Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits

Top 10 Powerful Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits

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Copaiba Essential Oil is an essential oil in the world of health, there are many health problems that can be handled with this essential oil. Among the health benefits of Copaiba Oil are reducing pain, inflammation, preventing infections, headaches, preventing fungus, good for respiratory health, healing the skin, maintaining healthy hair, tightening the skin, and can lower blood pressure.

Before we look more at the benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil, let us first know what Copaiba Essential Oil is.

What is Copaiba Essential Oil

This is a refined oil from oleoresin called copaiba. This resin is the result of a tree that grows in South America in the genus Copaifera L. genus.

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This resin can change its color depending on how much of the essential oil it contains. This oil must have a pale yellow color and the taste must be bitter. The oil produced from this distillation is also called copaiba balsam oil.

We need to know that copaiba is a very high anti-inflammatory substance on this earth. Some people use it as a varnish. The use of essential oils as medicine in the traditional world is very wide even almost all over the world, they know if these essential oils are beneficial for health.

This oil consists of active components, these components are very strong like terpenes. This is a hydrocarbon compound that can have an effect on the body. If you use too much, it can cause digestive problems. This oil is very easy to use and does not provide many negative effects, it rarely shows allergies to its users. We can use it topically or spray it in the room as aromatherapy. Ok, below we see what are the health benefits of this copaiba oil. Hope it is useful for all.

Health Benefits of Copaiba Essential oil

Copaiba essential oil has many uses and benefits in improving bodily functions. Let’s look in more detail about the benefits of using this essential oil.

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1. Copaiba Oil Reduces Pain

Copaiba is an essential oil that is very effective for health and has been used for several generations as a traditional medicine. Based on a study, people who experience joint problems such as pain and inflammation, after using this oil they say get amazing results.

Based on research, this oil is very useful for joint problems, either used topically or used as aromatherapy. He will provide comfort, relax the muscles and relieve aches and pains.

2. Relieves Congestion

For those who have respiratory or congestive problems, copaiba essential oil is also very useful. The benefits will be obtained when we inhale copaiba essential oil, this anti-inflammatory oil will provide comfort, loosen muscles, tense glands, however, research in humans must be continued so that we can know the real benefits of this oil to humans.

3. Copaiba Essential Oil to Prevents Infection

Copaiba oil contains anti-bacterial properties which make a person immune to disease. So this oil is very good utilized as a shield that can fortify us from the arrival of disease.

The use of this oil in aromatherapy is also very influential on the bacteria in the body. In 2019, there was a study published in the journal titled “Ethnopharmacology”, here it was said that copaiba essential oil was useful for urinary tract infections.

4. Copaiba Essential Oil Improves Mood

One of the health benefits of copaiba oil is that it is a natural remedy to improve morale and mood. Copaiba has a sweet and pleasant aroma when it enters the body through the air. This oil can increase the body’s hormones so the benefits are felt in improving mood.

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5. Diuretic in Nature

Copaiba essential oil is a natural diuretic that can cleanse the body and improve the system by stimulating more urination. If it is used correctly, Copaiba oil can help almost anything related to a landfill system.

6. Copaiba Oil for Skin Care

The astringent properties of copaiba oil have provided enormous health benefits. One of the results of the study revealed that the benefits of copaiba oil from its astringent properties can prevent acne on the face. Substances in oil can tighten the skin, make you look younger, reduce wrinkles, and make skin healthy and prevent lesions and sores.

7. Benefits of copaiba oil for wounds

Another benefit of copaiba essential oil is healing the injured skin. Copaiba oil provides nutrients to the skin and adds organic substances so that it can accelerate healing of wounds including removing scars. To accelerate healing, copaiba oil can be smeared on wounds, among wounds that can benefit from copaiba essential oils are acne, acne scars, blisters, sores and are included in wound scars.

8. Prevents Fungal Infections

Copaiba essential oil is also a traditional medicine in preventing infection. The terpene content in Copaiba is an antifungal agent. If you have a yeast infection, you can rub copaiba oil regularly. Its anti-fungal properties will protect our bodies from fungal attacks. Including the fingers that have fungal diseases, this can also be applied copaiba essential oil.

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9. Lowers Blood Pressure

Another benefit of copaiba oil is lowering blood pressure. If you have symptoms of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, you can try this oil or add it to aromatherapy.

Copaiba also contains anti-inflammatory and sedative. This is as the researcher said in a journal entitled “Ethnopharmacology”. It can help strain blood vessels so that it can smoothen blood flow and eliminate blood pressure. Besides the use of copaia essential oil is also beneficial to eliminate atherosclerosis, this is a major cause of coronary heart disease and stroke.

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10. Caring for oral health

Copaiba essential oil gel is useful in killing Streptococcus. So, this can be used as a natural control of teeth. In addition, copaiba is also rich in anti-microbial which can kill bad bacteria in the mouth.

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