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9 Amazing Lilac Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

lilac essential oils benefits

Previously, in the last article we saw the benefits of Palmarosa essential oil, now we will see the benefits and uses of Lilac Essential Oil. The use of lilac oil is very much, including in cosmetic ingredients. Among the benefits of lilac oil are reducing inflammation, getting rid of parasites, calming the nervous system, improving home odors, and including strengthening the immune system and good for protection against the skin.

Before looking at more about the benefits of Lilac Essential Oil, let’s get to know more about lilac oil.

What is Lilac Essential Oil?

Lilac actually has many types and comes from different species up to two dozen species. All types are still in the Oleaceae family.

Among the many species of lilac, the most common is Syringa vulgaris, this is a species that originated in the Balkans and eastern Europe. Now this lilac has been distributed to all of Europe and even to North America. The benefits of lilac essential oil for health have been known for over a hundred years, but it is estimated, local indigenous people have been using it as a health oil for longer than that.

Among the properties of lilac oil are as a sedative, anxiolytic, febrifuge, and contain anti-inflammation derived from substances in it called indole, ilac aldehyde, and ocimene substances. All of them are beneficial for the health of the body if used in moderation.

Health Benefits, Uses and Side Effect of Lilac Essential Oil

The benefits of lilac essential oil are very good for those who experience high levels of stress, anxiety, have weak immunity, sunburn, parasitic infections, wrinkles, premature aging, fever, sores, inflammation, bruising or scratches.

Ok, here we see in more detail the benefits of lilac essential oil, hopefully useful for everything.

1. Used for skin care

Anti-oxidant content of lilac oil can stimulate and accelerate healing of the skin such as when experiencing small wounds, bruises or scratches.

Lilac oil is not only good for wounds but also stimulates new cell growth so that healing of wounds is very fast. In fact, it is good to use when the skin is exposed to sunlight and rashes.

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2. Prevents premature aging

Lilac oil not only contains antioxidants but also contains astringent, both of which can work in preventing aging, giving a cleaner and younger looking skin.

The benefits of lilac essential oil are also good for fading lines, blemishes, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It tightens the skin, making the skin elastic and youthful.

3. Boosts immunity

Bacteria and fungi can also be treated with lilac essential oil. This oil can help the respiratory and digestive systems. Inhaling lilac oil can prevent the attack of various pathogens that enter the air.

4. Cure fever

Furthermore, the benefits of lilac oil is that it helps reduce heat. It can also prevent various infections that occur. using lilac can stimulate perspiration which is a sign that the body is in the process of reducing heat (fever). Sweat that is issued will help remove toxins in the body, then the body will slowly improve again.

5. Lowers Anxiety and Stress

Llac essential oil is one of the famous aromatherapy oils and is widely used in reducing tension and stress. Lilac will have an effect on your limbic system, just by inhaling it. This will provide calm and promote comfort and eliminate depression and stress.

Breathing lilac essential oil is also good for improving sleep quality and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

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6. Eliminating parasites

The next benefit of lilac essential oil is that it kills parasites in the body such as worms in the intestine, this has been tried in many parts of the world. But make no mistake, lilac oil is not consumed, but by inhaling the scent or smearing it on the skin alone is enough to kill parasites in the body.

7. Improves Room Odor

Lilac oil is also used to scent the room from an unpleasant odor. You can use it in a diffuser. Lilac also contains anti-bacterial properties that can clean the air of bacteria.

The aroma produced is very pleasant and makes many people use it as a room deodorizer.

8. Cosmetic Uses

In many cosmetic products, lilac oil is widely used. Among the beauty products that use lilac oil are soap, shampoo, bath soap and perfume.

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9. Product cleaning tool

If you often use ingredients or products with chemicals to clean various household appliances. Now try to use a healthier way, namely by using lilac essential oil.

Lilac oil not only cleans but also contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, even contains anti-parasitic. Lilac also has a nice smell so it’s very happy to use it.

Side Effects of Lilac Essential Oil

The use of lilac oil must pay attention to the procedure, because lilac essential oil contains several side effects, especially for those who have experienced problems before using this oil such as allergies, and others.

Lilac oil is not recommended for consumption. This oil contains active substances which are dangerous if consumed. That is why, for internal use such as fighting parasites or killing worms in the intestine, simply by breathing the scent only.

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