How to Harvest Mint Leaves for Tea

How to Harvest Mint Leaves for Tea

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Mint leaves are herbs that have many uses in the world of health. The large benefits of mint leaves should trigger you to plant them in the garden or in pots at your home. For those of you who want to know more about mint plants and how to harvest their leaves, keep following this article until it’s finished. This plant is one that is very easy to grow and has many benefits, here is a more detailed review of the mint plant.

How to Harvest Mint Leaves

Harvesting mint leaves is actually no special trick and special method. The simplest way is to harvest the leaves one by one. This is especially true if you only need a little. If the harvest is more, of course the best way is to cut it.

All you have to pay attention to is to use a sharp knife or sharp scissors. If harvesting from the stem or pruning, don’t prune the mint plant more than a third of the plant. By leaving the stem, it will grow back into a new plant.

How to Harvest Mint Leaves

Best Time to Harvest Mint Leaves

The best time to harvest mint leaves is in the morning. The taste can vary, to get a thick taste, harvesting must be done before the plants flower. In addition, the young mint leaves are softer and taste better.

The best time to harvest mint leaves is also in spring when the plant is shedding lots of new leaves. Harvest as often as possible as the plants produce new leaves.

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Mint leaves will continue to produce new leaves if harvested as often as possible. So don’t be afraid to harvest it, the more often you harvest it, the mint plant will continue to be stimulated to produce new leaves.

Harvest Mint Tips

  • Harvest mint leaves when they are not in bloom, in the spring to be precise
  • Harvest mint leaves in the morning
  • Pick young leaves that are still fresh
  • The more you pick it, the more it grows

How to Grow Mint

Why is it necessary to plant mint? The reason is to get the health benefits and enjoyment of each leaf stalk. Why should you plant more? The reason is so that you can harvest more mint leaves, the more plants you have, the more you harvest.

You can plant mint in a pot or in a garden for freer, wider growth. This is a type of cover crop in your garden that you can’t afford to plant.

This plant is a type of plant that likes morning sunshine and likes shade in the afternoon. So, place or plant your mint stalks in a place that is exposed to the morning sun, and shaded in the afternoon. It also likes soil that is well dry and gets the right watering.

Mint often experiences verticillium wilt and rust, this is one of the many disease problems that afflicts mint. The way to treat mint from wilt disease is to cut the infected stems and remove them before winter, as well as the leaves that are affected by the disease.

Mint plants are Easy to Grow

  • For the first time, plant mint in a small pot or container
  • If in the garden or garden, it is great for ground cover
  • Requires morning sun and shade in the afternoon and evening
  • The soil is well drained, and watery enough, and don’t overdo it
  • Dead stems and leaves should be removed before winter

How to Propagate Mint

To plant and reproduce mint plants is very easy. You don’t need to plant the seeds. Cuttings are the best and quick way to propagate mint plants. It is very easy to grow like the mulberry plant.

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If you don’t have a place to collect cuttings, you can buy them at a mint plant nursery. You can soak it in a bottle filled with water until the roots come out. If it has taken root, it’s time for you to plant it in a pot or container.

Where to Grow Mint

Growing mint plants can be in pots or in large areas of land or land next to your house. However, for maximum growth, open land is best. If planting in pots you must pay attention to soil moisture, do not forget to water when the soil is dry, use high quality soil, and do not overwater.

Planting plants on the ground or above ground can be useful as ground cover and weed inhibitors. Mint also functions as a natural mulch that can prevent weeds from growing. I don’t see the mint on the ground as a nuisance, but it is very useful for keeping out noxious grass or weeds.

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Benefits of Mint Leaves as Medicine

Mint leaves are herbs that are useful for health. One of the quickest ways to get its benefits is to brew it as mint tea. Use a few fresh mint leaves and mix it with a teaspoon of dried mint leaves. Brewed with hot water for 5-10 minutes. Then strain and drink ready to enjoy.

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Harvesting Mint Leaves for Tea

Why harvest mint leaves for tea purposes. This is because mint leaves have many health benefits. Among the benefits that you can feel after drinking mint tea regularly are:

– Reducing the risk of bacterial and viral attack in the body

– Relieves indigestion and eliminates gas

– Reduces morning sicknes

– Cure nasal congestion

– Freshens breathing and eliminates bad breath.

– Mint leaves are also useful for repelling pests such as rats, cockroaches, deer, ants and mosquitoes. Mint also contains pulegone, which is an ingredient used in insect repellants.

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– Has a very refreshing and calming aroma. Try to keep the bunches in the house or in the corners of the house, this will encourage and motivate your spirit, as well as useful for refreshing the mind.

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