Lemon and Cucumber Water Benefits
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Lemon and Cucumber Water Benefits

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A Glass of Lemon Juice in the Morning

Lemon and cucumber have great benefits for human health. Each of us generally has problems with digestion and fitness. One way to prevent digestive problems is to diligently consume warm lemon water in the morning before breakfast or as soon as you wake up. Lemon water is able to soothe sore throats, and can detoxify the body, build the digestive system and lose weight. A glass of lemon every morning can soothe digestion and can hydrate the body.

We don’t deny that all water is good for digestion, but a glass of lemon every day will provide more benefits. Among them are good for immunity, soothe the throat and relieve cough with phlegm if you drink it regularly. However, try not to rinse your mouth too much with lemon water because if it gets on your teeth for a long time, it can file tooth enamel. Nutritionists say that lemon water should not be used for those with problems such as acid reflux and people with excess iron in the body.

Drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning really helps to bring back the body refreshed and energized in the morning. During the resting time at night, we lose a lot of body fluids through breathing. For that it is good to replenish body fluids by filling in lemon water which can soothe the throat and get rid of stuck phlegm. Some of their fitness professionals enjoy a glass of lemon at night while relaxing by adding a little honey. This will taste better than making a glass of this as a ritual in the morning.

A Glass of Cucumber Juice in the Morning

Lemon and cucumber are ancient or traditional ingredients that can restore the spirit and immunity and detoxify toxins in the body. To make lemon juice, you don’t need to blend the cucumber, just slice the cucumber into small pieces and add it to a teapot filled with water and keep it overnight. This water will provide freshness and provide good health for you. Not only by drinking it, cucumber slices can also be used as a traditional herb to get rid of swollen eyes or panda eyes. Simply put these cucumber slices on your eyes and sleep.

Lemon and Cucumber Water Benefits
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Cucumber is also a great vegetable to add to salads, sandwiches. There is no saping effect on adding cucumber to a salad or making it a health drink. The important thing is not to add sugar or sweeteners in your water. This is not good for health and can even worsen dental health and digestive mobility. Especially for diabetics. Adding sugar in any juice is not medically recommended.

Drinking cucumber infusion gives freshness to the body and eliminates your thirst. This drink is claimed to also eliminate toxins in the body. Cucumber consists of 95% water and is rich in vitamin K. The benefit of vitamin K is to help the process of clotting red blood cells. Also rich in potassium and electrolytes which are useful for keeping fluids stable in your cells.

However, consuming whole cucumber as a vegetable or snack is better than drinking cucumber juice. Drinking the juice will reduce or eliminate the soluble fiber from the cucumber. However, if you eat it directly, all the nutrients will go into digestion.

Nutritionists recommend eating vegetables rather than juicing. A glass of vegetable juice or cucumber infusion or a glass of lemon is good to start the day. All of this actually helps various body functions to carry out their functions properly.

So, it’s great to drink cucumber or lemon juice. If you do not find it, drinking water is also a good thing, even the most important and can be obtained by everyone is mineral water. This prevents dehydration and keeps the body functioning properly. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is important for overall health.

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