Spikenard Essential Oil Health Benefits

Spikenard Essential Oil Health Benefits in Reducing Stress

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In ancient times, Spikenard Essential Oil was considered a very valuable oil, and was used as a perfume and also as medicine, as well as used in religious purposes in Europe.

Spikenard Essential Oil has great benefits in curing insomnia, stress, and curing digestive problems, infections and overcoming the problem of weak body uminitas. In the world of Ayurvedic medicine, Spikenard Essential Oil is used to overcome various health problems including sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and depression.

Medical experts in the past knew that the Spikenard plant was used in curing various health problems including stress. Before we look at the health benefits of Spikenard Essential Oil, let us first understand what Spikenard is.

What Is Spikenard Oil?

This extraordinary oil has many names like nard, muskroot, nardin, which is a flowering plant that belongs to the Valerian family, its name is “Nardostachys jatamansi”. Spikenard plants grow in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, India and China. It grows at an altitude of 10,000 feet.

Spikenard height is 3 feet and has pink flowers and bell-shaped shapes. From one root, it has many nails that appear there, hairy nails which are called “Indian spikes” by the Arabs.

Spikenard plant stems are distilled, crushed and extracted oil, the stems are known as rhizomes, the aroma is strong and fragrant and spicy. Spiklenard oil is very well mixed with other oils such as frankincense, geranium, patchouli oil, lavender, myrrh oils and vetiver oil.

Spikenard Essential Oil Health Benefits

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The process of making it into spikenard essential oil is by the process of extraction by distillation of resin vapor. Among the important components in this plant are aristolene, clalarenol, calarene, coumarin, jataman shinic acid, dihydroazulenes, nardol, nardostachone, valerana, valeranone and valerianol.

Research revealed that spikenard oil obtained from spikenard plant roots contains toxic and anti-fungal, anti-microbial, hypotensive, anticonvulsant and antiarrhythmic properties. The rhizome of this plant was extracted using 50% ethanol, showing hepatoprotective, antiarrhythmic and hypolipidemic activity. While stems that have been made into powder also have many health benefits such as cleaning the uterus, helping fertility and treating problems or disorders during mesntruation.

Health Benefits of Spikenard Essential Oil

1. Killing bacteria and fungi

The benefits of spikenard essential oils are to stop the growth of bacteria and fungi in the body. To treat wounds, this essential oil can be applied to the wound to help heal the wound. If you take it orally, this oil works to kill bacteria that cause infections in the kidneys, urethra, and bladder. Spikenard is also effective in treating fungi on the feet, athlete’s foot, tetanus and food poisoning and cholera.

There is a study conducted at the Western Regional Research Center in California, they evaluated the level of bactericidal activity in 96 types of essential oils. Spikenard is one oil that is very active against the bacteria “C. jejuni”, a bacterium in animal waste. This bacterium is also a cause of gastroenteritis in humans throughout the world.

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Spikenard is an anti-fungal oil that is able to maintain skin health and cure skin infections due to itching, dermatitis and can treat patches on the skin.

2. Reducing and relieving inflammation

Trade that occurs throughout the body, can be alleviated and healed by spikenard essential oils. This is an amazing benefit, it fights inflammation which is the cause of many health problems including nervous health, and respiratory system.

A 2010 study then examined the relationship of spikenard oil with the pancreas in South Korea. Inflammation of this organ can range from mild discomfort to life-threatening disease. The results of the study show that inflammation and discomfort in the pancreas can be alleviated and provide relief in lung injuries associated with the pancreas. From this research we know that spikenard essential oil functions as an anti-inflammatory.

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3. Make the mind and body relaxed

Another benefit of spikenard oil is that it helps calm the mind and body. He is also known as a natural conditioner that can calm the mind and reduce anger. Anxiety, depression, and sadness can also be alleviated by spikenard essential oil.

There is another study in Japan, precisely at the School of Pharmaceutical Science, they made an experiment from spikenard oil to see its calming properties. It turns out that the results of this study indicate that spikenard contains a lot of calarene and its steam inhalation which is useful for calming the body, according to the results of the study held in mice.

4. Spikenard Essential Oil Benefits to Promots Hair Growth

The benefits of spikenard oil are also good for strengthening hair, maintaining the natural color of the hair and promoting hair growth. For those of you who have thin or sparse hair, one effective solution is to use spikenard oil. In the Pharmacognosy magazine there was a 2011 study, they measured the ability of spikenard oil to stimulate hair growth.

The research was carried out on a Wistar experimental rat, they removed mice several centimeters of fur, then gave oil and saw how the oil reaction stimulates and accelerates hair growth.

The results show that spikenard oil is very positive in encouraging hair growth. It is also known that raw spikenard extract is more active compared to pure spikenard. When this oil is applied to the scalp, hair growth is very fast.

5. Boosts immunity

Spikenard oil is known as a natural oil that is good for boosting immunity, this oil soothes the body and makes the body function properly. Spikenard is a natural hypotension that is also beneficial in reducing high blood pressure.

An increased blood pressure marked by too high blood pressure occurs in the arteries and blood vessels. At that time the artery wall becomes distorted. This can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes.

Spikenard essential oil is able to dilate the arteries so that blood flow is no longer obstructed and blood pressure becomes more normal. Spikenard oil acts as an antioxidant so that oxidative stress can be minimized. As we said earlier, this oil relieves inflammation and is very good for preventing various diseases.

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6. Relieve insomnia

Some people experience short-term insomnia, but others experience long-term insomnia or chronic insomnia.

Insomnia sometimes sometimes becomes a major problem in our health complaints, it knows it is a secondary problem due to other health problems such as stress, hormonal changes, anxiety, sugar, indigestion, overuse of stimulants, pain, lack of physical activity, alcohol, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea and other problems.

If you don’t sleep, then the solution is to use spikenard essential oil, this is a very effective and effective natural remedy to deal with problems.

7. Treat constipation

Spikenard is a natural laxative so it has a good effect on digestion. So diseases such as constipation can be alleviated with this oil.

Spikenard oil is different from synthetic laxatives that have a bad effect on digestion, which makes digestion dry. In spikenard there are compounds called relaxants. It is useful in moving waste and impurities along the intestine and then out of the body.

8. Protect the uterus and ovaries

The health benefits of spikenard oil also protect and protect the ovaries and uterus and stimulate the secretion of progesterone and estrogen. Indeed there is no complete research on this matter, but the benefits of spikenard oil to protect reproductive health have been practiced for centuries ago.

In Ayurvedic medicine, spienrd essential oil is also very important role. This oil functions in launching menstruation, treating menstrual disorders and cleaning the uterus and treating inflammation.

Using spikenard oil regularly can be a medicine for menstrual irregularities, even it is good as a bloating drug, PMS cramps, and as an aphrodisiac in treating impotence.

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Interesting Facts about Spikenard Oil

Rhizome and roots of spikenard plants are very well used as anti-stress in traditional medicine. In India it is sold as an Ayurvedic medicine.

The use of Spikenard oil has been for centuries. Previously, this oil was used as perfume, and as a valuable item or luxury item.

Spikenard Essential Oil is also often added to dishes, especially as a mixture of spices to season Hypocras, sweetened and seasoned wine. This oil is also an important ingredient in the brewing process.

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