Top 10 Amazing Foods for Health

Top 10 Amazing Foods for Health, Include it in Your Daily Diet

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Food is a source of energy, a source of human health. What we eat will show how healthy we are today. That is why we must be careful in choosing food for daily consumption. Some foods are healthy and some are unhealthy. Healthy food is food that nourishes the body, provides a positive value for our health. While unhealthy foods are foods that can have a bad effect on our health.

So, by knowing what healthy foods are, we can choose them for daily consumption. Here are some healthy foods that you should make as a daily diet.

1. Water

Water is a primary human need, so drink 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. The body’s metabolism will stall when our body does not have a lot of water. Our body is made up mostly of water, which is why a lack of it can make the body difficult and suffering.

2. Dark Green Vegetables

In addition to water, also consume green vegetables. Green vegetables are a type of food that is rich in nutrients for the body. So, consume these foods at least 3 to 4 times a week.

Among the green vegetables that are good to add to the daily diet are broccoli, peppers, Brussels sprouts, and vegetables such as spinach and kale.

3. Whole Grains

Grains also include healthy foods that are rich in fiber and various other nutrients. Eat grains every day, you should eat a variety of grains to get rich nutrients.

You can eat whole grains such as rye, oatmeal, quinoa, multigrain, or whole grains. Good sources of fiber are foods that contain at least 5 grams of fiber in one serving. Fiber is an important nutrient that has an effect on cleansing the intestines, removing toxins and preventing constipation.

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4. Beans and Lentils

Also eat peanut-based foods, nuts are also a source of important nutrients for the body. That’s why we also need to eat foods with peanut-based ingredients at least once a week. You can add lentils to soups, stews, salads, sauces, or you can eat beans and lentils straight.

5. Fish

Fish is a source of nutrients that support development and growth. Fish is also a source of healthy fatty acids, but you also have to be good at choosing healthy and nutrient-rich fish.

Among the healthy fish are salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, troat, you can serve fish with a variety of dishes and recipes.

6. Berries

This is a group of fruits that are rich in nutrients, especially rich in antioxidants. As people who maintain a healthy diet, we certainly have to balance the sources of nutrition. You can eat blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. They are a group of berries known for their antioxidant content.

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7. Winter Squash

Orange vegetables are also a source of nutrients that must be considered. You can eat butternuts, acorn squash, or other orange-pigmented vegetables such as melons, sweet potatoes, and mangoes.

8. Soy

A low-fat diet recommends meeting a protein intake of at least 25 grams. You can get this protein from consuming soy. This will provide benefits in lowering cholesterol.

Soy foods also have the same nutritional content, so you can eat tempeh, tofu, edamame, and other textured vegetable protein (TVP).

9. Flaxseed, Nuts and Seeds

Flaxseeds and other nuts and seeds are a storehouse of other nutrients for maintaining a healthy life. You can consume 1 to 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds daily, you can also consume them with 1/4 cup of nuts in your diet.

It is also a fiber rich food which is very important in maintaining digestive health.

10. Organic Yogurt

Yogurt is another healthy food that is important to consume in maintaining a healthy body. Men and women with an age range of 19-50 years need 1000 calcium every day. However, if the age is over 50 years, then the need for calcium increases. You must meet your daily calcium requirement of 1200 mg per day.

Calcium-rich foods are foods such as milk, yogurt, but pay attention to organic ones. If you choose healthy yogurt in the store, then pay attention to the label, make sure that you only choose organic yogurt.

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