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How To Eat Guava: Choosing, Washing and Recipes Idea

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How to eat guava – Guava is a tropical fruit that is rich in benefits for human health. This is the best choice for adding guava to your daily diet menu. So, how to eat guava properly? Many people do not yet know how to consume guava, so they look on the internet for how to properly eat guava. This is the reason why we write about how to eat guava, so everyone knows and can enjoy guava properly.

In South America, Central and Mexico, guava fruit is a popular and refreshing food that is loved by many people. Guava fruit has a size of about 3-5 inches with almost the same aroma as a lemon. Guava also consists of many varieties, so the color of the meat inside varies, some are white and even red to deep red. The taste is also different, some are sweet, even slightly sour. Guava is widely used in various herbs, culinary or as a healthy snack everyday.

The many types of guava sometimes makes it difficult for many people to choose fresh and healthy guava for consumption. How to prepare it for consumption properly and how to choose fresh guava in the market. So, in this article we will share how to choose and how to eat guava. Read on until the end because there are many pro tips that we have prepared.

How to Choose the Right Guava

Guava is often used as juice, or added to smoothies or even consumed directly. But before you choose a good guava, you must know how to choose it properly when you go to the market to buy it. Some indications of guava that is ripe and still fresh are its color, size, softness and harvest season.

There are many types of guava, but the most popular are apple guava or Psidium guajava. This includes variants that are meant when people call it Guava. Ok, to choose the right guava, pay attention to the following indications:

  • Color: Guava when beginning has a deep or dark green color, but slowly along with its development, the dark green color will change to light green, this indicates that the guava fruit has begun to ripen, the tinge of yellow and even pink. At this time guava should be harvested or taken from the tree, because if you are late then the taste will be bland.
  • Smell: Way to choose the right guava also relate to smell. When guava starts to cook, then the smell starts to smell slowly. The smell of jambua starts to smell even if you don’t put it on your nose.
  • Texture: Guava if still young and not yet mature, usually the texture is a bit harsh, but if it is ripe, the texture is somewhat like an avocado and if pressed, your fingers are likely to go inside. It’s time to pick from the tree. Hidari is also a guava that bruises or falls from a tree, because it can cause rot quickly. Pay attention to the texture of the skin, don’t break it because this can harm you.
  • Size: Also pay attention to the size of guava, usually the size of 3-6 inches or up to 6 inches.
  • Season: Guava is a tropical plant which means it doesn’t have a special harvest season, guava can bear fruit throughout the year. Then don’t check the season or refer to the season. So, just pay attention to the points we mentioned above, this is enough to provide information to you in choosing a good and fresh guava.

Washing and Cutting Guava

If you already know how to choose guava in a tree or in a market, now is the time for you to bring home the guava you bought. Ok, we will see how to clean it and how to cut the guava properly.

The following are important steps in preparing guava for consumption.

  • Wash the guava as a whole because some people prefer to eat with their skins at the same time, so clean it until you are sure there are no more bacteria attached or powder and pesticides.
  • Then, wipe or pat guava with a tissue to dry, especially if you store it in the refrigerator.
  • You can get rid of the inside that contains the seeds or you can eat the whole thing. But there are also types and variants of guava with no seeds, such as guava crystals, the type can be consumed directly as a whole because there is no inner part that must be set aside.
  • Slice the guava thinly about half an inch or an inch, and you can eat it deliciously.
  • Next, dip the guava slices into soy sauce, salt, or in the caramel you have prepared.

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Guava Recipe Ideas

Below is a list of foods that you can add guava to, this is quite inspiring because many people do not know how to eat guava.

  • You can boil the guava slices until smooth and add them to the cake, salad or dessert.
  • There are also those who choose to make guava juice, then the juice is added to foods such as barbecue sauce and even cocktails.
  • You can also serve guava in different ways, making glazes and marinades are very popular, this is due to the many types of guava that are sweet and delicious.
  • Guava jello is another choice that is very popular among parents. You can also saute guava fruit to make caramel syrup. This homemade syrup is very good as a topping for pancakes and waffles.
  • Others add guava to the meat dish to give it a natural sweet taste.
  • Another way to enjoy guava is to make guava jam or jelly from guava with a few simple steps, you can learn it on youtube.

This is how to eat guava, starting from how to choose guava fruit in a tree, the market, clean it, and make preparations to enjoy the delicious guava. We have also included some recipes from guava, hopefully it will inspire you and your family.

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