Health Benefits of Alkanet Root

12 Best Health Benefits of Alkanet Root

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Alkanet root, this is better known as alkana and has several similar names such as dyer’s bugloss or hoary puccoon. This is an herbal plant that has many health benefits, especially the roots. Alkanet roots are large and thick, red in color and usually these roots are cut into pieces to take their benefits for human health.

The leaves are hairy like bugloss leaves. Alkanet root has the Latin name Alkanna Tinctoria, this plant comes from the Mediterranean and belongs to the Boraginaceae family. Most local people use alkanet root as a cosmetic to give it a red color. It is usually used as a soap or as a lip balm.

Are you still curious about alkanet roots? If you want to know more about alkanet roots, keep reading this article because we will explain about the benefits of alkanet roots for health. This plant is included in the type of plant that is invasive and can survive in a temperate environment. It can grow and invade in pine forests or in or on grass. Here we will elaborate further on the health benefits of alkanet root.

Nutrient Content of Alkanet Root

Alkanet root is not only beneficial for health, it also has benefits for beauty and for cosmetic ingredients. The roots of this plant have many herbal functions and benefits in overcoming various disease disorders. The roots contain essential oils and contain tannins. More than that, alkanet root contains nutrients and substances that are useful for health. Among these ingredients are as mentioned by the following World Herbal Journal.

  • Cynidin
  • Delphinine
  • Anthocyanins
  • Malvidun
  • Quercetin
  • Kaemperol
  • Pelargonidine
  • Mineral
  • diuretic
  • Anti-biotic
  • Vitamin

Traditional Mediterranean communities believe that the roots of this plant can cure many diseases such as: skin allergies, itching, flu, vomiting, and others. This plant contains many benefits such as anti-biotic, anti-bacterial, diuretic, and anti-inflammatory.

So, the benefits are great for us, so it is very important that we know and can use it in everyday life.

We will explain at least 15 health benefits of alkanet root, so read on until the end because there is a lot of knowledge that you can take.

Health Benefits of Alkanet Root

1. Treat headaches

Alkanet root contains anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the blood circulation mode either fast or slow, and this is usually the cause of headaches. If the blood flow is smooth then the headache will go away. The anti-inflammatory content of alkanet root will be very useful for curing headaches such as migraines.,

2. As an anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory properties of this plant are useful for bones, and muscles due to inflammation. Inflammation can cause various diseases, by simply smearing the oil from alkanet root, various health problems can be treated.

3. Treating fear

One of the health benefits of alkanet root is that it protects the skin from various infections. Among the benefits of alkanet root is to heal burns, because it has the ability to absorb heat from the skin. This causes alkanet root to act as a sunblock and cure sunburn.

4. Fever Incline

Furthermore, alkanet’s health benefits are curing incline fever, this is due to the cooling properties of its roots. This cold nature is the same as that obtained from Ayurvedic medicine.

Not only that, but alkanet root can also sweat so that it accelerates the healing of fever.

5. Maintain healthy skin

Alkanet root contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial and this is very extraordinary to protect your body’s important organs especially to protect your skin.

The skin has the potential to be attacked by foreign objects in the form of viruses and bacteria that cause various diseases including aging and wrinkles. By applying alkanet root oil, it can help you take care of your skin, and reduce the effects of aging and wrinkles.

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6. Cure sleep disorders

Another health benefit of alkanet root is as a natural remedy for curing sleep disorders.

Alkanet root contains essential oils that are of great benefit in overcoming sleep disorders and chronic worries. Before going to bed, use alkanet root essential oil along the bottom of the nose, head, then you will be able to sleep soundly, relaxed and soundly. Do it regularly every time you want to sleep so that your sleep is comfortable and free from sleep disturbances including insomnia.

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7. Hair care

Alkanet root is proven to be effective in strengthening hair roots, it can also be useful as a natural hair dye that is safe for health. Extracts from the roots of the alkanet plant are very useful ingredients to cover hair cuticles, prevent hair loss and eliminate baldness.

8. Control blood pressure

The next benefit is to prevent high blood pressure. Alkanet root has a hypo-tensive effect, it can reduce stress on the cardiovascular system and is quite good for lowering high blood pressure.

This root can also prevent bubonic plague, heart attacks, and reduce the risk of stroke.

9. Maintain heart health

Alkanet root has great benefits in maintaining heart health. The way to make the concoction is to soak the alkanet root in water, and then extract the essence to drink. Well, by drinking alkanet root extract, it can remove toxins from the body, and can optimize heart function in blood absorption.

10. Great for nail care

Furthermore, alkanet root also functions as a natural ingredient in the treatment of cracked nails, inflammation and others. To treat this damage to the nails, we must be diligent in smearing the essential oil from the alkanet root on the nails, this will relieve pain, infection and soreness so that the nails will heal slowly.

11. Reducing aches and pains

Aches and pains from rheumatism can be cured with this root as well. One of the things that happens is abdominal pain when a woman is menstruating or known as dysmenorrhea. Well, when a woman experiences dysmenorrhea, she will feel a very painful stomachache so she can’t do anything.

So, the anti-inflammatory effect of alkanet root can overcome the pain, it can cure the pain and cure this condition.

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12. Cure rheumatism

Rheumatism attacks the muscles and nerves and then causes pain and soreness. Applying essential oil from alkanet continuously can eliminate and cure rheumatism. Apply oil from alkanet root regularly around the affected area, you can also regularly consume the wood powder.

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