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Top 8 Best Kona Coffee Brands in 2020

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Have you tried kona coffee? Soft coffee beans with amazing flavor. If you have already tried this coffee, be careful because it will be difficult to forget and reluctant to return to another coffee. You will also know why kona coffee is very popular in the world. So, it is very important to try how the taste of kona coffee.

Kona coffee is one of the most expensive types of coffee in the world today. If you already feel it, you will know why this coffee is very expensive and why it is so popular in the world. Arabica coffee is cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, in the north and south of Hawaii. Arabica coffee is planted in fertile volcanic soil, each famous kona coffee tree produces extraordinary coffee beans, even different from one another.

People say that coffee cone has an incomparable taste. You will know the first time you feel the drip coffee. When you first inhale you will feel a sweet and rich taste with flavors such as honey. You will think of this as cocoa, caramel, or butter. You will taste on your tongue a different flavor, bitter sweetness, or taste like citrus.

Kona coffee beans vary from one to another. There are berry-flavored, and some of them have a taste like vanilla. Although it can vary, kona coffee still gives a distinctive taste, smooth, soft and rich.

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In this article we will track and select kona coffee beans for those of you who want to try it. We offer several original kona coffee offers to satisfy your taste.

Best Kona Coffee Brands in 2020

1. Kona Peaberry Coffee

Kona Peaberry Coffee


One type of kona coffee that is worth a try is Kona Peaberry Coffee. Some of the advantages of this kona coffee are:

  • Freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Packed and sealed immediately
  • Grows in volcanic soils rich in minerals and fertile
  • Certified coffee from Costa Rica
  • 100% satisfying for customers

For coffee connoisseurs and looking for kona coffee with intense, authentic, delicious, delicate flavors, you should try buying kona peaberry coffee. One of the most expensive and valuable types of coffee in the world with guaranteed quality.

Peaberry kona coffee will give you a different taste, you will feel the taste of cherries, or the aroma of orange flowers. This coffee also has a scent like honey, caramel, and of course provides a valuable experience for you in enjoying coffee.

Coffee grown in volcanic soils, delicate and rich flavors makes this coffee very satisfying for many customers. Peaberry kona coffee offers the best quality coffee. The price is very high, because kona coffee has very low acid when compared to other types of coffee. for a coffee lover, he would say that concentrated cona coffee is truly a real coffee choice.


  • This coffee plant grows organically
  • Certified by the Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance
  • Rich in chocolate, tasty and rich
  • The packaging is good, and the aroma is amazing
  • Available in various variations
  • Various flavors available


  • Having a sharp after souce.
  • Has a sour aftertaste
  • 100% Kona Coffee and a little bitter


2. Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee

Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee


The next kona coffee that is not less has great taste is Hawaii Roasters 100% kona coffee. Some of the advantages of Hawaiian coffee roasters are:

  • Soft coffee
  • Coffee picked by hand and in the sun
  • Coffee that has won the Hawaii governor’s export award at the biggest food exhibition held in Paris
  • The taste is complete but rich in fruit and spicy aroma
  • Low in acid, good for anyone despite having problems with digestion

If you are a coffee connoisseur, it looks like this coffee you should try and enjoy. The coffee is picked by itself, dried and selected by itself, the taste is indeed rich and different from other coffees.

The flavor given by this coffee is original kona coffee with authentic taste. Try to enjoy the taste of premium coffee that grows on the slopes of Mount Hawaii.

handpicked, harvested by hand and in the sun, hawaii roasters 100% kona coffee in the sun under the sun to give off a distinctive taste. Some of the advantages of kona hawaii coffee and its shortcomings.


  • Whole seeds remain fresh overall
  • It is used in small quantities to ensure product quality
  • 100% original kona coffee beans
  • Consistent quality is maintained.


  • Black coffee roast lovers will get a mild taste
  • You must have your own grinder


3. Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine

Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine


There is also the Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine, with exceptional flavors. Here are some of the benefits of this kona coffee:

  • Coffee beans that grow in rich volcanic soil
  • It feels extraordinarily strong and sweet
  • Smooth and rich in taste
  • Both are used for drip coffee machines, automatic makers, cold brew machines and French Press
  • It grows at an altitude of 2220 feet under the shade of macadamia nut trees

This is 100% whole kona coffee beans with medium-dark roast. This amazing drink is really rich and smooth, it can’t be opposed by any kind of drink. Imagine Kona coffee beans are labeled to be Extra Fancy as they are among the top 10% of the best beans produced in Kona. To be able to enjoy this amazing coffee, you need your own grinder, so you can feel the pleasure of imagine kona coffee beans.

It tastes rich and sweet, like citasa berry flavor. For those who like fruit-flavored drinks, it would be very interesting to try this kona coffee drink. One of the advantages and quality of this kona coffee is that it has a low acid content, so it’s not difficult to accept by your sensitive pertu.

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Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine has been roasted in the air. This roasting process prevents charring and burning. Next, we will see what are the advantages of Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine and what are the shortcomings.


  • Roasted water
  • Fruity and sweet flavor
  • Low in acid
  • Coffee beans of the highest quality
  • Not mixed with low quality coffee beans


  • It’s sometimes not suitable for some people
  • To enjoy this coffee, you need your own coffee grinder, because only whole coffee beans are offered.


4. Kona Gold Coffee Whole Beans

Kona Gold Coffee Whole Beans


In addition to kona coffee by imagine, there is also the best type of kona coffee, Kona Gold Coffee. Below are some of the benefits of kona gold coffee.

  • Winner of the 2018 AVPA Paris Silver Award
  • Pure kona coffee beans that grow in the shade of the Ohia and Macadamia nut trees
  • Coffee beans that grow in Hawaii in fertile volcanic soil
  • selected beans chosen by hand, and dried and roasted
  • Unique drum roasting that produces aromatic and bitter coffee
  • Can be included in automatic coffee makers, drip coffee machines, cold brew, French press and pour over coffee makers.

If you are a true coffee connoisseur, then you should try the Kona Gold Coffee Whole Beans coffee flavor. Rich-flavored coffee that grows in fertile volcanic soils, the taste of this coffee is unique and beautiful and rarely found elsewhere.

Kona Gold coffee whole beans have won many awards. In the Kona Crown Cupping competition in 1026, this coffee had placed itself first as the best coffee. This roasted coffee bean has been considered an Extra Fancy by the Hawaiian Society of Agriculture. This indicates that this coffee bean is the highest grade type for Kona coffee beans.

After the coffee beans are picked and processed, Kona Coffee beans are roasted in the sun, this method is the most common method used to remove the extraordinary aroma of this coffee. Bright colors due to wet processing methods.

Kona Gold Coffee Whole Beans produces sweet, peach, crunchy, apple and raspberry flavors. There’s also a touch of melons, brown sugar, molasses and clove. This is one of the most powerful coffee brews that you need to feel.


  • Rated extra fancy for moisture content
  • Processed by the wet method and picked by hand
  • Grow and roast in the same kona beans
  • Smooth aromatic taste, and complex


  • The taste of coffee like burning, maybe not interesting for all coffee connoisseurs.


5. Hualalai Estate – 100% Premium Kona Coffee

Hualalai Estate - 100% Premium Kona Coffee


Next is 100% Premium Kona Coffee, the best kona coffee with delicious flavors and different from the others. Some of the advantages of this kona coffee are:

  • The coffee beans offered are from the same garden and roasted simultaneously
  • Stably roasted so that all coffee is roasted perfectly
  • Hualalai plantations do not use pesticides in coffee care
  • Produces delicious drinks every day.

Hualalai Estate Kona coffee is very different from other coffees. The reason is that Hualalai Estate Kona coffee is not mixed with cheap quality ingredients. Interestingly, this coffee is grown organically and does not use pesticides at all.

The medium dark roast Kona coffee from the Hualalai Estate area offers the perfect blend of flavors. It tastes very good and a cup of coffee gives a complex feel every day. All coffee beans that are taken are selected, and only take seeds that grow well and eliminate those that are not good. This produces the perfect coffee taste.

Roasting coffee is a challenge, each roasted coffee bean will produce an extraordinary taste. If all coffee beans do not burn evenly, then the taste will be less good. But when roasted in a syllable way and all the seeds burn with the same level of diversity, this is where the rich, perfect flavor for coffee is.


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6. 100% Kona Coffee Vienna Roast by Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

Some of the 100% advantages of Kona Coffee Vienna Roast are:

  • Each coffee bean is well looked after, and provides the same procedure as directed
  • Perfectly roasted
  • Coffee that has been cooked is handpicked and strictly sorted
  • Roast Masters with high experience make the perfect mix of Private Reserve
  • Gourmet is known for its taste and high quality

This kona coffee comes from a coffee plant that grows in the Hawaiian highlands located on the Big Island in Hawaii, the 100% Kona Coffee Vienna Roast by Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation is a coffee that is very unique and different from other coffees. The Kona coffee beans are grown on a mountainside and roasted in the same place. This plateau is very suitable as a place for the growth of kona coffee. Lots of sun, mild climate, highlands, volcanic soil, gentle breezes, and heavy rains during the summer, all make this place as the best place for coffee cone.

100% Kona coffee beans grown by Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation are clean, high-spirited coffee, and processed with an optical color sorter, this process removes yellow, black, orange, which gives the drink a bitter taste. After the bad side is removed, then the selected coffee beans are roasted to produce Vienna or French roast coffee beans.

Vienna Roast by Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation has a chocolate-like taste. It also has a cinnamon feel, unique taste, this is taken from the biggest and most flavorful coffee beans.

The most popular coffee beans are the Vienna roast medium. This is perfect for coffee lovers. Packed in such a way as to maintain taste and freshness. This coffee is rich in flavor, from every sip provides its own incomparable pleasure. All coffee beans are chosen carefully from red coffee beans that give a distinctive and extraordinary aroma.


  • Only the best kona coffee beans are processed
  • Coffee beans are roasted in small batches, to ensure freshness and optimal taste
  • It grows in the Kona Coffee Belt growing area
  • Consists of aromatic cona coffee beans, and the largest coffee beans.


  • Bitter taste sometimes does not attract everyone’s taste

7. Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee & Tea

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival's Medium Roast


Some of the advantages of Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s Medium Roast:

  • High quality whole coffee beans
  • Place first level in the 2018 Kona Coffee Culture Cupping Festival contest
  • Grows in highland coffee plantations
  • 100% certified kona coffee.

If you are looking for a roasted coffee with delicate flavors, caramel flavors, and flowers, then you should consider getting Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee & Tea. One of the advantages of this coffee is its soft texture.

This Medium Roast coffee occupies the first position in the competition at the Gevalia Cupping Contest during 2003 and 2009. Something unique from this cona coffee is that it has a low acid content like some types of cona coffee above.

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee & Tea is roasted and shipped with a sealed bag to keep it fresh. This kona coffee is 100% certified which is made from high-quality and high-quality coffee beans that have been cooked 100%.


  • This coffee grows in the Hualalai area which is the center of the Kopo kona growth.
  • Its texture is soft and extraordinary
  • Sent in a sealed bag to maintain the freshness of the scent
  • Made from dried coffee beans
  • Low acid content, good for those with stomach problems


  • Those who like strong coffee taste, might consider this as a mild coffee.


8. KonaRed Certified 100% Kona Coffee

KonaRed Certified 100% Kona Coffee
best kona coffee


Furthermore, there is kona coffee with the brand “KonaRed Certified 100% Kona Coffee”, this coffee has its own advantages such as:

  • Famous for offering products on an ongoing basis
  • Small batch roasted to maintain quality and freshness
  • Both as an ingredient of espresso drinks and coarse for coarse brew
  • Rich in flavor, smooth with a hint of chocolate and caramel, and the scent of flowers

KonaRed is one of the rarest and most widely available coffee drinks throughout the world. This coffee plant grows on fertile volcanic slopes, this coffee plant grows well on fertile soil with lots of nutrients. Coffee beans are all picked when the ripeness reaches its peak so it gives an extraordinary taste.

This cona coffee bean is roasted at home to maintain its high quality and freshness. KonaRed offers the best coffee beans for the perfect drink. These coffee beans are roasted with a medium level to give a soft taste in your cup of coffee.

This is a certified coffee bean cultivated on a Hawaii plantation. The coffee goes through a roasting process in small batches. Available in whole bean as well as pre-ground form. It feels light and is perfect for inexperienced coffee drinkers. Anyone can enjoy this coffee and feel extraordinary pleasure.


  • Kona Coffee is a certified coffee that grows in the Hawaiian Islands
  • It feels light and smooth
  • Non-GMO product
  • Pure and delicious products


  • It feels light, maybe this is not worth the high price


Those are some of the best types of kona coffee products that are sought all over the world. Enjoyment of coffee beans depends on the place where it grows, picked at the peak of maturity, dried well, and roasted to a certain degree. Different processes and levels of maturity can affect taste and quality.

You have already given a review of 8 types of world’s best kona coffee at prices that match their quality. Which one is your choice? Hopefully you can find your favorite coffee and enjoy it with family.