What Enema Is? The Benefits, Types, and Concerns

Benefits of enemas

What is an enema? An enema is an injection of rectal fluid with the aim of cleaning and stimulating emptying of the intestine. Enemas have been used in medicine for thousands of years, especially in treating chronic constipation. Also used on someone who is going to undergo certain medical tests and surgeries. The enema is … Read more

6 Useful Spices for Fighting Inflammation

Useful Spices for Fighting Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s way of fighting various damages within it. However, sometimes the inflammation that occurs can last longer and be more severe than necessary. Research says that chronic inflammation like this is linked to diseases like diabetes and cancer. Our daily diet can determine the health of our bodies. All the food we … Read more

Star of Bethlehem Facts and Health Benefits

The Star of Bethlehem is scientifically known as the Ornithogalum umbellatum. This plant is also known as the Sleepy dick. This is a plant in the Liliaceae family, it has something to do with garlic and onions. Star of bethlehem is native to northwest Africa (i.e. Algeria and Morocco), also includes plants that are well … Read more

15+ Bamboo Leaves Health Benefits and Side Effects

Bamboo Leaves Health Benefits and Side Effects

Bamboo is a magical plant from Asia, it is said to be a perennial plant and is in the grass family. Bamboo has a strong tree structure, high straight and this causes this plant to be a very profitable plant on earth. Asians usually use bamboo as material for making houses, fences and other buildings. … Read more