How to Grow Orchids

How to Grow Orchids and Care This Plants Indoors

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How to grow orchids – Orchid is the most popular ornamental plant. Planting orchids are not as difficult as imagined, provided the good conditions and use a good place. Caring for orchids is also easy to do, if you have trouble treating orchids, read on this article, we will show you how to care for this beautiful plant.

Look, How Do I Care Orchids

We will learn how to care for orchids in the room after learning how to plant them. Orchid has many varieties and colors are also colorful. This flower can enhance the accent in the arrangement of the room. However, to be able to grow beautiful and fertile, orchid plants need proper care. This treatment certainly does not include good lighting, good room temperature, and humidity.

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How to Grow Orchid, See the Tips

Orchid plants need moisture in dry conditions. To get this condition there are several media that can be used in planting orchids. You can use redwood, peat moss, fir, stone, charcoal, potting soil, sand, cork etc. This is all the right planting medium for orchids. Apart from using the media, there are basic ingredients that you must use such as pearlite sand, pine bark, and moss spaghetti. How much bark is used? This depends on the type of orchid you are using.

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For example, phalaenopsis orchids both use rough skin, cattleyas orchids both use bark medium, and young orchid should be planted on fine bark. Orchid needs shallow planting media, so you don’t need to bury it deeply. You can place it in a window but keep it out of direct light. Orchid plants like sunlight but do not directly hit it.

If your herbal plants lack sunlight, the flowers will be ugly and not beautiful. However, if exposed to direct sunlight, the leaves of the orchid will burn and burn.

Suhu, this is a concern in the care of orchid. Orchids need cold temperatures in normal seasons and normal temperatures during winter. The temperature at night must be cooler than the temperature in the daytime, this is important for optimal flowering.

How to Care Orchid Indoor?

Orchid is a plant that needs a lot of water but it must always be dry. One of the best ways, when you want to flush, is to prick your finger into the orchid growing media. If it’s still wet, you don’t water it. But if the planting media is dry, you must confirm it immediately.

Not only orchids outside the room that need moisture but also orchid plants indoors. To increase humidity there are several ways that can be traveled. Among them, you can place a plate filled with water under the plants or use air humidifier.

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Give fertilizer regularly every week or every two weeks, especially when the orchids are still small. When it starts big, you can reduce the interval on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. If your orchid go dormant, keep fertilizing.

The next way to treat orchids is to do repotting, this is usually done every year. If your orchid plants suddenly stop blooming even though there is good light, temperature, humidity, then you need to do repotting, who knows this can help your plants.

Another thing that must be considered in orchids is pests. Sometimes, orchids are attacked by white flowers, aphids, and scales. To get rid of this disease you can wash the leaves of orchids using insecticide soap.

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