What is Jasmine Tea and How to Make It

What is Jasmine Tea and How to Make It

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Jasmine tea is the most popular tea in Asian restaurants. It is a fragrant tea, soft and easy to mix with various hot spices and according to taste. Tea is usually a special dish in the morning and can also be served cold or hot according to taste and of course this is related to the climate in a place.

It is said that tea is a native Persian drink that was spread through India to China. Jasmine tea is known to have first appeared in writing in the Song dynasty in China. Most of the jasmine tea was prepared and brewed in the kingdom as a specialty drink. It could be said that jasmine tea was a drink for royal officials. It is interesting to discuss because it relates to work-related drinks, let’s look at more about jasmine tea.

What Is Jasmine Tea?

Jasmine tea is a delicate, flavorful tea that is brewed from the combination of green tea leaves, black tea (from the camellia plant), jasmine flowers and oolong tea. The most common variant of jasmine tea is made from jasmine green tea. It is not a herbal drink as it is not caffeine free as some people think. Some of the types of jasmine tea are teas that have been added with jasmine flower extract, or added to it jasmine oil extract.

Drinking jasmine tea has many health benefits because it is rich in antioxidants. You can find the benefits of this tea in various articles on the internet.

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If you want to get jasmine tea, you can find it on the market. There are several types that are usually marketed. The appearance of the tea color, taste and price really depends on the place where the tea is grown and also on the grade of the tea leaves.

When buying you can buy various types of leaves. There are loose tea leaves, tea bag-shaped tea, or flavored tea leaves that are rolled up and these are usually known as jasmine pearls. There are also types of artisanal teas. Artisanal tea is jasmine tea that has been combined with other fragrant flowers, among the fragrant flowers that are the combination of rose tea is marigold.

One way to tell the taste of jasmine tea is to pay attention to its taste. It feels soft and feels bright in the end. This is the reason why jasmine tea is great as a drink between your dishes.

How to Make Jasmine Tea

Make jasmine tea, don’t forget to brew it with hot water. One of the secrets to delicious jasmine tea is that it is steeped for 3 minutes in hot water with a temperature of 160 to 180 degrees. For more experience, you can try and experiment with the time and duration of the bath. Because this will also affect how soft and strong the aroma of the tea is.

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If you use an electric kettle to heat water, you can’t see the temperature. So, just let it boil for 1 minute in the kettle, then use it to brew jasmine tea. Jasmine tea according to their respective brands, you can follow the instructions on each package to get the perfect cup of jasmine tea.

High quality jasmine tea can be brewed several times, but it is soft and will increase with each steeping.

To enjoy the perfect floral aroma, this tea should be drunk without milk and without sugar. However, for those who like sweetness, you can add a little raw honey.

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