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Best Maple Syrup Substitute: Home Made Maple

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Maple syrup is a popular syrup in various food recipes. What if you don’t have maple syrup and want to immediately make a food recipe using maple syrup. You are in a position where you don’t have time to go out to buy maple syrup at the grocery store. You also don’t have the time to even make your own syrup from home.

Now, all you can do is look for one of the substitutes for maple syrup for your immediate use in food recipes. Ok, don’t worry because we will soon share with you the best maple syrup substitute.

Maple Syrup Substitute

If you want the same taste, it won’t be exactly the same as maple syrup. However, this is suitable and fine if you want to replace your favorite maple syrup.

1. Use 1 cup of honey for every 3/4 cup

Honey is the fastest substitute you can get. But the price is rather expensive. For this reason many people sometimes choose other ingredients to replace maple syrup.

But if you have honey at home, you can replace maple syrup with it. But the taste will be a little different. If you want to use it in a food recipe you have to experiment how much you have to use it. Differences in taste make the measurements also different.

Some use a ratio of 1: 1 but some also follow this formula: For 3/4 maple syrup you can replace it with as much as 1/2 sugar honey and 1 cup of honey. Why do you need to add sugar? Sweet maple syrup and honey are not sweet, so by adding a little sugar, you can get the same taste.

2. 1 cup molasses for 1 cup syrup

This is the best substitute for maple syrup, you can use the same amount as syrup. If you need 1 cup of maple syrup, you can use a replacement, which is 1 cup of molasses.

3. 1 glass of corn syrup for one glass of maple syrup

This is also a substitute for maple syrup which is very easy to get and easily measure. For one cup of maple syrup you only need one cup of corn syrup.

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4. Brown sugar or white sugar.

For 2/3 maple syrup you can use one cup of sugar or chocolate.

Sugar is not as sweet as maple syrup, besides sugar also has a different shape because it is liquid and solid sugar. So, for 2/3 cups of maple syrup, you can use 1 cup of sugar.

Maple Syrup Substitute Recipe

Want to make your own maple syrup substitute, below are some ingredients that you can use.

  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • One cup of brown sugar
  • One cup of boiling water
  • One teaspoon of butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract

How to:

Put all the ingredients above into a pan, and turn on medium heat. Let the mixture boil for 10 minutes. Now, you no longer need to worry if you don’t have maple syrup because you can already make your own.

That’s how to make maple syrup from home, hopefully it can inspire you in presenting a substitute for your favorite maple syrup.

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