blue tansy essential oil
blue tansy essential oil

Top 10 Blue Tansy Essential Oil Benefits

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The health benefits of blue essential oil are closely related to the properties they have. Tansy oil contains properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-virus, anti-histaminic, febrifuge, hormone stimulant, insecticide, and are sedative.

What is Blue Tansy Essential Oil?

This magic oil is taken by extracting it from plants from all parts of the plant. The extraction process is through the steam distillation stage. Tansy oil is an herbal from Europe that is very beneficial for health. Plant blood components that cause it to be useful are artemisone, camphone, borneol, camphor, piperitone, isopinocamphone, and thujone.

Blue tansy is a poisonous herb, but it is very popular among ancient people as traditional medicine. Among the traditional societies that utilize this oil in healing are the Gypsies group. Ok, let’s just see what are the uses and benefits of blue cancer in the world of health.

Health Benefits of Tansy Essential Oil

Blue Tansy essential oil has many uses for health. Ok, to save time we just see the article below about the benefits of tansy oil for human health.

1. Prevent bacterial infections

Tansy oil is a poisonous oil and does not only treat humans if it is used inappropriately. This is the same as bacteria, oil for bacteria is certainly very risky and can even kill the bacteria. This is the reason why we use tansy oil to overcome health problems. So, most of the bacteria that live in the human body can be killed by using this tansy oil.

Using blue tansy oil can actually provide benefits in preventing bacterial attack and protecting the body as well as curing diseases caused by bacteria. But the dosage should be considered.

2. Reducing inflammation

It is well known that the use of blue tansy essential oil can reduce inflammation problems, especially inflammation on the surface of the skin. In addition, it can also relieve inflammation that occurs in the respiratory system and inflammation that occurs in nerves and digestion.

3. Control allergic reactions

The health benefits of blue tansy essential oil are controlling and curing allergies. Allergies in the body occur due to high levels of histemin. Mak, the way to cure it is to reduce levels of histemin in the body.

Benefits of mapy tansy oil reduce the levels of histemin in the body so that it is good in curing allergies. Histemin not only triggers allergies but can also cause many health problems such as itching, rashes, respiratory problems, asthma, severe coughing, continuous sneezing, and hiccups.

So, this plant oil has the task of neutralizing histemin so that various diseases that occur as a result can be alleviated.

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4. Benefits of Blue Tansy Oil to Protect viral diseases

Elements such as thujone and camphor which are present in tansy oil are poisonous to living cells and can kill viruses. This component can destroy cysts, kill viruses and explore the inside.

In addition, he also provides immunity to the body in dealing with viruses such as the common cold, measles, and smallpox.

5. Reduces Fevers

Fever is the body’s reaction to bacteria that causes a variety of health problems that we are familiar with with fever and others. So, the occurrence of fever is due to our body knowing the immune system is fighting against bacteria that enter the body such as typhus, yellow fever, and black fever.

Well, if the body’s reaction gets worse then our body temperature will also get hotter. So, if the infection functions as a cause of fever, then the way to eliminate the fever is by treating the infection. Blue tansy oil is known as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-virus and as anti-trade.

6. Protect fungal infections

Tansy oil can be a killer for bacteria and viruses that are hard in the human body. It can also kill fungus, fungus can not last long when exposed to essential oils of blue tansy because the spores are damaged. So, there is no doubt that blue tansy oil is effective in protecting the body from fungi that can cause a number of diseases such as skin diseases, ear diseases, dysentery and hair problems.

7. Benefits of blue tansy oil as an insecticide

There are many insects that sometimes interfere with our lives, including disturbing our plants and others. One way to eradicate nuisance insects is to use blue tansy oil.

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Insects such as cockroaches, ants, termites, moths, and parasites or blood-sucking insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, lice, ticks, bed bugs, etc. are very afraid of tansy oil because it is poisonous.

So, tansy oil is a very effective insect repellent and is used in fumigants or in sprays. Even larger animals such as mice and lizards can be eradicated using blue essential oil.

8. Good for stimulating hormone secretion

Another benefit of blue tansy oil is that it stimulates endocrine hormones and can increase homon secretion. This oil is said to be very effective at working on the thymus and thyroid. Directly, this shows the effect on the growth and maturity of the body.

9. Killing intestinal worms

As we said earlier, tansy essential oil is a poisonous type of medicinal oil, it can kill parasites in the intestines, and can kill intestinal worms. Worms that can cause injury in the intestine can also be overcome and killed with this essential oil.

In addition, blue tansy oil can regenerate healthy cells and accelerate the healing process of intestinal wounds.

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10. Tansy Benefits for nerve repairs

Finally, the health benefits of blue tansy essential oil are dealing with nerve problems. If there are seizures, depression, epilepsy, impulsive behavior, anger and other problems related to nerves, it can be overcome by using tansy oil. This oil provides a relaxing effect on the muscles and nerves.

Word of Caution Blue tansy oil is oil that contains a poisonous compound called rhujone and if overdosing can be fatal. It can interfere with nerves, hallucinations, and has a narcotic effect. However, all of that cannot be explained accurately, because someone who has tansy oil poisoning is not only caused by one thing, there are many things that affect such as age, immunity, medical conditions, dosage, so be sure to consult a doctor before using it as an oral medicine.
Blue tansy oil can be mixed with other carrier oils so it does not have a strong effect. This oil can be mixed with cedar wood, lavender, essential oils of rosemary, helichrysum, and ravensara
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