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13 Top Benefits and Uses of Jasmine Essential Oil

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Jasmine essential oil has tremendous health benefits for humans. The benefits and uses are related to the substances in it such as anti-depressants, aphrodisiacs, antiseptics, antispasmodics, cicatrizants, aphrodisiacs, expectorants, galactagogues, parturients, and others.

Based on these substances, jasmine essential oil has many uses for human health. Before we discuss about the health benefits, we first look at what is jasmine essential oil

What is Jasmine Essential Oil?

From the name alone we know that jasmine essential oil is taken from jasmine flower extract. Among the scientific names are Jasminum grandiflorum (Royal jasmine) and Jasminum officinale (Common jasmine).

In the extraction of jasmine contains the main components such as benzoic acid, benzyl acetate, benzaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, indole, cis-3-hexenyl benzoate, ceosol, eugenol, p-cresol, cis-jasmone, farnesol, linalool, geroleol, methyl methylate , nerol, nerolidol, isophytol, gamma terpineol, and phytol.

Jasmine is a flower that is quite popular because of its beauty and pleasant aroma. Jasmine blooms generally occur at night. Usually young people associate this flower with romantic and love nuances. That is why many use this flower as a symbol in love.

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Jasmine flower has long been an important thing in the history of human romance. In fact, in much of the history of romance, the woman’s name must be jasmine which is a romantic impression. Ok, now we see what are the health benefits of jasmine flowers and what are their uses.

Jasmine Essential Oil Health Benefits

Melatic essential oil is not only a symbol of love or is identified with romance, but the benefits are more than that, especially for health. Now we put aside the problems of love and romance, let’s look at what are the uses and benefits of jasmine essential oil for human health.

1. Relieves Depression

There is a study about this, namely research made by the Department of Botany, Bose Institute, Kolkata, India in collaboration with the Department of Molecular Cardiology of Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, USA, they stated that jasmine oil jasmine has a good aroma. The aroma can have an impact on the mind such as calming the mind, and can arouse enthusiasm against depression.

The scent of jasmine flowers can eliminate depression and arouse one’s spirits so as to bring out romantic, poetic feelings as many have described in the history of love in the past. The benefits of jasmine oil can arouse passion, and have an impact on certain hormones in the human body such as the hormone serotonin, which is beneficial in improving mood and increasing energy.

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2. Benefits of jasmine oil to prevent infection

An updated study published in the journal Ethnopharmacology. Mentioned jasmine flowers contain anti-virus and provide anti-septic and disinfectant extraordinary. Very active components such as benzaldehyde, benzyl benzoate and benzoic acid can function as anti-germ, anti-virus and anti-microbial. If this oil is applied to the outside of the body, such as a wound, it can prevent the wound from becoming septic.

Besides external use, we can also use jasmine essential oil for internal medicine. The trick is to inhale the aroma, this is known to treat infections of breathing and can be useful as a cough and cold medicine.

3. Good for sexual health

As per research in the International Journal of Institutional Pharmacy and Life Sciences [6], jasmine essential oil has aphrodisiac properties. This oil also enhances your libido and feelings of sexual desire. Due to the aroma, the use of jasmine flowers in bridal accessories and the décor of the newlyweds room is often seen in India. It also helps cure problems such as premature ejaculation, frigidity, impotence, and other sexual disorders.

4. Fade scar marks.

As we have mentioned above, jasmine oil contains cicatrizant which is useful for disguising scars such as acne scars, black spots, and can even eliminate strachmark that often occurs in pregnant women’s stomachs.

5. The benefits of jasmine essential oil for coughing

expectorant content in jasmine oil is useful to ward off your cough, you can sleep well at night without having to interfere with coughs and colds. For people with colds, jasmine oil is good for stimulating the accumulation of phlegm and releasing it, so that the body feels safe and comfortable. This essential oil is also useful for clearing congestion in the nasal passages and eliminating snoring at night.

Using essential oils from jasmine flowers is great for preventing you from breathing-related problems.

6. Treating Insomnia

For people with insomnia, it might be very difficult to sleep, so one solution you should try is to use jasmine essential oil. Sedative, expectorant, and antispasmodic properties can help you sleep well at night. When you can eliminate and treat insomnia, your work is more productive and more vibrant.

7. Relaxes Spasms

Seizures are a frightening illness, if you or one of your friends experiences them, you can try using jasmine essential oil. Jasmine oil quickly provides relief to spasmodic coughs, congestion, cramps, asthma, even spasmodic cholera and breathlessness.

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Jasmine oil can also reduce the problem of intestinal spasms and spasms in other parts of the body. Seizures are health problems that should not be considered trivial because it can be life threatening. Whatever can be used as medicine, this must be respected.

8. Provides protection to the uterus

Jasmine oil can increase the secretion of certain hormones that provide guarantee for uterine health. It is also useful for preventing tumors in the uterus, especially when menopause, the way it works is by limiting the flow of estrogen.

The health benefits of jasmine essential oil are also felt by those who are addicted, because this oil can eliminate addiction.

9. Emmenagogue

A journal entitled “The Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine” has stated a positive relationship between menopausal symptoms and aromatherapy massage. The nature of this Emmenagogue means to provide benefits to women who do not regularly menstruate. In essence, it works to improve the menstrual cycle.

The emmenagogue nature of jasmine oil also helps with menstrual problems such as fatigue, nausea, irritation, and mood changes.

10. Make it easy for mothers to give birth

The benefits of jasmine essential oil are very effective for mothers who give birth soon. It provides comfort and reduces pain during childbirth and these benefits are very interesting to watch. Many births are now completed by surgery, even though there is still the possibility of a normal birth. Now, by using jasmine essential oils, labor can be mild and reduce pain. That is, using jasmine oil on birth mothers will shorten the time of birth and make mothers feel more comfortable.

11. Benefits of jasmine oil for skin care

For those of you who feel you have fragile, dry and dehydrated skin, you can try jasmine oil. This oil has long been used in the treatment of unhealthy skin. But if you get a wound on the skin, he can give allergies, or irritation. But many also use it in treating dermatitis.

12. Increase milk

For nursing mothers it is very good to use jasmine oil because it can stimulate a lot of breast milk. Based on information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), newborn babies need their mother’s milk and this is very useful for their health.

13. Sedative Effect

Are calm body and soul. The use of jasmine essential oil is good for calming the mind, giving positive emotions. The results of a 2008 study showed that jasmine essential oil is beneficial for relieving stress, anger, disorders, anxiety and inflammation. But in relation to inflammation and joint pain, researchers must conduct further research to ensure that.

How to use Jasmine Essential Oil

How to use this oil is very easy and simple:

  • If you’re not excited, you can use jasmine oil spray in your room to increase your spirits.
  • Smell the jasmine oil aroma to provide a relaxing effect
  • Can mix 2-3 drops of essential oil into your bathtub.
  • Use three drops of jasmine oil to be mixed with 1 oil once as a carrier oil such as coconut oil, and use to massage

Word of Caution

  • Jasmine essential oil is emmenagogic, so pregnant women must wait for birth first or use it during delivery.
  • If you are allergic to jasmine, you should avoid using it.

Some good carrier oils for jasmine oil: Among them are bergamot oil, sandalwood essential oil, citrus fruits, roses, grapefruit, and lime oil.

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