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Sebaceous Hyperplasia: Treatment and Home Remedies

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a health problem that enlarges the sebaceous glands. This will cause small bumps on the surface of the skin. Let us see about the Sebaceous Hyperplasia disease, Treatment and it is Home Remedies.

This lump is actually not dangerous but enough to fade the beauty of women. He often appears on the forehead and face. Actually, these lumps can occur everywhere because indeed throughout the human body there is sebaceous tissue. Sebaceous hyperplasia may occur in people of any age, but what often happens is in people with adult age and older.

Sebaceous hyperplasia occurs due to enlarged sebaceous tissue, this tissue releases oil called sebum. This oil will protect the skin from external objects, including dirt from the outside environment. But if too much sebum comes out, then health problems such as acne, oily skin, and oily head can easily appear.

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Sebum or fluid produced by the Sebaceous gland, sometimes it can also be trapped in the gland. If this happens, swelling of the skin will occur due to a lump under the skin. Until now, sebaceous hyperplasia has not found a suitable drug for healing.

Causes of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

There are many factors that cause a person to experience sebaceous hyperplasia. The majority, sebaceous hyperplasia is experienced by those who are white with an age of more than 40 years. This risk increases when their skin is exposed to sunlight. Being exposed to sunlight continuously will make it easier for sebaceous hyperplasia to appear.

Another factor that causes sebaceous hyperplasia is genetic disorders. Genetic disorders or called “Muir-Torre syndrome” can also cause a person to experience sebaceous hyperplasia. Those who experience this syndrome should diagnose sebaceous hyperplasia correctly and precisely, because these health problems can lead to tumor growth.

Symptoms of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

We already understand the cause of sebaceous hyperplasia, it is also good to know the symptoms of sebaceous hyperplasia so that it can be detected early and can get nurses faster. Next we see what are the symptoms of sebaceous hyperplasia.

The main symptom of sebaceous hyperplasia is the appearance of small, shiny lumps under the skin. Characteristics of this lump in the middle there is a slight curve and the edges are somewhat white or yellow.

Maybe, distinguishing these bumps from pimple or blackhead bumps is a bit difficult. The difference is, the bump that is a symptom of acne is that there is always a raised middle part. While the symptoms of sebaceous hyperplasia are indented. Lumps that occur are usually small and do not experience pain, different from acne that feels pain.

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People with oily skin usually realize that they have experienced sebaceous hyperplasia as they get older. These lumps can appear alone or in the form of small groups.

Diagnosis for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Although we already know the symptoms of sebaceous, but to be clearer we need to know also how to diagnose. How to diagnose sebaceous hyperplasia is usually done visually. However, this diagnosis is a drawback, where a dermatologist is difficult to decide between a serious condition (basal cell carcinoma) or just the beginning of sebaceous hyperplasia.

Usually, a lump caused by a serious condition or cell carcinoma is larger in size and darker in color. When the diagnosis makes a doctor unsure of the results, the doctor will usually take a sample and send it to the laboratory.

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Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a harmless health problem, this is the case in most cases. If this lump cannot disappear and makes someone feel ashamed of his condition, maybe this should be removed. There are several ways to treat and remove these lumps from you, but often, patients have to do it several times until the sebaceous hyperplasia completely disappears.

1. Facial peels

One form of treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia is facial peels. It contains chemicals such as silicic acid. Treatment with chemical facial peels can sometimes make things worse if someone cannot receive the appropriate aftercare. Among the new problems that can arise are irritation, sensitivity, and redness on the face.

2. Retinol

There is also a treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia called retinol. This is a form of vitamin A that can help with various skin problems. Retinoids in many conditions are recommended for people with sebaceous hyperplasia. However, the use of retinoids must be done regularly to get maximum results. It should be noted, that a lump of sebaceous hyperplasia will also reappear when treatment is no longer done.

3. Laser therapy

There is also a sebaceous hyperplasia treatment by using a laser. Doctors use a laser to remove sebum that is trapped inside the skin, so after the famous laser, the surface of the skin will look smooth and free of bumps. However, if you choose to use a laser, be careful to do the treatment, try first on a small part of the skin and see how it reacts. This is important so that no one will harm you.

4. Cryotherapy

This is the existing lump freezing system. This treatment technique is called cryotherapy. The dermatologist will freeze the lump and eventually the lump will dry up and fall off. However, this treatment can cause other side effects. This is a change in color in the treated skin area.

5. Electrocautery

This method of treatment of sebaceous hyperplasia involves electricity, where the lump will be burned with an electric charge. After being burned, a lump of sebaceous hyperplasia will porous and fall on its own. During treatment, patients must take extra care. When healed, usually he will leave marks of color.

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6. Photodynamic therapy

Treatment of sebaceous hyperplasia with photodynamic therapy technique involves the application of the drug into the affected cells, which usually makes it sensitive to light. the lump will be exposed to light that kills cells. It is sensitive and causes redness, irritation, and flaking.

7. Surgery

Treatment of sebaceous hyperplasia by surgical pathway is only done if the lump appears severe. In this condition the doctor will consider the treatment system. Surgery can prevent these lumps from re-emerging, but the tissue can not be avoided. This is often seen as a last resort in curing sebaceous hyperplasia.

8. Antiandrogen medications

There are also doctors who take the road using antiandrogens. They sometimes see a link between sebaceous hyperplasia and an increase in the amount of testosterone.

There are also doctors who recommend this treatment to women, especially if various attempts and treatments as above have not been successful.

Home Remedies for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

The treatment of sebaceous hyperplasia can sometimes also be cured only by using home remedies. So, there is no need to use modern medicine as mentioned above. Maybe you can use creams, facial cleansers that contain retinol. Usually, he can clean the blocked glands.

Some sufferers of sebaceous hyperplasia perform facial treatments with facial cleansers that contain salicylic acid, this can dry oily skin and prevent blockage of sebaceous tissue.

In addition to the simple method above, sometimes warm compresses are also good for healing sebaceous hyperplasia. Clean the face with medicinal soap, then soak a towel with warm water and place it on the face. Warm compresses like this do not eliminate the lump but can melt the lump and make it dissolve (not arise again). That is, this can reduce inflammation and swelling in the hyperplasia area.

To prevent sebaceous hyperplasia, there is no way and exact method. However, at least the methods above can help and prevent the worse you are suffering from. Remember, sebaceous hyperplasia can get worse if exposed to sunlight. So, avoiding exposure to sunlight can help prevent sebaceous hyperplasia from getting worse.

Final Words

Sebaceous hyperplasia is not a dangerous disease, it’s just that the bumps that appear are sometimes uncomfortable to look at and lose confidence. So, some people, the majority of whom they want to eliminate women so that the appearance is more beautiful.

Sebaceous hyperplasia treatment with home remedies can sometimes eliminate it or prevent the emergence of this disease. However, usually only medical treatment can get rid of this disease.

The important thing for you is to consult with your doctor before drawing conclusions about the method of treatment through medical channels. Every medical treatment has different side effects. Then consider carefully before taking this step.