Zoloft and Alcohol, Is it Safe to Mix?

Zoloft and Alcohol

What is Zoloft? Medical experts give a warning that we do not consume alcohol while consuming Zoloft. What exactly is the risk behind all this? What is the effect if someone mix Zoloft with alcohol? Before we see further explanation, we need to know what Zoloft is? Zoloft is a commonly available anti-depressant, it has … Read more

Sebaceous Hyperplasia: Treatment and Home Remedies

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a health problem that enlarges the sebaceous glands. This will cause small bumps on the surface of the skin. Let us see about the Sebaceous Hyperplasia disease, Treatment and it is Home Remedies. This lump is actually not dangerous but enough to fade the beauty of women. He often appears on the … Read more

Bydureon: Side Effects, Dosage, Instructions and More

bydureon side effects

Bydureon, What Do You Know About? Bydureon is a brand name of a drug that is useful for improving blood sugar, especially for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. This drug is given by injection. This drug is available in two forms, some injectable and some in the form of a pen injector. Bydureon … Read more

Hematopoiesis, What Do You Know About It


Hematopoiesis is a condition of all blood cellular components and blood plasma produced in the hematopoietic system which includes organs and tissues. Examples are the liver, bone marrow and spleen. We say that hematopoiesis is a process of producing blood cells. The process has begun since the early development of the embryo. So, the process … Read more

Marcus Gunn Pupils: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Marcus Gunn Pupil disease

Marcus Gunn pupils are a rare problem that occurs in the eye. This condition causes sufferers to not be able to respond to the light from inside the eye equally, but their eyes respond to light differently. Different responses from the two eyes indicate that the eye has a problem, this could be a result … Read more