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6 Amazing Benefits Of Vetiver Essential Oil

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Tremendous benefits of vetiver essential oil are closely related to the substances inside. This oil is rich in anti-inflammatory, sedative, anti-septic, aphrodisiac, cicatrizant, tonic, nervine and more.

Vetiver oil is very well known in the Indian Continent. But those who don’t know this are not because of its benefits, but because they have never tried it. Vetiver is also known by the name “khus” or “khus khus”. Vetiver essential oil is used by many perfume companies, beverages and food companies.

The vetiver plant has the botanical name “Vetiveria zizanoides” or “Andropogon muricatus”. This herb has a pleasant, earthy scent, and has a cooling effect that is beneficial to the body and mind. Dry Vetiver and its roots can be used as a natural material to clean water-based side panels and windows. They provide a cool atmosphere and can add aroma to the air.

This grass is also used as a mattress and as a roof for traditional houses. The benefits of vetiver are also used as window and door curtains and it gives the room a cold and fragrance. The benefits of vetiver grass are also used as an insect repellent, which is why the demand for goods is increasing especially in summer, especially in humid countries like India and countries around it.

Vetiver essential oil is obtained through a steam distillation process at the root. The main components of vetiver include alpha vetivone, beta vetivone, benzoic acid, furfurol, vetiverol, vetivenyl and vetivene. Uses in the perfume industry include body perfumes, air fresheners, cosmetic products, soaps, food and beverage flavorings and sorbets.

Health Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil

This oil acts as an aromatherapy and is very popular with these ingredients and has medicinal properties that have a variety of health benefits. Below we see what are the health benefits of vetiver oil.

Benefits Of Vetiver Essential Oil
vetiver oil

1. Reducing inflammation

One of the properties of vetiver essential oil is as a sedative. It can calm inflammation such as inflammation of the nervous system and circulatory system.

In addition, vetiver oil is also very useful for treating inflammation that occurs due to sun, loo and dehydration. Loo is a name that is pinned to a situation where the wind is very hot and dry which is common in South Asia.

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2. Benefits of vetiver oil to prevent bacteria

Another benefit of vetiver oil is that it inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes. Hot areas with humid climates are usually very suitable places for bacterial development. So using vetiver oil can be one way to prevent the development of these bacteria.

Based on the results of research published in the journal Pharmaceutical Studies, vetiver essential oil is effective in stopping the bacteria “Staphylococcus aureus”, this is the bacteria that causes sepsis. Vetiver oil can be used topically in sepsis areas.

3. Can eliminate scars

The next benefit of vetiver is removing scars. Cicatrizant is an agent that can accelerate the loss of scars or stitches marks on the skin. This happens thanks to its ability to regenerate cells so that the dead tissue can be replaced with new tissue. Then the skin that changes color can be treated again.

Stretch marks are one of the conditions that can be removed by using vetiver essential oil. Likewise, spots or smallpox scars or burn scars.

4. Benefits of vetiver as a tonic

Tonic is cleansing the body from poisons, this is exactly the same as servicing the vehicle. Every tonic occurs in the body, what is cleansed and serviced is the digestion, blood circulation, breathing, endocrine, nervous system, excretion, and immunity.

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In short, vetiver oil is useful as a medicine to maintain the health of the body’s metabolism, so that the body remains durable, always has strength, and can increase its immunity against disease.

5. Vetiver Oil Good for Enhances Libido

Vetiver oil is good for consumption by mixing it with sorbet and flavoring substances. This oil which has a sharp aroma has aphrodisiac properties.

It can also increase libido because this matter is related and related to the brain. If someone has health problems such as frigidity, impotence, etc. then vetiver is a good medicine.

6. Prevents Nervous Disorders

The next benefit of vetiver oil is that it prevents nerve problems. This oil from grass can treat nerves and keep it healthy. Vetiver can also heal nerves due to shock, stress and fear. Another benefit is relieving nerve disorders, epilepsy, and hysterics. Likewise, if a person experiences problems with the neurotic nerve, causing Parkinson’s, or lack of control over the limbs.

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Word of Caution

Vetiver essential oil is truly an oil which is safe for humans. It does not cause irritation like using other essential oils. It is also insensitive and non-toxic so it is safe to use.

For its use, vetiver oil can be mixed with other oils such as essential oils of benzoin, jasmine, lavender, ylang-ylang and grapefruit.

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