Best Patio Heaters Of 2021

The 13 Best Patio Heaters Of 2021

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Patio heater is very important especially in winter. If not, your party may end up unhappy. So, don’t let your family celebrations in winter end quickly, then have the best patio heaters 2021. There are various types of patio heaters that you can have and buy, you can adjust to the shape of the patio and room.

Keep browsing this article to find your favorite patio heater with a variety of models to suit your patio or room. Let’s explore one by one.

Types Of Patio Heaters

In general, there are three types of patio heaters, and this type is what we often find in many homes. Among others are:

1. Freestanding Heaters

It is a freestanding, portable, free-to-lift heater, and it is suitable for homes with large patio or large decks. In addition, the advantage is that it is slim, so it does not take up much space.

You can place these freestanding heaters anywhere as you wish and comfort. Most freestanding patio heaters run on electricity, gas and propane.

2. Ceiling Mounted or Umbrella Heaters

Space heaters or other patio heaters are ceiling mounted or called umbrella heaters, these are mounted on the ceiling so they don’t take up space on the floor. However, this heater is sold at a higher price.

The advantage of the umbrella heater is that it is kept out of the reach of children or pets. So, you don’t have to worry about your children who are naughty or flirting around. It will not interfere with the installation on the ceiling or on the wall. An umbrella heater like this is not only useful as a space heater or patio, but also acts as a light.

3. Tabletop Heaters

This is another type of patio heater which is portable. This shape is placed on the table, and is small and easy to move and store. If you want to keep your little patio warm or your balcony warm, then Tabletop Heaters are the best choice. This type of heater also works using electric power and propane.

Safety Tips When Installing Patio Heaters

Installing a patio heater absolutely must be done with care. This is a hot flammable object, so great care is needed in its installation. Here are some safety tips you will need when installing a patio heater.

  • Patio Heaters can get very hot sometimes, especially if they are used for very long. Well, to handle it you have to use gloves or handle it when the patio heater is cold.
  • If you are using a portable freestanding heater or a heater that is placed on a table, then you should also be careful. Keep away from children or pets. To be more secure, if you have a lot of money, then you can install a ceiling heater or umbrella heaters.
  • Core heating fuel is highly flammable, so keep it away from heaters.
  • Outdoor heating is very dangerous if used indoors. This tool is designed differently, space heating for indoor use only and vice versa, outdoor heating is only installed outdoors. Pay attention to how the instructions for use are listed on the box.
  • If you are using a freestanding heater such as a tabletop heater or freestanding heaters, pay attention to the placement, the floor must be flat so that the appliance does not overturn or collapse easily.
  • The patio heater should be kept away from flammable objects such as sofas, etc.
  • The most important thing is to turn off the patio heating when you are done using it. In this way, you have avoided possible dangers and most importantly you have saved costs.

Ok, now that you know the three types of patio and room heating. Let’s look at 13 models and brands of patio heaters that are suitable for you.

13 Best Patio Heaters To Warm Up Your Winter Safely!

1. Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater

One of the heaters for your outdoor patio is the Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater. The form is free standing with a beautiful flame. Not only does it provide warmth for your outdoor patio, but it also provides stunning artwork due to the flames that appear. This patio heater has a height of 91 inches and is easy to move around to your liking. This is a patio heater using propane material.

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In addition, this type of heater is also equipped with a shut-off or safety valve that turns off automatically when tilted. The slim shape also makes the place less chaotic and easy to place anywhere, comfortable and can turn the cold atmosphere in your home to a warm one, but this is for outdoor use. Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater patio heater is also suitable for cafes and restaurants.


  • ETL and CSA approved
  • Guarantees 40,000 BTU output
  • With a 20lb prooane tank it can last up to 20 hours
  • Easy to assemble, durable and light weight
  • Can radiate heat in all directions


  • Not suitable for harsh winters

2. FDW Patio Heater

FDW Patio Heater

Apart from the Hiland Pyramid, there are other outdoor patio heaters that you can use. This is FDW Patio Heater, this heater can turn your back porch warm easily so your party doesn’t have to end when it’s cold. It can transform your garden and the outside of the house to feel evenly warm even if you are 5 feet away. If using a 20 pound propane tank, it can last for 10 hours.

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Using premium quality reflectors, structurally assembled and easy to start. Easily again, this heater will turn off automatically either when tilted or when the propane runs out. So it’s safer to use.



  • CSA certified patio heater
  • Using high quality stainless material
  • Can produce 48,000 BTU output
  • Portable using wheels on one side
  • Suitable for use in windy conditions and is durable
  • There is an additional screw that is used on the bottom to balance the heater, so it doesn’t fall over easily.


  • Not portable and the size is a bit big
  • Not recommended for harsh winters

3. PamaPic Patio Heater

PamaPic Patio Heater

PamaPic Patio Heater is a patio heater like no other. By using this heater you no longer need to call the officer for propane installation which costs you more money. You can easily install the tank, no need to lift the heater base for this. You just have to enter the tank through the open door and your job is done in just a few minutes. In addition, the heat is also very fast and it also uses a valve that is useful for controlling the heat to your liking.

PamaPic Patio Heater is made of high quality stainless steel. Also equipped with a waterproof and dustproof cover. This will keep your patio heating up during the harsh winters.



  • 88-inches high with 32-inches reflective cover
  • Guarantees 46,000 BTU output
  • Provides a heat effect up to a distance of 18sq feet
  • Durable, stable and easy to assemble
  • Free installation is available for screws
  • The saver will turn off the heater automatically when tilted


  • Noisy
  • and not suitable for use in windy weather

4. Hiland Propane Patio Heater

Best patio heaters, Hiland Propane Patio Heater

Hiland Propane Patio Heater is a versatile patio heater, it can be used for various purposes. You can use it for party purposes in winter. No need to worry about your many guests, everything can be handled by Hiland Propane Patio Heater. It is 87 inches tall with a small heated table that can handle drinking glasses and a place to put snacks. This core heater emits 41,000 BTU of energy using 20lb of propane, and can easily dispense up to 20sq of heat. How, do you still think!



  • Long lasting use of up to 10 hours
  • Using aluminum heat shield
  • ETL and CSA certified patio heater
  • Suitable for use in parks, backyards, cafes, restaurants and even suitable for your fishing area
  • When tilted it will turn off the heater automatically when tilted


  • Bulky

5. Dyna-Glo Patio Heater

Dyna-Glo Patio Heater, best patio heater 2021

One of the heaters of your terrace and garden in winter is the Dyna-Glo Patio Heater. It will transform the frozen winters with warmth in your garden and outdoor terrace. Very easy to use with only one ignition step. To keep your body warm for longer, you don’t need to wear a thick coat. Everything has been handled by Dyna-Glo Patio Heater. The reflector is aluminum and wide and can produce 48,000 BTU output. This tool provides perfect warmth for your beloved family.



  • Made of high quality stainless
  • Equipped with a variable heat controller
  • Using a 20lb propane tank
  • Will not tilt and be safe
  • Easy to move using wheels
  • Perfect for your backyard, cafe, restaurant and garden.


  • It’s hard to put a large tank in the fire pit

6. BELLEZE Pyramid Patio Heater

BELLEZE Pyramid Patio Heater

Another patio heater that looks more luxurious is the BELLEZE Pyramid Patio Heater. This type is made of aluminum and stainless steel. The appearance of the fire that looks like a dancing person adds to the atmosphere of an elegant and luxurious impression. It is a patio heater inspired by a pagoda so that it looks like a pagoda. It can produce heat energy of 42,000 BTU.

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This tool uses a glass ceramic frame that allows us to see the shape of the fire from the outside and it gives an interesting and fun impression. It also keeps your back garden and backyard warm. If you have this type of space heater, you won’t be at all disappointed. See the advantages and disadvantages of the BELLEZE Pyramid Patio Heater.



  • CSA-certified
  • Easy to assemble, durable and sturdy
  • use an electronic sticker switch
  • The valve shuts off when tilted and uses a safety anti tilt switch.


  • Not suitable for extreme winter use

7. Legacy Heating Quartz Patio Flame Heater

Legacy Heating Quartz Patio Flame Heater

Designed in a minimalist and charming style and can add to your home decor. Long-lasting patio heaters provide warmth to every corner of your garden. Check out some of the advantages of having this type of patio heater.



  • Safe and anti-tilt device
  • ETL approved heating types
  • Made of stainless
  • Easy to use, durable and sturdy
  • Equipped with heat control regulator
  • Corrosion resistant, anti-fade and anti-rust


  • Assembly may take a lot of time
  • Not suitable for extreme cold

8. Fire Sense Stainless Steel Pro Series Patio Heater

Fire Sense Stainless Steel Pro Series Patio Heater, best patio heaters 2021

Don’t let your house be deserted because of the cold weather. Just use a patio heater made of steel at the push of a button. This tool is claimed to be able to warm the air around you so that you are comfortable and do not make your palms frozen or cold.

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This pro heater lasts for 10 hours and consumes 46,000 BTU of energy using 20lb LP gas. Made with heavy construction so it is impossible to turn over and you don’t need to worry, it’s just that it might be difficult to move.



  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to move even though it’s heavy because it uses wheels
  • Can light up with just one button press
  • Using a tip-over protection system
  • Suitable for terrace houses, back helaman, open space and good for open spaces.


  • Difficult to assemble
  • It’s a bit troublesome to put the gas cylinder in the room

9. TRUSTECH Electric Patio Heater

TRUSTECH Electric Patio Heater

Next, a quality patio heater in 2021 is the TRUSTECH Electric Patio Heater. This is an electric option that quickly gets your large room warm. Just 3 seconds gives a change in temperature in a large room.

The resulting heat wave can reach 1500W. TRUSTECH Electric Patio Heater is a friendly patio heater for you to have this winter. Another advantage is, this breed is hung from the ceiling so that it is safe from the reach of children and pets.



  • Made of premium steel
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Free of noise, mildew resistant, odorless and free of chemicals
  • Shuts off automatically when overheating
  • Ideal for rooms, covered balconies, garages and rooms
  • Without using a fan, so it makes allergens and chemicals out


  • Not suitable for garden or outdoor use

10. Star Patio Electric Patio Heater

Star Patio Electric Patio Heater
Star Patio Electric Patio Heater

Furthermore, the best patio heater in 2021 is the star patio electric patio heater. It is a heater suitable for indoor use or small spaces. For those of you who just want to have a winter heater to call a small room, this star patio electric heater is perfect for you.

It is able to heat a room with a distance of up to 15 feet, without the need to be afraid of noise, and the design is very modern and it is equipped with a remote control, so you don’t have to move from your seat to turn it on and off. The power used is 1500W, it can also generate heat up to 5100 BTU. This is an option that provides convenience, is fast, concise, and hassle-free. See what are the advantages and disadvantages.



  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Its lifespan is up to 8000 hours
  • Using quality aluminum material
  • IP55-certified and cETLus-certified
  • Wind and dust resistant
  • Free from smoke, chemicals and odors
  • Environmentally friendly and does not burn the environment


  • Not suitable for harsh winters
  • Using a thin remote control

11. Xbeauty Infrared Patio Heater

Xbeauty Infrared Patio Heater

Another perfect patio heater you have, this outdoor heater is portable and you can easily move it to any place you like.



  • Premium quality materials
  • Fast in the heating process
  • Safe and secure with tip over button
  • IP65-rated dust-proof and weather-proof
  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors and suitable for installation in restaurants.
  • its gold tube is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion


  • The light is too bright for some people

12. Briza Carbon Infrared Heater

Briza Carbon Infrared Heater



  • Can heat the terrace quickly, only in ethical terms
  • When reversed, it turns off automatically
  • Using a remote control that makes it easier for users
  • Not noisy
  • Easy to care for
  • Windproof and weather resistant
  • Energy saving and environment friendly


  • Not suitable for use outdoors in the cold season

13. SURJUNY Patio Heater

SURJUNY Patio Heater



  • It is a wall mounted heater, odor free, chemical and dry air
  • ETL-approved and powered by 1500W (highest in America)
  • Maintenance free and easy to assemble
  • Using a remote control and mechanical switches
  • IP65 rating, dustproof and weatherproof


  • Not suitable for extreme weather and outdoors
  • The light is sometimes too bright

How, have you got one of your favorite patio and room heaters? Hopefully what we present can help you find the best and quality heater you want. For those of you who want to know how to choose the best uncle, please continue reading below.

How To Choose Best Patio Heaters?

1. Room compatibility

The first thing you have to pay attention to is how big your room is. Because room laur is very important to achieve the heat generated by patio heating. Sometimes your backyard is small, if you use a large space heater such as a pyramid patio heater, of course it doesn’t fit the outside and it will look annoying, but it can heat up perfectly. Likewise, if you use a small electric heater, it may not generate suitable heat for the outdoors. So pay attention to the area where you will place this heater.

2. Heat output

If you are looking for a space heater for a small space or for use in early winter, maybe a small heater with minimal output will do. This will save energy and costs.

3. Hassle-free design

A simple and hassle-free design is also an important thing for you to consider. You see, dealing with gas cylinders is a dangerous thing, so just look for a patio heater that doesn’t require lifting the gas cylinder. However, if you are very familiar with gas cylinders and are brave, then you are free to choose other types of heaters that require handling with gas cylinders.

So, look for the type of heater that is designed not to have to deal with gas cylinders.

4. Portability

If you want a space heater that is portable and can be taken anywhere you go. So, choosing an electric type that is small and portable is the best choice, so that wherever you go you are still comfortable with the cold winter.

5. User-friendly thermostat

Choose a patio heater that has a temperature control that makes it easier for you to adjust the temperature according to your needs.

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So, choose a patio heater or space heater that suits your needs, not an expensive heater or a sophisticated patio heater. Where will you use it and for what needs. So, a heater that is good for you is the heater that suits your needs.