The 10 Best Xanthan Gum Substitutes

best xanthan gum substitutes

Xanthan gum substitutes – Xanthan gum is one type of food ingredient that is useful for stabilizing the emulsion so that there is no oil separation on food dough. There are also used in spices with the aim that the particles become strong. But for people allergic to Xanthan gum, of course they can not … Read more

5 Best Beef Broth Substitutes

Best Beef Broth Substitutes

If you often cook, of course, beef broth substitute is very important for you. We will provide an explanation of food ingredients that can replace beef broth. Actually, it is very easy to find a replacement, and this is important so that food stays tasty and delicious. So, this article is important to look at! … Read more

7 Best Turmeric Substitutes

Best Turmeric Substitutes

We will discuss the best substitute for turmeric for your cooking. Turmeric is a spice that is widely used in various delicious dishes, especially in Indian cuisine. Indeed, this bright yellow spice is found in many places, but if you run out of turmeric one day, don’t panic because you can replace it with other … Read more

Cream of Tartar Substitutes for Frostings and Others

Cream of Tartar Substitutes

Can tartar cream be replaced with other ingredients? Of course, if you don’t find tartar cream in the kitchen to make meringues or other cakes that need tar, we don’t panic. There are many cream of tartar substitues that can be used, so that you can still make what you want without tar tar cream. … Read more

6 Best Vegetable Oil Substitutes for Healthier Recipes

Best Vegetable Oil Substitutes

Vegetable oil is a healthy oil for family consumption. However, vegetable oil is also has a lot of debate about good or not for health. Here sometimes we have to consider the best substitute for vegetable oil when we no longer want to use vegetable oil. Health value is the main thing that you must … Read more