how to Make lentil flour

How to Make Lentils Flour

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How to make lentil flour is very easy, just by using a food processor or coffee processor you can make lentil flour quickly. Now no need to buy it in the market anymore. You only need to buy whole lentils and make it into flour bay food processor tools that can you get in online shop easily. 

Lentil flour is a part that is often added to various dishes. It is a raw lentils which are smoothed in such a way. If you run out of wheat flour, then the flour is the best substitute you can try. In addition, it’s also a flour that is beneficial to health, itself included in foods that are beneficial due to its nutritional content. This flour is often included in a variety of Southeast Asian dishes. It tastes a bit spicy when added to baked dishes.

Lentil flour is very difficult to find, if you find it in a food or cake shop, of course the price is more expensive compared to whole lentils. Luckily, you can grind your own lentils to get the flour you want. You can use a food processor to grind the lentils. Actually, a food processor is used to grind spices, but you can use it to lighten your work of grinding lentils into flour.

This is one food processor and electric grain mill with extraordinary power. Being able to grind grains such as lentils, especially for making flour.

food processor and electric grain mill


How to make Lentil Flour using Food Processor


Enter the lentils into the filter and clean the water in a container, preferably using cold water. Choose lentils that are not quality, usually those located at the top of the surface of the water and discard.

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Place a clean tea towel on a baking sheet, can also use paper towels. Spread the lentils on it in one layer. then fold a paper towel or clean tea towel to squeeze the water out of the lentils as well as possible.


The next way to produce lentils flour is to dry the lentils in a sunny place to dry.


Then, the dried lentils are transferred to a dry pan and roasted over medium heat, stirring so they don’t burn. Then, if there are about 5-7 minutes of baking, remove from the heat and let stand until the lentils cool.


Transfer the grilled lentils to a food processor or coffee processor. Then grind the lentils with the tool until it becomes powder.

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Take the lentils that have become powder, sift with a sieve and collect the results in a container. At this point, the lentil flour has been prepared and if you want to keep it, don’t close the container tightly.

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That’s the way to make this flour. Very easy isn’t it! Now you don’t need to buy lentil flour at the grocery store because this is very difficult to get. If there is, the price is certainly very expensive. So the best alternative to making dishes with lentil flour is to buy whole lentils and grow them yourself using a food processor.

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