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6 Best Vegetable Oil Substitutes for Healthier Recipes

Best Vegetable Oil Substitutes
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Vegetable oil is a healthy oil for family consumption. However, vegetable oil is also has a lot of debate about good or not for health. Here sometimes we have to consider the best substitute for vegetable oil when we no longer want to use vegetable oil. Health value is the main thing that you must pay attention to. A good cook will pay attention to his family’s health, he will take into account even the smallest things. So, if the health value in vegetable oil is also mixed with side effects, then finding a replacement or substitute is the best thing even if not for all times.

Ok, if you are this type of person, that might be the reason why you came here. We will provide other alternatives that you can use besides vegetable oil. We know it as the best substitute for vegetable oil that is worth trying anytime. Many people know that vegetable oil is a type of healthy oil and is good for health and is widely used in various cooking purposes. So, of course when running out of vegetable oil, we must find and get a suitable replacement and equally good for health. However, is vegetable oil really good for health?

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If indeed vegetable oil is not entirely good for health, then finding a substitute oil that is almost the same as vegetables is a brilliant idea in cooking. Ok, here we have to know what are the ingredients in vegetable oil so it’s clear that this oil is healthy or unhealthy. The following benefits of vegetable oil for health according to the contents contained therein.

Health Benefits of Vegetable Oil

1. Vegetable oil is rich in omega-6

Vegetable oil is rich in omega 6, this is very good for health. The human body needs balanced amounts of omega 3 and omega 6. However consuming too much vegetable oil there are other bad effects that must be considered, namely high fatty acids. Fatty acids in vegetable oils are considered bad for skin health because they can cause skin cancer. It is easily oxidized when exposed to heat and sunlight.

Consuming lots of vegetable oil is also not good if it is not balanced by consuming foods rich in omega 3. May be this is one of reason why we have to get a best vegetable oil substitute. Vegetable oil is rich in omega 6, so that it can disturb the balance of omega 3 in the body. A good ratio is 4: 1 or 1: 2. But the ratio of the average difference obtained from consuming vegetable oil is 16: 1. A very big difference. So, it is necessary to consume other foods rich in omega 3.

2. Causes inflammation

Inflammation can occur in the body when the balance between the two types of omega 3 and omega 6 is disrupted.

3. Many contain chemicals and additives

The high amount of chemical in vegetable oil make us like have to seek the vegetable oil substitute with the healthier one. The process of making and producing vegetable oils involves many chemicals. This is different from the coconut oil or butter that we know. Vegetable oil is made by extracting plant seeds and this process uses chemicals. Some of the risks and side effects of chemicals used are causing cancer, fertility disorders, sterility, high cholesterol and behavioral cooking in children.

Vegetable oil that comes from seeds certainly involved pesticides in it, especially when these plants are cared for and given pesticides to avoid plant pests. This is the reason why vegetable oil contains a lot of chemical ingredients. If we don’t like it, hopefully we have the best substitute for vegetable oil that can be consumed without worrying.

4. Vegetable oil is not good for developing babies

Keep in mind, unborn baby cells develop very quickly. So, if someone consumes a lot of vegetable oil while holding the baby, it is feared that many of his cells will be exposed to chemicals or unhealthy fats. That is, there will be a lot of potential for cell mutations and other health problems, if you consume too much vegetable oil.

These are just some of the bad effects of vegetable oil on the body and health. However, I think this is enough for us to rethink, whether to keep using it in cooking, or will find a substitute for vegetable oil that is better for health. There are many alternatives that can be used as vegetable oil substitutes and this is safer for human health.

Best Vegetable Oil Substitutes

1. Applesauce

If you are looking for the right substitute for vegetable oil, maybe applesauce is a good choice for you to try. Usually the use of apple sauce is widely used in baking, it gives a different moisture and flavor to vegetable oils.

In fact, apple sauce turns out to be better and healthier than vegetable oil because it contains fiber and vitamin C. In addition, it is also low in calories which can prevent excessive weight gain. However, if you consume excessively, apple sauce is also not good for health.

If you really want to replace vegetable oil with apple sauce, then look for organic, sugar-free applesauce. Many that are available on the market are products that contain lots of sweeteners and are high in fructose.

As a substitute for vegetable oil, apple sauce is best used for carrot cake, chocolate cake, gingerbread, muffins, seasoning and for quick bread recipes. Use applesauce is better than using vegetable oils that are high in chemicals.

In this substitute, try using only ¾ of the amount of oil that can be used. If it seems that your dough is still dry, add just one tablespoon. Cooking with vegetable oil substitutes can also speed up the ripening process, then replace the oven temperature by 25 degrees, and can reduce time to 5 to 10 minutes compared to using vegetable oil.

In addition, using apple sauce can also change the taste of your food a little, but this depends on how you cook it too. Maybe to be able to get the right results and good, you should try several times to cook a cake with apple sauce so that it gets the right size to your taste.

2. Using Yogurt

Yogurt is a vegetable oil substitute that’s right for you. But keep in mind, using yogurt as a substitute is not easy, because you have to try several times first to get the right size for your food. But don’t worry because yogurt is a healthy and dense substitute for nutritional value compared to vegetable oil.

Among the good recipes for using yogurt for vegetable oil substitute are salads and roast foods. This will improve the texture of your food if you use it at the right ratio.

Using plain Greek yogurt is the best compared to using flavored ones, but you can use yogurt that has flavor, especially if you want to make certain foods that are to taste. Whatever the reason, Greek yogurt is the best choice because it can be very good food texture and is more the same as a recipe using vegetable oil.

If you use plain yogurt on grilled foods, you should know that this provides moisture for cakes, quick breads and brownies. Yogurt also has another plus, high fat content can prevent sticking to your pan and can add flavor to food.

Besides using yogurt in grilled foods and salads, you can still use yogurt to marinate meat and poultry, this is better than using vegetable oil.

Using yogurt as vegetable oil substitute is very easy and can be the best choice. You don’t need to blossom with the ratio you use unless you want to get a different taste. If using vegetable oil you use as much as a cup, then when using yogurt you also use a cup of yogurt instead of vegetable oil.

3. Butter

Using butter for some people is the wrong choice, because butter is high in calories. In fact, if we look at the nutritional value between butter and its successor, using butter is still better than using vegetable oil.

Butter is actually rich in vitamins E, A and D. Now even many people know the benefits of butter, so many of them turn to using butter instead of using vegetable oil.

Indeed, butter is high in saturated fat content, but according to research, saturated oil from animals does not cause high cholesterol. However, it is still not good if you consume too much butter without adopting a balanced diet. If you have decided to plant it instead of vegetable oil, put it in the pan or microwave to melt it. The usage ratio is also the same as you use vegetable oil.

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4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is already known as a healthy oil and is the best substitute for vegetable oil. Why is olive oil the best alternative? Here are some health benefits that need to be known.

  • Contains antioxidants that can help the body get rid of diseases
  • Olive oil contains oleic acid and is very good for reducing inflammation.
  • Research says that people who consume olive oil have a very low risk of stroke.
  • Olive oil is extra virgin oil which is very good for heart health, and is very good for reducing blood pressure. Very research that supports this evidence, then someone who has a history of heart disease or is experiencing heart disease is recommended to consume olive oil regularly.

The benefits of olive oil are also very good for preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Research shows that in olive oil are substances that can remove plaque in the brain (the cause of Alzheimer’s), then by consuming olive oil regularly can prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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So the huge benefits of olive oil can be a appropriate if we use it as a substitute for vegetable oil.

The thing to note: the type of olive oil you use. This great benefit is obtained from regularly consuming extra virgin olive oil. So, be careful if you want to buy olive oil on the market. Now many of fake olive oil, they are not pure olives but a mixture of olive oil and other oils, so they are sold cheaply. Don’t be fooled by the cheap prices. Learn more about pure olive oil or extra virgin olive oil.

So, if you want the best vegetable oil substitute, olive oil is not in doubt.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another alternative as a substitute for vegetable oil, if you have not a coconut oil, you can choose one of coconut oil substitutes. Many people do not like vegetable oil and consider it as oil is not good for health. Even if compared with these two types of oil, you will find the difference and definitely start using coconut oil.

Why is vegetable oil a bad choice for consumption? Vegetable oil contains unsaturated fats that can create free radicals. Free radicals are dangerous substances, this is the opposite of antioxidants that fight toxins, free radicals are the cause of various diseases in the body such as inflammation, heart disease, diabetes and including cancer.

Olive oil also contains lauric acid which functions as an anti-bacterial.

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6. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil, I’m sure you are not familiar with avocado oil. However, believe that avocado oil can be the best substitute for vegetable oil. The benefits of avocado oil are the same as olive oil, to be more trusted as a substitute for vegetable oil, see the benefits and uses of avocado oil below.

substitute for vegetable oil
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Some of the great benefits of avocado oil are:

  • Contains healthy fatty acids, the same as olive oil and this is very beneficial for general health.
  • Helps absorb nutrients in the body
  • Avocado oil is rich in lutein which is a good substance for eye health. Lutein is good for preventing and helping to reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Reducing the symptoms of arthitis

Some of the best uses of avocado oil as a substitute for vegetable oil. Included are seasonings, baked goods, stir-fry, sauces, and grinders. The use of avocado oil as a substitute can also be used in the same ratio as vegetable oil.

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