How to Grow Coffee from Seeds in Pot, and How to Care

How to Grow Coffee in pot from Seeds

Want to grow coffee at home in a pot? Don’t worry, this isn’t as difficult as you might think. Learn everything about how to grow coffee from seeds in pots in your home, and also will tell you how to care it. In this article, we provide information about how to grow Arabica coffee, high-quality … Read more

How to Grow Orchids and Care This Plants Indoors

How to Grow Orchids

How to grow orchids – Orchid is the most popular ornamental plant. Planting orchids are not as difficult as imagined, provided the good conditions and use a good place. Caring for orchids is also easy to do, if you have trouble treating orchids, read on this article, we will show you how to care for … Read more

How to Grow Alfalfa – Tip for Planting, Harvest and Pests

way on how to grow alfalfa plant for animal feed

How to grow alfalfa – Alfalfa is a shrub plant like raspberry bushes, but alfalfa usually used for animal feed and becomes a cover plant or mulch plant for other plants that serves to maintain soil moisture. This is a winter plant that is very useful for soil improvement. To these benefits, alfalfa plants have … Read more

Hydrangea Tree: Learn About Growing Hydrangea Trees

Hydrangea Tree

Did you know what a hydrangea tree is? This is a type of flowering plant that has small and shrub shaped, in Latin called Hydrangea paniculata. Hydrangeas generally grow low with branches that are close to the ground like the Split-Leaf Philodendron. If you are interested in this bush and want to grow it, follow … Read more

About Japanese Holly – How to Grow, Pests and Disease

How to grow Japanese Holly

Do you need shrub plants that can be a fence or to be planted on a fence. If so, then Japanese holly is the best choice. This plant with small green leaves with shiny green is perfect as a shrub that adorns the fence because it grows like a fence. Besides being beautiful, Japanese holly … Read more