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8 Best Cottage Cheese Substitutes

Cottage Cheese Substitutes

Do you often use Cheese Cottage in food. What if it runs out of stock? Don’t worry because there are many Cheese Cottage substitutes that you can use.

In this article we will share with you some of the Cottage Cheese replacements, so that when you run out of stock you don’t panic and can still make your favorite food.

Substitute Cottage Cheese

the best substitute for Cottage Cheese is unsweetened yogurt, mashed tofu, fat-free meat, egg whites, ricotta cheese part-skim, and reduced-fat hard cheese. Next we look at the explanation one by one.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the ingredients that has a sour taste and is good as a substitute for cottage cheese, even in certain cases you can use mayonnaise instead of cottage cheese. If you use sour cream, you don’t need to use vinegar or lemon in your recipe because there is enough sour taste.

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2. Part-skim Ricotta Cheese

Part-skim Ricotta Cheese

Talking about the texture and nutritional content, ricotta cheese is high in fat. But it is best used as a substitute for cottage cheese, so you can use it instead of Ricotta.

But the thing that you should pay attention to is if you are on a diet to limit fat or lose weight, because ricotta cheese is high in fat, then this is not good for you to use instead of cottage cheese.

3. Egg Whites

If you look at the protein content, then the most appropriate substitute for cottage cheese is wgg white. Egg white can be a pretty similar substitute in this case. This is good news for you who often consume cottage cheese as a source of protein, because some people eat cottages to get high protein values.

If this is the case, then egg white is a suitable substitute for you.

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4. Fish

The fish is a source of protein that cannot be rejected. Fish like salmon, tuna, are an extraordinary source of your protein. You can make tuna salad sandwiches, or salmon fillets, so just use this fish instead of cottage cheese.

Cottage Cheese Substitutes

5. Mashed Tofu

Mashed tofu is also often a substitute for cottage cheese, especially if you want to get the same protein value. In fact, know if it is mashed, it will look like cottage cheese in terms of shape. So, mashed tofu is suitable as a substitute for cottage cheese that you normally use.

6. Poultry

Poultry is another ingredient that can replace your cottage cheese. High protein content in poultry, especially chicken breast is a good thing to meet your protein source throughout your day.

7. Lean Meat

Furthermore, a food source that can be a substitute for cottage cheese is lean meat. Turkish chicken sandwich is able to meet the nutritional value of protein as produced by cottage cheese. So, poultry such as turkey is the perfect substitute for your cheese.

8. Reduced-fat Hard Cheese

Next, the substitute for cottage cheese is Reduced-fat Hard Cheese. When viewed from the protein side, this is more or less worth compared to cottage cheese, but Reduced-fat Hard Cheese
contain lower calories or the same as the calorie content in cottage cheese.

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So we use cottage cheese if we look at low calories, then you can replace it with Reduced-fat Hard Cheese.

Thus some food sources that are high in protein and low in calories that you can make as a substitute for cottage cheese when you run out of cottage cheese stock. Hopefully this article inspires and adds knowledge.