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11 Top Benefits Of Honeysuckle Essential Oil and Side Effects

Benefits Of Honeysuckle Essential Oil

Essential oils are one of the most widely used treatment tools. One of the essential oils that contains healing properties is the essential oil of honeysuckle. Among the advantages of honeysuckle is cure headaches, detoxify the body, balance blood sugar levels, strengthen hair, protect the skin, reduce inflammation, and as aromatherapy such as scent rooms, and as ingredients for beauty products.

If the use of honeysuckle essential oil is inappropriate, it is known to have potential side effects such as low blood sugar, skin irritation and photosensitivity.

What is Honeysuckle Essential Oil

Honeysuckle is an essential oil obtained from the flowers of the honeysuckle plant. This oil has been used in the world of Chinese medicine since 1400 ago. Oil is known to contain antioxidants and high volatile acids that provide good effects for health.

Honeysuckle plants are divided into more than 200 types, but generally they contain the same substances and ingredients so that they can be extracted to produce honeysuckle essential oils. Even so, there are three types of the most famous in making essential oils. The three are blue honeysuckle, European honeysuckle and Japanese honeysuckle. Various health benefits of honeysuckle are obtained thanks to the presence of vitamin C, quercetin, and potassium as well as antioxidants. Next, we will see what are the health benefits of honeysuckle essential oil.

Honeysuckle Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

For those of you who experience problems with inflammation, hair loss, branching hair, it is highly recommended to use essential oils honeysuckle. In addition to these health problems, there are also other health problems that are quite recommended to use essential oils for honeysuckle because they can provide healing. Among these diseases are wrinkles, diabetes, headaches, chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, and stress. Below we see what are the health benefits of Honeysuckle essential oil.

1. Chronic Pain Relieves

Honeysuckle oil is famous as an analgesic in the world of Chinese medicine. Whether it is to relieve chronic diseases, injuries, surgery, etc., honeysuckle oil can provide great benefits in relieving pain. How to treat it can be by bathing (using in bath water) or by inhaling, this can both alleviate pain.

2. Antioxidant Properties

Honeysuckle essential oil is rich in antioxidants so that its benefits are known to reduce oxidative stress and reduce free radicals in the body which all have an impact on delaying aging. Therefore, using honeysuckle oil on the skin is good for preventing wrinkles, spots due to aging and encouraging the growth of new cells so that they look like teenagers.

3. Control diabetes

One of the great benefits of honeysuckle oil is that it stops the development of diabetic nephropathy. Honeysuckle oil contains a substance called chrologenic acid, a component that is useful as an anti-diabetic. A study published in the journal “Phytotherapy Research” states that honeysuckle flowers can reduce the effect of type 2 diabetes in mice.

4. Cure headaches

Furthermore, the health benefits of honeysuckle essential oil are to relieve headaches. This is thanks to the anti-inflammation in honeysuckle. To get these benefits you can inhale the scent or use it as a face steamer.

5. Hair Care

Honeysuckle oil is also useful as a natural remedy for hair care. Branched, brittle, fragile hair can be treated with honeysuckle oil which is rich in rejuvenating compounds. You can add honeysuckle oil to the shampoo and rub on the hair and scalp to get healthy hair and scalp free of dandruff.

6. Skin Care

The benefits of honeysuckle essential oil are also good for preventing skin inflammation, removing freckles or skin spots, cleaning pores to eliminate acne and being able to reduce the risk of eczema and various other forms of inflammation including psoriasis.

Honeysuckle oil is also quite good as a cure for other skin problems such as burning, infections, scratches, other diseases caused by bacteria.

7. Healthy digestion

Honeysuckle can attack bacteria and viruses in the body so that it serves to improve intestinal health. That is, honeysuckle essential oil can eliminate bloating, digestive disorders, constipation, eliminate stomach cramps, and nourish the intestine so that it is maximum in absorbing various nutrients from food.

8. Refresh the breath

Honeysuckle essential oil contains antibacterial which is good for cleaning mouth and refreshing breath. You can add a few drops of honeysuckle oil into mouthwash. This will eliminate bacteria, and help clear the breath. But you must be careful not to swallow this oil because it can interfere with digestion.

9. Releases Stress

The benefits of honeysuckle oil also relieve stress. You can add a few drops of this oil into the bath and then see the aroma. The aroma will dominate the room so as to provide calm and improve mood. Provides a relaxed atmosphere and clear mind and relieve stress.

10. Room Cleaner

Furthermore, the benefits of honeysuckle essential oil is to clean the room. This oil if sprayed indoors not only gives fragrance to the room but can also eliminate pathogens and bacteria in the air. Then, you can add a few drops of honeysuckle essential oil to a cloth to maximize the cleaning of dust and bacteria present.

11. Massage Eliminates Toxins

The extraordinary benefits of honeysuckle essential oil are as drops that can be added to massage oil. This oil will provide a warm effect during massage, relax muscles, and increase blood flow to the surface of the skin so it is good for healing. Rapid and heavy blood flow to the surface of the skin can accelerate wound healing, and eliminate toxins that are locked between muscles.

Those are some of the benefits of honeysuckle essential oils for health. Hopefully this article can provide benefits and additional information for readers. Check out our other latest articles.

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