How to Prepare Moringa Leaves for Drinking

How to Prepare Moringa Leaves for Drinking

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Prepare Moringa Drinking – Moringa is an unic tree that provide many health benefits. This causes many people to look for seeds to be used, leaves, and even flowers to be used as healthy drinks. If you have leaves, or some moringa flowers, you can enjoy a cup of moringa tea every morning. Not only does it provide many health benefits but it also provides exceptional health value.

Moringa Oleifera

If we look at its development, Moringa Oleifera is a tree that is very much planted and cultivated in India, now moringa oleifera is well known in various countries such as Nigeria, and countries in Africa. Growing moringa is very easy for farmers to do, so in this case the farmers do not have any obstacles. That is why many of them plant Moringa. Moringa trees do not need good soil, even nutrient-poor soils can be grown. After planting the seeds, we only need to wait 8 months and then the moringa blooms and is ready to take the flowers.

Nigerian people for example, they really like moringa tea and even make it a soft drink every morning. Moringa is full of useful vitamins and other minerals such as potassium, calcium, and iron. This drink is healthy for both women and men. This great health value makes moringa a high-value tree, especially with the current technological sophistication, moringa leaves can be processed into a variety of supplements and medicines.

Prepare Fresh Leaves for Drinking

Below we provide a guide for those of you who want to make your own moringa leaf tea. This uses fresh leaves that you take directly from the tree. Easy and tastes good and addictive.

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Use fresh leaves for Tea

In addition to using dried leaves for tea, we can also make moringa tea from fresh leaves. If you don’t know how, just consider the following:

  • Take one cup of fresh moringa leaves, don’t use the stems, so we only use the leaves.
  • Next, put fresh moringa leaves in a deep pan, place it on the stove and light the fire.
  • Boil the fresh Moringa leaves in a pan for about 5 minutes
  • Let the stew cool.
  • If it’s cold, put the tea in a cup and add sugar to taste. You can replace sugar with honey as much as one teaspoon.

This tea is also delicious if you add orange juice, coconut juice, a piece of ginger, and feel the pleasure.

Advantages of drinking moringa tea

Moringa tea contains many substances that are useful for health. This tea gives you stamina and energy throughout the day. Moringa leaves contain lots of antioxidants and vitamins that are useful for increasing energy, and can cleanse your mind.

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That’s how to prepare Moringa leaf tea, please try and share your experience with us. The content of many nutrients in moringa leaves makes the benefits and efficacy of this moringa tea quite powerful.

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