Rosewood Essential Oil Benefits

9 Rosewood Essential Oil Benefits

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The health benefits of Rosewood essential oil are related to their properties. This oil has important health properties such as analgesic, antiseptic, insecticide, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, cephalic, antibacterial, deodorant. This essential oil is extracted from the Rosewood plant extract.

Poho rosewood is a large tree that is famous in Brazil, this is a giant evergreen tree with the Latin name Aniba Rosaeaodora. Rosewood is a kayo tree that is very expensive and is quite valued as decorative wood. This plant has been cut down millions of hectares for materials for making furniture, furniture, chopsticks or as display material.

It turns out that this tree is not only utilized in the world of health but also in high prices in the world of household furniture.

Rosewood essential oil is extracted by the distillation process of rosewood wood. The main components of rosewood are alpha-terpineol, camphene, benzaldehyde, alpha-pinene, cineole, geranial, geraniol, myrcene, neral, limonene, linalool oxide and linalool.

The use of wood in making furniture, such as furniture is considered as something that is not important (because it can still use other wood), should be able to produce tons of essential oils of rosewood, and this is beneficial for millions of people in the world.

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Below we see in detail the health benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil, as quoted from various reliable sources.

Health Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil

Let’s see what are the benefits of oil extracted from dead wood. Rosewood is very miraculously a part of human survival and protection.

1. Relieves Depression

Eliminating depression, using rosewood essential oil is very beneficial for relieving depression and sadness. Including other mental health such as sadness, failure in academic situations, or in a failed love relationship. Using rosewood essential oil is powerful enough to provide a good mood, disappear gelisan and can deal with the condition of a breakup with a good and effective.

2. Analgesic Properties

The next benefit of rosewood essential oil is as an analgesic. Rosewood oil functions as a mild analgesic, but it is very effective in relieving headaches, colds, influenza, muscle aches, toothaches, including curing measles and mumps.

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3. Rosewood Oil Benefits for Deodorant

This oil has a pungent, sweet, and AI aroma that can function as an ideal natural deodorant. It is also useful in removing unpleasant odors, making you feel fresh, safe and away from bacterial infections.

4. Useful as an Antiseptic

If you have a small wound in an insect bite or something, don’t despair, there is something you can do. Soak cotton in rosewood oil and apply to the wound site. Using rosewood essential oil is not only an antiseptic but can also heal your wounds.

5. Benefits of rosewood oil as Aphrodisiac

Another benefit of rosewood oil is that it generates softness between partners, and provides good air for your room. Even though this oil is extracted through hardwood refineries, it can provide softness.

Even this oil is useful for those who lose interest in sex, eliminate depression due to workload, eliminate worries, and even eliminate the bad of pollution. Loss of libido, today is a very frequent problem and a scary thing. Fortunately, rosewood essential oil can help you.

6. Improve memory

The health benefits of rosewood essential oil also improve memory, sharpen your brain, be active, provide alertness, and can also eliminate headaches. Another benefit is that it helps you from neurotic disorders.

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7. Useful as an insecticide

Rosewood oil is an insecticide and can kill insects, mosquitoes, fleas, ants. You can use it in sprays, room fresheners, floor washers, it is also very useful if you use it as a scrub on the skin and can keep mosquitoes away at night.

8. Rosewood essential oil also functions as a stimulant.

It can stimulate the body, the metabolic system, including stimulating feelings, enzymes, hormone secretion, bile acids, both for digestive secretions, and various other organ functions.

Other benefits of rosewood essential oil

Another important benefit of using this oil is that it can rejuvenate the skin, make a person look younger, treat nausea, vomiting, runny nose, cough, and relieve stress, skin diseases, acne and can eliminate wrinkles.

Regarding warnings, rosewood oil is safe to use and there is no risk of using it.

For more optimal use, you mix with other essential oils such as orange, neroli, bergamot, lemon, lavender, grapefruit, jasmine essential oils and can also be mixed with rose essential oil.

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