an essential oil extracted by steam distillation from fresh flowers from the ylang-ylang tree (Cananga odorata). Generally found in the Asia Pacific rainforests such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Sumatra, Java, Komoro and Polynesia.

Components and constituents of ylang-ylang oil are benzyl acetate, linalool, benzyl benzoate, caryophyllene, methyl benzoate, geranyl acetate, p-cresyl methyl ether, and sesquiterpenes. All of them contribute to medicine.

Ylang-yalng essential oil is not only used in aromatherapy and perfume, but it is also popular as a medicinal oil that can cure many health complaints.

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What is ylang ylang?

Ylang-Ylang is a native plant of Indonesia which is now widely cultivated throughout the tropics. Generally, the benefits of ylang-ylang are flowers, and these flowers emit an amazing aroma. Ylang-ylang oil is very useful as a treatment because it is rich in antioxidants. There are also other organic compounds so that the health benefits of the stronger felt.

What does ylang-ylang smell like?

The aroma is very unique and pleasant, it can even make the body comfortable and relaxed. Although it is fun, the aroma is very strong, so it is widely used in cosmetics and beauty products. Usually ylang-ylang is used in women’s beauty products, but some men’s care products also use this oil.

Ylang Ylang Uses

Ylang-ylang oil has many uses, let’s see what are the uses of this essential oil.

  • Ylang-ylang is often a fragrance, cosmetic products, perfume, because the aroma is very unique and different from the others.
  • This is oil that can be used as a room freshener, and can be used in a diffuser.
  • You can mix ylang-ylang oil with a variety of other carrier oils, then rub it on your face to smooth the blood and fade the stain.
  • Benefits of oils that are also known to strengthen hair, and increase hair strength.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits

Now it’s time to discuss what are the health benefits of this Ylang-Ylang oil from Indonesia. Hopefully can add our knowledge about the world of health.

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1. Antidepressants

One of the benefits of ylang-ylang essential oil is that it can eliminate depression in humans, as a 2006 study showed. So, this oil is widely used in aromatherapy. Its antidepressant properties can calm the body and eliminate anxiety, sadness, and even eliminate chronic stress.

That is, ylang-ylang oil can provide excitement and improve mood.

2. Ylang-Ylang Oil as Antiseborrheic

Seborrhoea or also called “seborrheic eczema” is a disease that occurs due to sebaceous glands not functioning. Patients with this disease experience irregular sebum production due to infection of epidermal cells. Patients with this disease have white or pale yellow skin that can even peel. This incident can occur in hair follicles, cheeks, scalp, and eyebrows.

Based on research in 2017, the use of ylang-ylang oil in skin diseases is known to treat eczema, dermatitis, skin irritation and is able to regulate sebum production.

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3. Antiseptic

The anti-septic properties of the ylang-ylang oil are very useful to avoid tetanus. Wounds such as puncture, blisters, burning are very likely to develop into septic and tetanus, especially if the wound is due to iron such as rusty nails, this is very likely to be infected with tetanus germs. But by utilizing the ylang-ylang essential oil we can prevent the wound from turning into tetanus.

This oil will inhibit microbes and it also protects wounds from viral, bacterial and fungal infections, of course by using ylang-ylang will make the wound heal faster.

4. Are anti-inflammatory

A study published in the journal “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine” revealed that ylang-ylang oil is a type of oil that is anti-inflammatory.

5. Lowers High Blood Pressure

In a journal entitled “Exercise Rehabilitation on the effects of ylang-ylang on blood pressure” shows very fantastic results, where in the essential oil ylang-ylang contains agents that can treat high blood pressure and heart problems. The problem of high blood pressure is now increasingly a frightening problem, consuming over-the-counter medicines sometimes has dangerous side effects, so the right alternative is to use ylang-ylang oil.

This oil is a natural solution that is very useful and can keep the body away from toxins and harmful side effects that exist in other drugs.

6. Aphrodisiac

The aphrodisiac properties of ylang-ylang oil are beneficial for those who lose sexual arousal due to heavy living conditions such as stress, depression, or the effects of pollution.

In modern life like this, there are very many cases of frigidity or loss of libido in men. So the health benefits of ylang-ylang oil are to overcome and help increase your libido.

7. Sedative

This is another extraordinary property found in ylang-ylang oil. This oil can help treat those who experience stress and anxiety.

In a study it was revealed that the health benefits of ylang-ylang oil are giving a quick help to sadness, stress, anxiety and anger by increasing feelings of relaxation.

8. Benefits of ylang-ylang for ervine

Ylang-ylang is an important oil in providing assistance to the health of the nervous system. Research shows that this oil is good in repairing and improving the nervous system. Not only that, but cananga oil can also eliminate stress and protect nerve disorders.

Other Ylang-Ylang Oil Benefits

Not only related to the nervous and mental system, but the benefits of ylang-ylang oil can also treat damage to internal organs such as gastric disease, urinary tract, large intestine, and even beneficial and good for people with fatigue, insomnia, and frigidity.

While the benefits of ylang-ylang for beauty are to keep skin moist and smooth and always look youthful.

Word of Caution for Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Using memories oils has been observed in some cases of the possibility of nausea, and sensitivity and headaches. However, when used in the recommended dosage, such side effects have never existed.

Blending: There are several other types of essential oils that can be made as a mixture of ylang-ylang oil, including bergamot oil, grapefruits, lavender, and sandalwood.

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