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9 Amazing Benefits Of Quenepas

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Quenepas is one super fruit with impressive health benefits. This fruit has many names all over the world, but we call it “quenepas”. Among the great benefits that can be obtained from natural health are healthy bones, maintain hormones, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system and are also good for digestion.

Let’s get to know quenepas more closely from the tree to the fruit.

Quenepas Tree

Quenepas is also popularly known as the Spanish orange, it belongs to the Soapberry family with its scientific name Melicoccus bijugatus. Quenepas fruit emerge from the small green tree, thin bark, and stiff and grow in large bunches. Quenepas fruit has long been a cultural and culinary staple in the Caribbean and countries throughout Central America. At first glance, it appears that the quenepas fruit is a cross of lime and lychee. It tastes sweet but sharp. If you open the fruit behind the meat there is a large black seed. How to consume it is to suck the flesh until the seeds remain.

Among the names popular with quenepas are skinip, limoncillo, guinep, and mammon. But all of them refer to the same fruit with the same nutrition. Now we see the health benefits of guinep, or quenepas.

Health Benefits of Quenepas

1. Increase Bone Strength

One of the benefits of quenepas is increasing bone strength. This is thanks to the high calcium content in quenepas fruit, calcium is an important mineral for bone health. This is very good in consumption because it can keep bones with age. As we get older, bone strength decreases.

In addition, quenepas are also useful for increasing the absorption of other nutrients such as iron.

2. Boost Immunity

Quenepas fruit like most other tropical fruits that contain a lot of nutrients for bone immunity. Among the nutrients that dominate are vitamin A and vitamin C. The purpose of vitamin C here is to stimulate the formation of white blood cells and this is an important element in boosting immunity. While Vitamin A can function as an antioxidant as vitamin C also has an antioxidant function.

One of the benefits of antioxidants is stress relief and tension in the body.

3. Improve Circulation

Quenepas is a fruit that is rich in iron and is very beneficial for health. The role of iron for health is to create red blood cells, if iron deficiency, a person will automatically suffer from anemia and this is marked by a body that looks weak, tired, upset stomach and mild headaches. The body that contains enough iron will produce red blood according to the body’s needs. One source of iron is quenepas. So, including this fruit in the daily diet list is not a bad thing for you.

4. Helps digestion

The next benefit is improving and maintaining digestive health. This is due to the fact that it contains high amounts of fiber. Fiber in this fruit is the same as in vegetables and other fruits that is able to provide peristalsis. So it not only alleviates the risk of constipation, cramps and bloating but can also be beneficial for the absorption of body nutrients.

5. Stabilize the mood

Furthermore, the benefits of quenepas fruit is able to stabilize the mood. So it is highly recommended to consume this fruit to improve mood. This is thanks to the presence of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and organic acids that work actively in relieving anxiety and mood. Quenepas has long been given to pregnant women because it can improve mood and avoid anxiety.

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6. Control the effects of hormones

Phosphorus is an important nutrient for human health, especially related to bones. In many foods found in small amounts of phosphorus, but in the quenepas fruit contains phosphorus in good quantities. Phosphorus herein is also claimed to be beneficial for controlling hormones, so that the whole body gets a good effect. The effect of this hormone is beneficial for the growth of the whole body, and also good for brain development.

7. Helps you sleep

Tryptophan is an extraordinary compound in quenepas fruit. The benefits of tryptophan are sleep induction by working to stimulate serotonin production. Serotonin production can increase good feelings in the human psyche, relieve anxiety and make a person sleep soundly.

8. Helps to lose weight

Quenepas is a fruit that is low in calories and fat so it is considered as a fruit that is quite fit to lose weight. Besides that, it is rich in fiber which can help the body feel full, so that you can reduce snacking and reduce food portions.

9. Lowering blood pressure

For those of you with high blood pressure, there are easy solutions to reduce blood pressure. Quenepas fruit is almost the same as a cucumber, it can reduce hypertension and high blood pressure. The benefits of quenepas associated with heart health and cholesterol reduction. If consumed regularly, the fruit can provide extraordinary benefits for heart health, prevent clogging of blood vessels, and reduce heart attacks.

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