How to treat poison ivy

9 Best Ways on How to Treat Poison Ivy, Apple cider vinegar to Banana Peel

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How to Treat Poison Ivy Using Traditional Herbs

Cucumbers are vegetables that are often used in beauty treatments. But this time we are not treating beauty but rather using cucumbers for ivy poison treatment. This is a simple method that can be used to treat ivy poison. You can slice a cucumber and put it on the infected area.

If you want, you can make a cucumber mask (crushed cucumber), place it on the infected area of ​​ivy, this will calm the rash and poison. Immediately, we see what are the best natural medicines to treat poison ivy below.

1. Benefits of banana peels to cool the itch

Benefits of banana peels to cool the itch

Take part in a banana peel and wrap or smear it on the area of ​​the skin infected with ivy poison. This is an old-fashioned method that’s worth a try, the cold effect of the inside of a banana peel will have a calming effect on your infected skin. Another way that provides the same benefits in treating ivy poison is to use a mask from watermelon skin. Some people actually suggest this method to be applied to poison ivy. Indeed there is no scientific evidence that supports, but you should try it because it’s cheap and easy.

2. Apple cider vinegar treats ivy poison

Apple cider vinegar treats ivy poison

How to treat poison ivy with apple cider vinegar? Medication in apple cider vinegar is not surprising that apple cider vinegar can cure poison ivy problems. The trick is to use brown paper, soak the brown paper in apple cider vinegar, then place the brown paper on the wound or rash/poison ivy. This will remove the infected poison.

Apple cider vinegar is useful to relieve inflammation caused by ivy. ACV is said to contain anti-inflammation so it is very good for calming and removing inflammation. As stated by Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research for the department of dermatology in New York City.

3. Baking soda helps with recovery

Baking soda helps with recovery

Baking soda can actually be beneficial as a natural treatment for poison ivy. Using soda can soothe areas that are itchy and infected with toxins. To treat poison ivy by using baking soda, consider the method below.

Mix 3 teaspoons of baking soda, and one teaspoon of water. Mix the two into a paste. If it’s dry, then baking soda will peel.

4. An oatmeal bath can soothe Ivy’s rash

Soaking or bathing with oatmeal is an ancient way to cure poison ivy but it is very effective. This method works especially on the red rash on your skin.

What should you do? Roll one cup of oatmeal in a blender until it forms a flour. Furthermore, the results of this mill are poured on a clean cloth or can use clean socks. Wrap and tie this mixture in socks, and tie or hang it on the water tap, so that this material is under the tap and water flows through the mixture.

With the faucet still tied with this concoction, fill your bathtub with warm water (already mixed with the concoction). Soak in this bathtub for 30 minutes.

5. Aloe vera helps cure Poison Ivy

It’s like you use aloe vera to prevent skin from sunburn. So in treating poison ivy, aloe vera is also very good to try. Dr. Baxt said that Aloe Vera could work miraculously in healing Ivy. You can immediately use aloe vera gel and apply it on poison ivy. This will give you peace, and you can make you more relaxed from your illness.

6. Use alcohol to rub infected skin

Another drug to treat poison ivy is to use alcohol. If you experience Ivy, you can immediately apply this alcohol to the area infected with poison ivy. If you immediately use alcohol as soon as you get Ivy, then there is a possibility you can treat it easily because it can prevent urushiol, this is a chemical that plays a role in maintaining a rash. So, the faster we treat it, the faster it can be healed.

7. Lemon juice can remove oil

Some say that lemon juice is the best remedy for poison ivy, this is a natural and ancient treatment that is no less effective for treating posion ivy. Dr. Zeichner, said that lemon juice is rich in antioxidants (vitamin C) and anti-inflammatory which is very good for accelerating healing of posion ivy. When using lemon juice, stay away from your skin from sun exposure because it can burn your skin.

8. Rinse with running water

One simple way to treat poison ivy is to wash under running water. If you know that you have poison ivy, wash it immediately or take a shower. If you wash it, then use running water so that the poison can flow immediately and fall. Thus said Dr. Baxt

When washing with running water, use soap as well, this is effective if you wash immediately after being exposed to poison ivy. Although it does not cure completely, this method can minimize the bad effects so it is easy to deal with at a later stage. Do not use hot water, because it is worried that it can irritate the skin.

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9. Cold compresses can reduce the effect of poison Ivy

Cold compresses can reduce the effect of poison Ivy

If you feel a rash on the skin, try giving a cold compress every time the rash is painful. This is good for preventing itching and avoiding you scratching it. Soak the cotton ball by placing it in the infected area.

So are some natural and traditional ways to treat rashes due to poison ivy. There are many ways that can be used, from treating poison ivy with apple cider vinegar to using a very simple banana peel.

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