Green Tea Shot Recipe

Green Tea Shot Recipe

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One extraordinary drink is a green tea shot. This is a cocktail made from James whiskey, sour mix, peach schnapps and sprites. At first glance the color green like green tea. Though this is not the green tea that you imagine.

If you want to try making this drink from home, it’s very simple and easy to prepare at home. Immediately, we pay attention below.

What Is Green Tea Shot

Maybe when you hear “Green tea shot” you think this is a natural green tea drink. No, this is a cocktail drink made from whiskey jameson whose color is similar to the color of green tea. The resulting flavor is a fruit flavor not the taste of green tea and this includes a popular drink for summer.

This green tea shot is made from one part of Jameson whiskey combined with two parts of peach schnapps, plus sour mix and sprite. You will find the taste of peaches in this drink, this is what makes many people like this drink even those who don’t like alcoholic drinks.

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The best way to serve this Green tea shot is to combine all the ingredients and shake them properly and slowly. Serve with “mint leaves” and lime decorations.

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