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Top 5 Green Onion Substitutes

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You must often use green onion in many dishes, because green onion provides a special flavor in cooking. To get a green onion replacement is very easy. Especially vegetables that are closely related to green onion. If you know a substitute for green onion, then make sure your cooking will always be tasty and delicious and you don’t need to be afraid anymore in cooking.

Green Onion Substitutes

What is Green Onion? These are light green onions with small green sprigs and small bulbs. Green onions are often used in cooking as a topping and this is more delicious compared to fully cooked onions. Crispy and refreshing taste is given by green onions as in soup and casseroles cooking.

Green onions can be found in many spice shops or vegetable shops. sometimes the green onion is labeled with “scallions or spring onions”. But if you do not manage to get green onions, there are some substitutes for green onions that you can bring home. Among them are chives, ramps, leeks, onions and shallots that can make your dishes stay tasty and tasty.

Best Green Onion Substitute

1. Leeks

Just from the physical, Leeks looks very much the same as the green onion. However, leeks have wider stems such as leaves. The taste is also similar to green onion, but you don’t need to add too much because it will give a stronger flavor than the flavor of the onion completely.

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2. Chives

Green onions are also used in garnishes and in raw dishes. For this, you can use fresh chives to replace the green onion. Chives are thin and small like green onions, but chives without a white bulb section.

Chives aren’t as crispy as green onions, but they taste very similar so we can use them instead of green onions. But in its use, please use fresh chives instead of dried chives, because the taste of dried leaves is very different from fresh ones.

3. Ramps

The ramps are wild leeks that are usually sold in the spring. Ramps are grown throughout Europe, Asia, the eastern United States, Canada, and ramps are considered a delicacy. The taste is very strong, so in its use it should not be excessive, just use it because it has a very strong taste.

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4. Onions

Furthermore, the substitute for green onion is white or yellow onion, this can be the last replacement you can use. If you use it as a substitute then chop it gently, and use it carefully.

Shallots are sweeter, and softer. If you use green onion as a taco or salsa garnish, maybe onions are the best substitute for green onions.

5. Shallots

Shallots is another good choice to replace green onion, it tastes medium and is rather sweet. When replacing green onions, a small amount of shallots can give a sensation similar to green onions. However, shallots should only be used on cooked food dishes, do not use on raw foods because the taste can sting.

That’s 5 substitutes for shallots that you can consider. So, when you run out of green onions or no stock, you only need one of the replacements above. Likewise, if you cannot consume green onions, you can use one of the best substitutes for green onions.

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