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Bydureon: Side Effects, Dosage, Instructions and More

bydureon side effects

Bydureon, What Do You Know About?

Bydureon is a brand name of a drug that is useful for improving blood sugar, especially for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. This drug is given by injection. This drug is available in two forms, some injectable and some in the form of a pen injector.

Bydureon contains a drug called extended-release exenatide. This drug belongs to glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonists. Thus it says medicalnewstoday. Now look at how Bydureon compared to Bydureon BCise.

Bydureon vs. Bydureon BCise

Bydureon BCise is another form of Bydureon medicine. The contents are the same as those in Bydureon, namely extended-release exenatide. Both work the same way and also have the same side effects. So, does the drug have a difference?

There are, both of them there are differences, the difference that is very noticeable is the Bydureon BCise drug used by using a special injection tool called “autoinjector”. You only need to press the utoinjector into your skin, and this tool will automatically inject the drug into your skin.

Using this injection tool is more time-efficient compared to using an injector pen to use the drug Bydureon. In a study conducted, Bydureon reduced hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) by about 0.88 to 1.6% after treatment for 24 to 28 weeks. While Bydureon BCise, HbA1c can reduce hemoglobin by about 1.07 to 1.39% after 28 weeks of treatment.

Generic Bydureon

Bydureon is a brand drug and is only available as a strictly sold drug, so this is not a drug that is available in generic form. The drug Bydureon contains extended-release exenatide. The exenatide drug is available as a “Byetta” brand.

Bydureon side effects

Does Bydureon also have side effects? If so, what are the side effects of injecting bydureon into the body. These drugs can cause side effects ranging from mild to serious levels. Here we show some of the main side effects of the drug Bydureon. Below is only a list of side effects in general, so not all listed, there could be many other side effects that can occur.

To get more detailed information about the side effects of Bydureon, you can consult directly with your doctor or expert.

Here are some common side effects when injecting bydureon drugs.

  • Experiencing nausea
  • Can experience diarrhea
  • Throw up
  • Experiencing constipation
  • Headache
  • Experiencing fatigue
  • Cause stomach ache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Reaction to the injection site such as the red color of the injection, itching, or lumps appear on the skin.

Side effects due to bydureon injection can disappear in just a few days, a few weeks. However, if the injection site has not disappeared within a few weeks, try to consult with your doctor.

Serious side effects

Aside from the possible side effects in general, taking bydureon also has the potential to cause serious side effects, but these side effects are not common. If you experience any of the serious side effects as below, contact your doctor immediately. If your soul feels threatened, you can call 911 or if you feel you are in a medical emergency.

Serious effects of bydureon can be:

1. Thyroid cancer

  • Symptoms of thyroid cancer can be
  • Lump on your neck,
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Your voice becomes hoarse.

2. Pancreatitis.

To understand the symptoms of pancreatitis, see below

  • Stomach and back pain
  • Neusue
  • Experience vomiting
  • Weight according to it significantly
  • Have a fever
  • Swelling of the stomach

3. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Among the symptoms that are included in low sugar are:

  • Drowsiness is extraordinary
  • Have a headache
  • Confusion arises
  • weakness
  • Hunger
  • Sweating
  • Easy to get angry
  • Feeling restless
  • Heartbeat feels fast

4. kidney damage.

Another serious side effect is kidney damage. The symptoms of kidney damage are:

  • Reduced urination
  • Swelling in the legs or ankles
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea appears

5. Have a severe allergy.

Among the symptoms of severe allergies are:

  • Rashes on the skin
  • Itching on the skin
  • Flushing
  • Experience swelling
  • Difficulty breathing

6. Poor injection,

symptoms can include:

  • Having an abscess skin
  • An infection occurs in the skin
  • Skin or tissue death (necrosis)

If you experience any of the above symptoms while taking a bydureon drug, this is most likely a side effect. So, you should immediately contact a doctor and ask for an explanation or advice.

Side effects of Bydureon BCise

Above, we already know what are the side effects of Bydureon, now we need to know what are the side effects of Bydureon BCise?

Bydureon and Bydureon BCise contain the same material that is “extended-release exenatide”, so the side effects are also the same whether they are common or serious side effects. However, there are definitely differences in side effects, maybe only on how often the bad effects occur.

The chart below shows the side effects that occur with Bydureon and Bydureon BCise as well as the percentage of users.

Bydureon Drug Bydureon BCise Drug
injection-site reactions 17.1 percent 23.9 percent
nausea 11.3 percent 8.2 percent
diarrhea 10.9 percent 4 percent
constipation 8.5 percent 2.1 percent
headache 8.1 percent 4.4 percent

Bydureon Dosage

In the following we will consider the dosage given to bydureon users. Below are the usual doses given, but you must obey how your doctor gives the dose. Take care of what the doctor gives, because they have considered how much you need.

Drug forms

Bydureon is a drug that is injected into the skin, it is available in two forms: injector pen and syringe. Both syringe models are available for 2-mg injections.

Dosage for type 2 diabetes

Both bydureons have the same dose of 2 mg once a week. For this medicine, you can take it either after eating or before eating. However, the thing to note is, you must take this medicine on the same day every week.

For the injection, you should inject the drug at approximately the time of each dose. If you are worried about the day that you have set, you are afraid that it hasn’t been a week or sometimes it exceeds the set time, try to contact your doctor.

What if I lose one dose?

If you have missed a dose due to forgetfulness, then immediately drink when you remember. If the next dose is two days later, then do not take this dose but continue to take the dose as scheduled.

Never take two doses at a time, you don’t need to catch up. If you do, you can get dangerous side effects.

Is this medicine necessary for the long term?

Yes, bydureon is a long-term drug needed to treat type 2 diabetes.

How to use Bydureon? See the instructions

Bydureon is a drug with high side effects, so use it according to the direction of your doctor or the direction of your health care professional.

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How to inject bydureon

If you take Bydureon, the injection is done with a syringe or pen. So, there is a slight difference in terms of how to inject on two types of bydureon. You can ask the doctor clearly how.

However, we also provide a link that you use as a guide to inject bydureon BCise and bydureon.

If you use Bydureon, see how to use it here. But if you use bydureon BCise, you can see the instructions here.

When is the bydureon injection?

Bydureon can be injected anytime you want to do it. Either done after eating or before eating, but if you have started, you should pay attention to the next schedule.

If you want to change the time you take bydureon, you can do it but the thing to note is that you must have 3 days between the old and new doses.

Simply stated, you must take this medicine at the same time every time. But if you are worried about time changes, immediately see your doctor.