How to Treat Ringworm Disease Naturally

How to Treat Ringworm Disease Naturally

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How to Treat Ringworm Naturally – Ringworm is a type of disease caused by a fungus, ringworm disease will give the sufferer an extraordinary itching feeling, so this itching sensation will stimulate the sufferer to scratch it. The stronger the scratching, the more itchy it will be and it keeps people wanting to scratch it, because it is said that there is a special pleasure when scratching. But please note that ringworm disease will widen when scratched.

If you are a sufferer of ringworm, you certainly know how it feels. Here we will try to share how to treat ringworm naturally, hopefully it can help you in dealing with the problem of ringworm that attacks you.

How to Treat Ringworm Naturally

1. Using galangal

Galangal is a type of spice plant even though it is tuber-shaped. Galangal is usually used by housewives for cooking purposes in the kitchen. But galangal turned out to be very useful for expelling diseases caused by fungi. One of them is ringworm, so galangal can be used to treat ringworm.

The method is:
Take galangal and crush the tip until it bruises or forms a brush, dip it in vinegar and apply it on the skin affected by ringworm. Do it twice a day until ringworm heals.

2. Using garlic

Garlic is also a kitchen spice or cooking ingredient in the kitchen. The Garlic turns out to have extraordinary properties, especially for treating ringworm or other diseases caused by fungi. Garlic has a lot of sulfur in it so the taste of raw garlic is very bitter. If treating ringworm is easy, take a few cloves of garlic and mash until smooth, then apply it to the skin affected by ringworm, scabies or other things caused by fungus. Do it twice a day until healed.

In addition to treating ringworm, garlic is also good to eat raw, which can improve blood circulation and eradicate various types of bad bacteria in the body and increase immunity.

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3. Using Sulfur

Sulfur is a natural mineral which is generally obtained from natural springs on volcanic plains (mountains), sulfur is also a chemical element denoted by S. Sulfur is a tasteless non-metallic element. The benefit of sulfur is that it can treat all kinds of diseases that cause itching. Sulfur can also be found in drugstores.

The way to treat ringworm with sulfur is to apply liquid sulfur that you buy at the drugstore, apply it to the skin area affected by ringworm. Let stand a few minutes (40 minutes) then rinse clean. Do it twice a day until your ringworm goes away.

That’s how to treat ringworm naturally and quickly, for those of you who are experiencing this skin disease, it is appropriate to use these natural ingredients to treat your ringworm disease. Use one of the methods above which you think is simple or you think is easy for you to do. Hope it is useful