Health Benefits of Malunggay Leaves

Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Malunggay Leaves

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Malunggay (moringa) leaf is a leaf that is rich in nutrients that the body needs. If you need vitamin A, vitamin C and need calcium, Malunggay has completed everything. So, we no longer need to consume several types of vegetables such as carrots, oranges and milk to get calcium, but Malunggay leaves have fulfilled all your desires.

Amalunggay leaves are leaves of the moringa plant, so there are also those who call it moringa. This plant grows in Asia, Latin America, Africa and others. Malunggay plants have a height usually up to 11 meters. The leaves are oval shaped into small pieces that are located in a mess, attached to a larger leaf stalk. All parts of the moringa plant can be eaten including fruit, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, seeds and bark.

Benefits of Malunggay Leaves

WHO World Health Organization, recognizes that Malunggay or moringa plants are miraculous plants for human health. In the past, this plant grew alone in the forest without anyone taking it, but now, with the development of technology in the health sector, scientists have known the health benefits of Malunggay so that it is now being cultivated.

What are the health benefits of Malunggay leaves, let’s see below the list of benefits.

1. Increase endurance naturally

Malunggay leaves are extraordinary leaves that can meet many of the body’s nutrients so that the body’s resistance increases. Keep the body away from disease, prevent fever, flu, and allergies.

2. Good for nourishing the skin

One of the benefits of moringa leaves is good for skin health. If you have problems with the skin, you can try consuming moringa leaves (malunggay) to nourish your skin again. Malunggay leaves are rich in vitamin C which is good for the skin. The benefits of vitamin C include stimulating the formation of collagen so that it is very good for the skin.

Consuming Malunggay leaves on a regular basis can provide exceptional benefits for the skin, the nutrients in Malunggay leaves can make acne-free, radiant and radiant-clean skin.

In addition to consumption, you can make Malunggay leaves as a face mask by mashing these leaves until smooth and smearing them on the face. In fact, there are now several beauty products that use malunggay leaves as ingredients such as anti-aging products, facial foam, aromatherapy, whitening creams and lotions.

3. Overcoming diabetes

Furthermore, Malunggay leaves are also useful for treating diabetes or blood sugar disease. If you consume Malunggay leaves, then you will feel full longer so that you do not want to eat more food.

So, logically you can reduce food consumption which in turn reduces sugar intake in the body.

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4. Nourish the eyes

Malunggay leaves are also good for your eye health, even the level of vitamin A in Malunggay leaves is more compared to vitamin A in carrots. Not only nourishes the eyes, but moringa leaves are also good for treating diseased eyes. This leaf contains beta-carotene which is useful to help vision. The trick is to soak the Malunggay leaves in hot water, then wash your eyes (wait after the water is cold) every day.

5. Fight free radicals

Malunggay leaves are also useful to fight free radicals, this is a dangerous compound that causes an oxidation reaction resulting in premature aging.

The high vitamin C content in Malunggay is very good for preventing cell damage caused by free radicals. This Vitamin C acts as a pretty good antioxidant in the fight against aging.

In addition, Malunggay leaves are also rich in luetein, which is a caratenoid compound that will be absorbed by the body when consumed together with fat.

6. Rheumatism medicine

Rheumatism causes pain in the area being attacked. The cause of rheumatism is due to the body’s system attacking its own tissues so that there is pain in the joints, stiffness occurs and swelling occurs.

Benefits of Moringa leaf can treat joint pain, reduce the accumulation of gout and treat rheumatism.

7. Overcoming allergies

Allergies occur because of the effects of allergens which are considered dangerous by the body, so when exposed to these allergens the body experiences an allergic reaction. One traditional remedy for allergies is malunggay leaf. Malunggay leaves will provide a strong and good immune system so you will be immune to these allergens.

8. Benefits of Malunggay leaves for weight loss

Malunggay leaves are rich in fiber which is very good for weight loss. Consuming regularly is highly recommended for maximum effect. Moringa leaf is also rich in iron so that it provides strong energy for the body, this will make you stand with small portions of food.

9. Increase Production of Breast Milk

For pregnant women, Malunggay leaves are very important because they can stimulate the formation of breast milk. This leaf contains an enzyme called phytoestrogens. This enzyme is responsible for producing milk. In addition Malunggay leaves are also rich in folic acid, an important mineral for pregnant women and fetuses.

Not only that, malunggay leaves are also rich in iron which is an important mineral for breastfeeding and pregnant women. Pregnant and lactating women very often lack red blood cells, so malunggay leaves are one solution for pregnant women

10. Support Brain Health

Malunggay leaves have no side effects so it is safe for consumption by anyone. Besides good for pregnant and lactating women, moringa (malunggay) leaves are also good for the brain because it can improve brain health and nourish the brain.

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