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8 Benefits Of Palma Rosa Essential Oil

enefits Of Palmarosa Essential Oil
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Palmarosa essential oil is a versatile oil that can be one of the health alternatives. The health benefits of palmarosa essential oil are related to the properties that contain within. Among its properties are bactericidal, anti-viral, anti-septic, heat-forming drugs, hydrating the body, sitophilactite and others.

Based on the characteristics and properties of the drug, the palmarosa essential oil has several benefits. Before we look further at its benefits, let’s explore plamarosa further.

What is Palma Rosa Essential Oil?

This is the type of grass that is called in Latin is Cymbopogon martini. Palma rosa essential oil is also called chemotypes, it is divided into two types, this is Motia and Sofia, the difference is only in the aroma.

The oil is taken after the grass is dried and then the steam is removed, the harvest must be done before the grass flowers, after the harvest is dried. The main components in this essential oil are geranyl acetate, dipentene, geraniol, linalool, myrcene and contain limonene. The smell of palmarosa essential oil is similar to the smell of roses. So, the name also has the word “rosa” which comes from the name “rose plant”. Similarity to rose oil, making palmarosa oil sometimes becomes a substitute for rose oil, even on the market it is often falsified as rose oil because plamarosa has a cheaper price.

In the food and beverage industry, palmarosa oil is sometimes used as a flavoring. Likewise it is used in making soap, oil, cosmetics and in perfumes.

Health Benefits of Palma Rosa Essential Oil

Besides its benefits as a food flavoring ingredient, palmarosa essential oil is also used separately for various health benefits. Below we see the health benefits of Palmarosa essential oil.

1. Reduces Fever

Palmarosa essential oil contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-seprik. This content causes these essential oils to be used to treat fevers, whether they are caused by viruses or bacteria. The usefulness of palmarosa essential oil here is to cool the body and win the respiratory system.

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2. Viral Infections Fights

If the disease is caused by a virus, palmarosa oil can overcome it. It can prevent the proliferation of viruses and eliminate them in the system. Viruses are not easily removed, different from bacteria. This is because the virus has a layer of the body called a cyst, this protector will protect and protect it from the extreme environment around it.

When in a cyst, the virus is not active, but it waits to move its host to reproduce and then actively attack. This is when the benefits of Palmarosa essential oil attack and kill the virus.

3. Prevents Sepsis

Sepsis is a health problem that is prone to occur in the bladder, large intestine, kidney, and urethra. This disease can cause unbearable pain and can even cause seizures. So, it is highly recommended to treat wounds, and various types of infections, especially in genito-urinary organs.

This treatment can be done using palmarosa essential oil. When this oil is applied to the wound, it is useful for eliminating infections and killing developing bacteria. However, if consumed orally, palmarosa esensila oil is useful to inhibit the growth of bacteria in genito-urinary tracts until finally providing treatment for sepsis.

4. Fight bacterial infections

Palmarosa essential oil prevents the development of bacteria by killing it. Good also to kill bacteria and heal infections of the inside of the body such as intestinal, stomach, bladder, urethra, urinary, kidney, and prostate infections.

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The use of palmarosa essential oil is also useful for preventing bacterial infections on the outside of the body such as the skin, head, armpits, eyelids, and ears.

5. Useful as Cytophylactic

Palmarosa essential oil is famous as a natural cytophylactic,
that is, it is useful for stimulating cell growth and recycling cellular material. So, the benefits of palmarosa oil is that it prevents damage to body cells that triggers premature aging.

In fact, palmarosa oil is known as a good oil for the body’s immunity because it can stimulate the growth of defense cells in the body.

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6. Improves Digestion

Furthermore, the benefits of palmarosa essential oil is to improve digestive health. This oil can stimulate digestive juices into the stomach, this will improve better digestive health.

This can also help the body’s absorption of nutrients, help the secretion of digestive fluid into the stomach and help the digestion process easier.

7. Facilitate wound healing

This oil contains anti-spetik which is very good for healing wounds. Septic is a severe and painful situation that occurs in a wound. Thus, the benefits of palmarosa essential oil are relief of septic or very severe pain when there is a large wound.

8. Treats Dehydration

Keeping the body hydrated and free of dehydration, this is one of the great benefits of the essential oil of Palmarosa.

Palmarosa can maintain tissue moisture, and maintain moisture stability throughout the body. Thus, the benefit is to relieve inflammation and certain symptoms of dehydration. This oil can make the skin soft, moisturized and youthful.

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Other Benefits

Palmarosa oil also functions as aromatherapy as quoated from organicfacts. The benefits of palmarosa in aromatherapy are to relax muscles, nerves, eliminate depression, fatigue, anxiety, anger, and are useful for relieving nervousness or fear.

While the effects on the external part are healing wounds, cracking skin, and eliminating athlete’s foot. Thus some of the health benefits of Palmarosa essential oil, hopefully useful and can add to our knowledge.

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