Coconut oil for acne

Coconut Oil Helps Treat Acne, Taditional Treatment

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Coconut oil for acne is not nonsense. This is an effective treatment that is well known all over the world. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, so one of the benefits is treating trade. Coconut oil is an oil-fighting method because acne is oily inflammation.

Did you know, What Causes Acne?

How and What Causes Acne? Let’s Look at This Brief Review.

Acne occurs because of an infection in the open sebum gland. This is a microscopic exocrine gland located in the skin. This gland functions to release a variety of oils to keep skin moist and not dry. So if there is a blockage in the sebum gland, it is not impossible to cause problems with the skin. It is blocked by bacteria and obstruction due to sebum secretion. This blockage, then followed by inflammation, swelling, pain and redness.

Why Acne Most Experienced by Adolescents?

Before we see the acoconut oil for acne use, let us see first why the adolescents most experience the acne. There are several reasons why adolescence occurs so much acne. Among them are certain hormonal changes, adolescent sebum production increases, and the skin becomes oily. If sebum has increased production, the risk of acne may also increase. However, these acne are categorized as small pimples that are too painful.

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Another problem that causes prolonged acne prone is lifestyle, especially in using soap, teenagers usually use soap indiscriminately, all types are used. Sometimes the soap used does not stop oil secretion. But on the contrary, the soap sometimes damage the protective skin of microbial acids. This causes the pores to open and eventually dirt and bacteria will clog the pores. Then, it begins to store sebum under the surface of the skin, eventually the skin is red, irritated, swollen and painful.

Acne is a beauty and health problem that is widespread among teenagers. Although acne can still go away on its own as teenagers pass and hormones are more normal, acne can also appear at any time and to anyone, including those who have passed through adolescence. But the problem is the acne scars that sometimes blacken and make an appearance must be disguised with various products to look beautiful.

Coconut oil for acne treatment

However, some people are lucky because acne can occur without having to try hard and without having to spend a lot of time, money, and energy. Because some others have to spend a lot of time, money and extraordinary care to be free from acne.

Well, on this occasion we provide you with cheap and practical solutions to get rid of acne. This is coconut oil, coconut oil for acne can be an effective remedy for teens and adults to overcome it. If you hear some people talking about avoiding oil for acne sufferers, try reading our article about coconut oil for acne.

There are many reasons why coconut oil is good for treating acne. In this article we will explain about how coconut oil treats acne.

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Coconut Oil for Acne Treatment

Coconut oil that many people fear actually has a lot of nutrients in it. A number of these nutrients can help overcome your acne, below we see more clearly about the function of coconut oil.

1. Rich in vitamin E

Based on sources from the USDA, coconut oil for acne is effective and effective. Coconut oil is useful for keeping the sebum gland active and can clear the blockages in the skin pores. From this, we know that coconut oil actually alleviates and treats acne from the root of the problem.

Vitamin E which is present in coconut oil is a regulator of hormones that can reduce fluctuations in natural horon. This will keep the sebum gland from being hyperactive.

2. Prevent microbial infections

Coconut oil is a great agent for dealing with microbes and the most powerful found in food. These two important substances are capric acid and lauric acid.

When you smear coconut oil on the skin, and if there are microbes present on the surface of the skin you will convert these acids to monocaprin, and monolaurin. This substance then replaces the protective layer of acid on the skin. Actually, this acne develops due to a microbial infection. So, using coconut oil can minimize microbes and the recommended use is topical use of the skin, but you can also try consuming it internally.

3. Coconut Oil Reduces Inflammation

The coconut oil is a substance that can soothe the skin, it can penetrate well into the layers of the skin so that when applied can immediately give calm to your skin. Coconut oil can also heal wounds caused by severe acne. In fact, not only that, but the benefits of coconut oil can also increase the speed of the body’s metabolism.

Coconut oil also plays a role in maintaining hormonal balance, so we know that it can limit the possibility of acne, it can also improve healing of damaged skin cells.

The use of coconut oil for acne can be done in two ways, namely rubbing it outside the skin or taking it orally. To get the maximum benefit, experts suggest that we can apply it in two ways at once, internally and externally. If you want to consume it, you can add it to food or consume it directly.

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How to choose coconut oil for acne

For best results you must choose the best coconut oil with good quality. High quality type is virgin coconut oil but the price is more expensive.

If using coconut oil alone is not effective enough for you, you can mix it with carrier oil, below we see a list of oils that can work together with coconut oil.

  • Grapeseed oil – Serves to moisturize the skin quickly even without leaving fat on the skin.
  • Olive oil – Functions in healing and containing anti-aging.
  • Hazelnut oil – Serves to tighten and soften the skin
  • Black cumin seed oil – Serves to clean oil on your skin.

Using Coconut oil for Acne

Topical Use for Acne

We will explain how to use coconut oil topically. The best way is to apply oil to the palm of the hand and then massage it and rub it on the pimples.

Using Coconut Oil  for Culinary

Coconut oil is not only for treatment from the outside, you can also treat acne from the inside by using coconut oil. The trick is to add a little coconut oil into your tea, coffee, or it can also be on french fries. Can also use it in grilled food.

Word of Caution

Coconut oil is an effective form of medication to treat acne. But in some cases like acne that has taken root seriously, you should not only rely on coconut oil alone, you should try other treatments and consult with your doctor about your problem.

The reason is because coconut oil does not provide the same benefits for everyone. The success rate of treatment with coconut oil is also very dependent on body condition such as lifestyle, skin type, age, personality and including eating habits. More precisely, coconut oil is a cure for acne rather than cure it.

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