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How to Dry Mint Leaves | Step by Step to Do

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How to Dry Mint Leaves – Mint leaves have many uses and benefits both for health and for culinary purposes. If you get a lot of mint leaves, and it’s not possible to spend them on a single use, you can dry them out for future use. Drying mint leaves is one of the best ways to store them and you can use them either in culinary or in drinks. Dried mint leaves are a constant ingredient in recipes for Turkish and Azerbaijan dishes.

If the leaves are fresh, you can use them as a topping on soup or use them in salads. Mint leaves can also be used as an ingredient in making meatballs and meat. Or you can also add mint leaves to black tea. Apart from providing many health benefits, black tea also provides the freshness and fragrance of mint leaves. So, it makes sense to add a little dry mint leaves in a variety of drinks and dishes.

Leaves that provide freshness can always be an additional ingredient in cooking. Now, with so many mint leaves in my yard, I always harvest a large quantity of mint leaves and store them after drying. This dry mint leaves will always be a potion for each of your dishes, as well as drinks. Not only does it provide freshness, but mint leaves are also full of health benefits. The important thing we have to do when getting mint leaves is to dry them so we can use them for a longer period.

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How to Dry Mint Leaves

How to Dry Mint Leaves
How to Dry Mint Leaves

For drying mint leaves is very easy. You can use several methods for drying mint leaves. Between: You can use the oven and set it at low temperature, these leaves will dry slowly. In Azerbaijan, mint leaves are dried by placing them on a kitchen towel. Anyway, you can use any method that can deliver your fresh mint leaves to dry so they last longer.

What you have to remember is not to dry the mint leaves directly in the sun as this can cause the mint leaves to turn black before they even dry.

Here’s how to dry mint leaves with a simple recipe. Please follow, hope it is useful.


Provide mint leaves, you can provide peppermint or spearmint leaves. The more leaves the better because the mint leaves will shrink a lot when dried later.


1. If you harvest the mint leaves from the stems in your garden yourself. You should cut the mint stalks off and leave 1/3 of the ground. This will encourage the mint plant to release new leaves again. So, don’t uproot it. Then shake the mint stalks so that if there are insects lurking on the leaves, they may fall.

2. Tips for leaves bought or harvested in the garden (applies to both). Take the mint leaves and put them in a bowl, pour the water and shake the mint leaves in the water so that all foreign objects fall off and the mint leaves are clean. If the mint leaves are clean, then wash them again in running water to make sure your mint leaves are clean and pure.

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3. Then, dry the mint leaves and remove the moisture. You can place the mint leaves on a towel or paper towel to remove the water, then let dry at room temperature for a few hours.

4. If the mint leaves have dried completely, now remove the leaves from the stems by holding them at the ends of the stems and pulling your fingers down the stems so that all the mint leaves are removed. The hard stems are separated, you can use the hard stems to put in your tea water.

While the small stalk of mint or the tip of the stem you can leave it as is.

5. The next step in drying mint leaves is to spread the mint leaves on a paper towel and let them dry completely for 5 days at room temperature, or as long as the leaves are completely dry and completely crisp. So don’t dry the mint leaves in direct sunlight as this can cause the mint leaves to blacken before they dry.

6. If the mint leaves are perfectly dry, now is the time for you to store them in an airtight jar, and away from direct sunlight. This way the mint leaves will retain their aroma longer, you can keep the leaves intact or crush them like a powder. Can also knead until smooth when you are going to use it.

That’s the procedure for drying mint leaves, it’s very easy. You can dry a large quantity to store for long periods of use. Good luck!

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