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How to Cook Carne Asada in a Skillet

how to cook carne asada in a skillet or dry pan
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Do you want to cook carne asada? Cooking in a skillet is the right choice compared to cooking carne asada with other tools. Way on how to cook carne asada in a skillet is very simple, does not take too long time and still can maintain its taste.

Maybe you usually grill it on the roast. It is indeed delicious and extraordinary, but have you tried cooking it with a skillet or pan? Try to do it, you will definitely get a new experience and this is more riveting than preparing a grill.

Carne Asada always looks good, not only because of its appearance, but also its satisfying taste. Cooking carne asada with a frying pan doesn’t reduce the taste like when you cook it on the grill, it even gives you experience and can save you more time.

Why do we have to maintain the taste? carne asada is one of the popular foods in Mexican restaurants, which makes it popular is its unique taste, different and riveting many tongues. This is the reason this food is present in all Mexican restaurants in the world. So, how to cook carne asada should be considered, but you do not worry if you want to cook it on the skillet.

Carne asada is not only food but has become a symbol of strength, so many people comment about how this food really is. You even say “if you don’t know carne asada how it tastes, then you really don’t know anything about beef food”.

Ok, before we start cooking carne asada in a skillet, let’s get to know this Mexican food more closely.

What is Carne Asada, See Description

This is a high protein food, most of it is protein because it is made from beef, really will fill your plate with this food.

If you want to try Mexican food, then trying to order carne asada is the best choice because carne asada is full of nutrients. In 28 grams of inventory already contains 7.2 grams of protein. If your doctor says you should eat a high-protein diet, then consuming carne asada is one of the ways you should consider.

Enjoy carne asada can be directly or with other foods, it si can be prepare as a topping on foods such as rice, beans, burritos, or as a complement to spaghetti. Originally, carne asada is a food from beef hip, but now many have tried it with other meats such as chicken meat and pork. Some even try to present carne asada with the basic ingredients of fish, this is really strange and different.

There is something interesting about cooking carne asada. Most say even the important thing in making carne asada is not preparing beef, but lies in how to marinate the meat. The flavor that is given this typical Mexican food is on how to cut the marinated meat.

The most common way to cook carne asada is to grill it. Oh, yes, usually marinating method by smearing meat with salt or a combination of salt with spices that produce richer flavor. Although often cooked by grilling, but this is not the only way to cook carne asada, right!

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Besides baking, the method to cook carne asada is by a skillet. If this is your choice, then you don’t need to prepare the grill tool, you can cook it on the stove and use a skillet on it.

How to cook carne asada by gill has made this dish known as “smoked carne asada”, but this food has been popular in various parts of the world brought by every immigrant, so there are various ways to cook it.

But this is great, if you don’t have a grill to cook carne asada. Then, an alternative to getting the right taste and accordingly, you can make this carne asada in a skillet. If you think that grilling can produce the maximum flavor you need, by cooking carne asada in a skillet you will definitely be surprised, because it turns out that cooking this Mexican special food can also be done without a grill but using a skillet on the stove.

How long does it take to cook carne asada on the stove?

To prepare carne asada, in fact you don’t just have an extraordinary cooking art like a chef or have to be a Mexican first. But preparing carne asada can also be done by sipa including you who are just learning to cook. The most important thing is to have the intention and want to produce something good, with this capital you can start.

One complaint that often arises in cooking carne asada is the cooking process which takes too long. So, every time we recommend to bring this food on the table, it is very difficult because the reason is “too much time wasting”. It is true, especially the time needed for marinating, at least we need 6 hours to make carne asada, 4 hours for marinating meat and the rest for cooking.

However, after trying to cook this food many times, a friend said that he could prepare carne asada in just 1 hour. Want to know the secret? We will share below. Most people marinate meat while making, of course it takes too long because they have to wait for salt to seep in the meat. Finally, they made carne asada with an inappropriate taste because they couldn’t wait for the meat to absorb the taste.

So, the most important thing to cut cooking time is to prepare the meat long before making it, soak or marinate the meat for 24 hours before bringing the meat to the kitchen, this will certainly maximize the taste and make the preparation time not long.

The marinating process can be done anytime there is activity in the kitchen, it can be done while preparing other foods. You don’t need to go to the kitchen specifically to marinate this meat, so it can be done anytime you are active in the kitchen.

To get maximum results, soft meat, perfect aroma, salting needs to be done for 24 hours. This allows the meat to absorb flavors perfectly so as to produce carne asada that is just right and perfect. Carne asada is not food that can be made rashly, but it takes appropriate marinating time, so it must be prepared from the beginning, so that the meat is ready to be cooked.

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Process of Marinating the Meat

The process of marinating ingredients for making carne asada is by pouring all the ingredients such as chopped garlic, grated lettuce, diced onion, salt, cumin, lime juice, and orange, into a prepared bowl.

Next, put the ingredients in a plastic bag or bag, and don’t forget to seal the bags, stir until everything is evenly mixed and united. Bags containing ingredients rinse with warm water to help your business. Refrigerate for 4 to 6 hours.

As we said above, carne asada can be cooked in two ways. Use the stove or use roast. Here we will explain both ways to prepare carne asada, but now we see how to cook carne asada with a frying pan, and after that we only see how to cook carne asada with grill or by baking.