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How to Store Potatoes to Keep Them Fresh for 6 Months

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We already know how to grow potatoes either in open fields or in pots. Now, we will learn how to keep potatoes fresh when used. Indeed, potatoes include vegetables that are more resistant than other vegetables. However, the potatoes that are too long in the kitchen will sprout, and change color to be slightly green, this will reduce the taste and freshness. However, if you know how to store potatoes correctly, then these vegetables will last for months.

So, all of you have to know how to store potatoes correctly so that vegetables are always fresh. In fact, if stored correctly, potatoes can last up to 6 months.

How to Store Potatoes Correctly

The method is simple, but it must be read until it’s finished so you can save the potatoes for some time.

1. Examine all potatoes, whether there are fine black spots, sprouts, mold, damage, or scraped by pests. So, only quality potatoes may be stored for a long time.

2. Store in cardboard, paper bag, or basket and provide good ventilation. Do not store it in plastic because it can shorten your age because it is cannot breathe.

3. Store potatoes in a cool, damp and dark place. The normal temperature for storage is 45 to 50 F. If you make space in the soil, this is perfect for saving your potatoes. You can also store potatoes in a garage or in a warehouse during the winter.

how to store potatoes easily for 6 month

Note: Do not store potatoes in ice or refrigerator. Temperatures that are too cold can turn flour in potatoes into sugar.

4. Check your potatoes regularly, and remove the sprouted, soft, or withered potatoes. This transfer process is important to prevent decay in other potatoes. Sprouted potatoes should not be thrown away, you can still consume them as long as they are hard and do not wither or rot.

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Additional Tips for Storing Potatoes

Here are some additional tips for keeping potatoes fresh and healthy.

  • If you plant the potency by your self on yard or garden. Allow them to cure before you start to save or store them.
  • You are not allowed to wash the potatoes till you are ready to use it.
  • Don’t keep close to other vegetables to prevent a transfer of taste and premature mature.
  • Do not keep potatoes adjacent to onions because they both release substances to ripen each other.
  • If you have not planted potatoes yourself, then you must choose quality potatoes in the market so they can be stored for a long time.

Avoiding Sprouts

If you plant potato by yourself from the garden, you can wait until they are fully ripe and can be harvested, then store them well.

While the potatoes in the store are usually sprayed with growth inhibitors so as to prevent the growth of shoots.

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