How I Took My Health And Wellness Regimen

How I Took My Health And Wellness Regimen to The Next Level

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It is incredibly important to stay on top of one’s health and wellness and I have been obsessed with the idea for as long as I can remember. There is nothing I love more than gulping down a healthy meal and going for a run, but I’ve always felt that there was something I was missing. That is, until I discovered the power of CBD edibles!

I thought I knew every trick in the book to keep my body functioning at its peak potential, but when I discovered CBD edibles, it quickly changed my life forever. Life is a journey, and we all have our own paths of discovery. The way in which you discover the important and beautiful parts of your life has a large impact on how you treat them. Because my personal discovery of CBD was such an impactful part of my life, I will share with you my story, in hopes that it inspires you to find your own passion for this remarkable compound.

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The pursuit of a healthy life

Ever since I was a young lady I have been obsessed with being as fit as I can possibly be. This wasn’t an unhealthy obsession. I didn’t care about the way I looked, though it was an added bonus, I cared about my body functioning at its peak potential. I wanted to be as fit as an olympic athlete without any desire to compete or play sports. I just wanted to be the absolute best that I could be, whatever that was.

I picked up running and became interested in maintaining my health and wellness through dietary practices. Eat well, run hard, feel good was my motto. And I lived it every day. Highschool started promptly at 8am for me, so I would wake up at 4am and run 15 miles every morning. Insane? A little bit. My step mother would always make comments expressing her concern for my long-term physical well-being. This didn’t affect my decisions in the least because I was certain that she was just jelly of my bangin bod.

Eventually, I realized that Margaret wasn’t jealous of my sweet bod, she was genuinely concerned for my knees and my back. She would always tell me that running 15 miles a day, 7 days a week was not only weirdly obsessive, but it was dangerous. One morning, I was feeling great on my run and had plenty of extra time before school so I decided to push it to 20 miles. This was a terrible mistake and was the start of a series of events that changed my life forever.

The trials of the human experience

Being a human is pretty sweet, but it isn’t always easy. I was in love with my running regimen and it was truly my passion, but passions are often luxuries and can be as fragile and fleeting as a snowflake. I was a snowflake, fragile and blowing wherever the wind took me. I felt strong, but my fragility had caught up with me. Around mile 19 that fateful morning, fatigue got the best of me. I wasn’t paying close attention to every stride and a simple misstep led to disaster.

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I had tripped on a rock. Sounds simple and fairly harmless, and normally that is the case. Not this morning. I stepped with the entirety of my body weight on a round rock. As pressure increased on the rock, I felt it roll to the side. My foot impacted the ground so hard that my shin bone broke in half and shot through my calf muscle and then through my skin. I had a huge white, bloody mess of a bone sticking out of the left side of my yoga pants.

Needless to say, the pain was excruciating. I let out a yell but When you are trail running in remote locations, there is often no one to hear you or help you and things can get dangerous fast. My only option was to drag myself back down the remaining mile that happened to be the steepest part of my run and descend 1,200ft in elevation. At first glance I thought it would be impossible, but I put my big-girl hat on and got to it.

Anxiety and the pursuit of dreams

My obsessive dream of being the ultimate portrait of fitness was shattered that day along with my shin bone. My anxiety levels shot through the roof during recovery, and now the only way to stay on top of my health and wellness is to maintain a healthy diet. “Boring”, I thought, but it didn’t have to be.

My friend Jeremy came over and brought his cat named Goldfish in an attempt to cheer me up. But goldfish the cat wasn’t all he brought! Jeremy was already a full-blown CBD enthusiast and had brought me some tasty CBD edibles to try as well. It was love at first bite. Since then, I use CBD multiple times a day as my main method of staying on top of my health and wellness. It’s a much healthier, much more delicious obsession than running 15 miles a day!

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