Best Ghee Substitutes

8 Best Ghee Substitutes in Your Cooking

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What is ghee? This is samin oil which is made by boiling butter and then removing the residue, it can be said that ghee is made up of mostly fat. In Indian cuisine, especially ayurvedic cuisine and medicine, ghee is very often used. So, if you cook Indian cuisine, ghee is one of the compositions that appears very often.

If you don’t have ghee stock in your kitchen, then you should look for a substitute for ghee that can taste almost the same as ghee. Below we will mention a replacement for ghee that is suitable for you to use.

Best Ghee Substitute

The best substitute for ghee is butter, but besides that you can also use other ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, sesame, sunflower seed oil, and soybean oil. Everything is pretty good and can replace the ghee you need in your cooking.

1. Clarified Butter

Ghee is a kind of butter but it has been increased its spicy taste. If you don’t have ghee in the kitchen you can try replacing it with olive oil and adding butter to it.

2. Olive Oil

When cooking, instead of ghee you can also use olive oil, even this is a good choice for your cooking. Olive oil can give a good taste to any of your dishes, especially stir-fried dishes that you make or roast.

3. Butter

Butter in general has a slightly salty flavor and this is perfect as a substitute for ghee in your food. After adding ghee to your food, add olive oil to prevent the brown color in cooking.

4. Coconut Oil

Next, substitute for ghee is coconut oil. Usually when making grilled dishes, you usually add ghee to get a taste. But if ghee is not available, you can use ghee substitute, this is coconut oil which will give ghee a distinctive flavor to your roasted food. If you don’t have coconut oil, just use the substitute for coconut oil that is famous for cooking.

5. Soybean Oil

Best Ghee Substitutes for cooking

Soybean oil is also a substitute for ghee when you make mayonnaise, it will give a distinctive taste and add value to your healthy food. So, soybean oil can be another alternative to replace ghee.

6. Canola Oil

Canola oil functions like coconut oil, it is very well used in various dishes such as for baking, making bread, frying, sauteing vegetables, or in curry dishes.

It’s also very good to replace ghee, if you use ghee in cooking, when you run out of ghee stock, you can use canola oil instead. This oil is used in the same amount as canola oil.

7. Sunflower Oil

If you are short of ghee, you can use sun seed oil instead of ghee that you like. Sunflower oil is sometimes also used in salads to taste.

8. Sesame Oil

Finally, food that can replace ghee is sesame oil. Sesame is a fragrant vegetable oil that is often used to replace ghee when sprinkled on food or dressing on food. You can also use sesame oil in frying various foods.

Thus 8 substitutes for ghee are popular and easily available. Now if you run out of ghee, hopefully you know what you have to do. Just use one of the best substitutes for ghee above, so your food is not much different from foods that use ghee.

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