How to Dry Mint Leaves | Step by Step to Do

How to Dry Mint Leaves easy

How to Dry Mint Leaves – Mint leaves have many uses and benefits both for health and for culinary purposes. If you get a lot of mint leaves, and it’s not possible to spend them on a single use, you can dry them out for future use. Drying mint leaves is one of the best … Read more

How to Store Potatoes to Keep Them Fresh for 6 Months

how to store potatoes

We already know how to grow potatoes either in open fields or in pots. Now, we will learn how to keep potatoes fresh when used. Indeed, potatoes include vegetables that are more resistant than other vegetables. However, the potatoes that are too long in the kitchen will sprout, and change color to be slightly green, … Read more

How To Keep Basil Fresh, Follow Our Method Below

How To Keep Basil Fresh

Basil is an easily wilted green vegetable if it’s picked. However, if you want to store basil for a long time you can follow the following method. I will give you a way on how to keep basil fresh for a week or two. To keep the basil fresh, the first thing to do is … Read more

How to Make Lentils Flour

how to Make lentil flour

How to make lentil flour is very easy, just by using a food processor or coffee processor you can make lentil flour quickly. Now no need to buy it in the market anymore. You only need to buy whole lentils and make it into flour bay food processor tools that can you get in online … Read more

How to Make Homemade Granite Cleaner, Keep Granit Countertops Sparkle

How to Make Homemade Granite Cleaner

If you are overwhelmed by cleaning granite due to stains and dirt from various materials, you do not worry because there is a homemade granite cleaner that effectively handles the problem of your dirty granite. Indeed, using granite will give its own luxury or beauty because granite has a smooth, clean and shiny surface. Your … Read more