Best Maple Syrup Substitute: Home Made Maple

Maple Syrup Substitute

Maple syrup is a popular syrup in various food recipes. What if you don’t have maple syrup and want to immediately make a food recipe using maple syrup. You are in a position where you don’t have time to go out to buy maple syrup at the grocery store. You also don’t have the time … Read more

5 Best Substitute for Greek Yogurt

Substitute for Greek Yogurt

Do you often run out of Greek yogurt in your kitchen? Maybe being one of his successors? Indeed, Greek yogurt is very different from other types, so sometimes we are often the best substitute for greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a type of yogurt that is very popular in the world and has a thicker … Read more

Top 5 Green Onion Substitutes

green onion substitutes

You must often use green onion in many dishes, because green onion provides a special flavor in cooking. To get a green onion replacement is very easy. Especially vegetables that are closely related to green onion. If you know a substitute for green onion, then make sure your cooking will always be tasty and delicious … Read more

7 Substitutes for Capers You Should Definitely Know

best substitutes for capers

Caper is one ingredient that is often added to cooking to taste. If you run out of stock capers or want to be creative with food to add a lot of experience, there are other spices that can replace the capers. On this article, we will show you about some best substitutes for capers. Why … Read more

7 Best Cayenne Pepper Substitutes

cayenne pepper substitutes

Cayenne pepper is an important herb in every dish we make. However, sometimes we also want to replace it with other herbs that are not too spicy. Another reason is because we are running out of cayenne pepper in the kitchen. In this article, we will share a cayenne pepper substitutes for your cooking. There … Read more