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Top 10 Best Benefits Of Bergamot Essential Oil

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Bergamot essential oil is one type of oil that has many uses and benefits for health. Bergamot oil is widely used as a deodorant, vermifuge, susceptible, antibiotic, antiseptic, sedative, antispasmodic, analgesic, antidepressant, fever-reducing, disinfectant, cicatrizant, and used as a digestive agent.

Get to Know Bergamot Oranges

Bergamot is a variant of oranges that grows in the tropics. Bergamot orange has a size like orange and the color is like lime and lemon. In scientific language called Citrus aurantium var. or Citrus bergamia. Bergamot is a tropical plant but can also grow well in Europe.

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What is Bergamot Oil?

We are discussing bergamot oil, now we see what is bergamot oil, so we know more about the benefits of bergamot oil. Bergamot oil that we are talking about is oil taken from the juice of the bergamot orange peel.

The bergamot has a sweet aroma that is very interested so it is use is widely in various perfumes. Bergamot oil is also often used as a “top note”. Taken from cold compression, and this is in contrast to steam distillation which is widely used in various other essential oil processes.

One very common use is in preparing black tea. When put in black tea, the name usually changes to “Earl Gray”.

Among the chemical compositions of bergamot oil are alpha-terpineol, alpha-pinene, nerol, limonene, linalool, alpha bergapten, linalyl acetate, neryl acetate, geraniol, myrcene, beta bisabolene, and geraniol acetate.

Health Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

Oil with bergamot has many health benefits, now it’s time we explore more deeply about the benefits and uses of bergamot below.

1. Helps Relieve Depression

One of the uses of bergamot oil is to eliminate depression and mental health problems.

From the results of a 2011 study mentioned that in bergamot oil there are substances such as alpha-pinene and limonene. This is a magical compound that can be stimulated from within and is therapeutic. It can give you a feeling of calm and so that you feel more comfortable.

While in the journal Phytotherapy Research published in 2017, the hormonal effects of bergamot oil are a strong reason for neurological and mental conditions.

2. Helps reduce blood sugar levels

The next benefit of bergamot is that it stimulates hormone secretion, which is good for maintaining the body’s metabolic rate. The effects of this secretion also have an impact on increasing secretion of bile, insulin and digestive fluid secretions. As a result, bergamot oil can help absorption of nutrients, assimilation, and decomposition of sugar, and this is good for lowering blood sugar levels.

3. Benefits of bergamot oil to reduce pain

A study conducted at the University of Calabria revealed that the benefits of bergamot essential oil can reduce pain in the body. It works by stimulating the secretion of certain hormones and reducing the level of nerve sensitivity, so that it can eliminate pain.

Thus, bergamot oil is very helpful in overcoming health problems such as sprains, headaches, muscle aches, and other diseases that require high analgesic pills. So, by drinking this essential oil, you can avoid the harmful effects of consuming chemical painkillers. Usually these over-the-counter drugs have dangerous side effects, even the effects can damage the liver and kidneys and can cause blood thinning.

4. Prevent infection

Bergamot essential oil is also useful as an anti-infective drug. As research conducted by the Department of Drug Sciences and Products for Health, University of Messina, Italy. The study said that bergamot oil is a natural antibiotic and disinfectant.

While the results of 2007 research on bergamot oil showe that the oil was capable of preventing the growth of germs, viruses, and fungi. Bergamot is also effective in preventing infections including the skin.

Its use is done by mixing water or soap and applying it to the hair and skin. This will protect your cuticles and hair and make hair shiny. Bergamot essential oil can also overcome fungi that live in the large intestine, urinary tract, and kidneys.

5. Relaxant & Sedative

Bergamot essential oil is also useful as a relaxant and sedative. the content of flavonoids in bergamot makes bergamot a pretty good relaxant. It can calm nerves, relieve anxiety, and stress.

All of them can help treat stress-related illnesses. Among the diseases that have to do with stress are high blood pressure, depression and insomnia. It also stimulates certain hormones such as serotonin, so that a person can relax, and relax.

6. Bergamot Oil for Helps digestion

One of the benefits of bergamot oil is that it helps the secretion of digestive acids, bile, enzymes, all of which can facilitate digestion in digesting food. This is also useful for regulating intestinal peristalsis, so the digestion process is fast and tension in the intestine can be lost.

This means that bergamot essential oil can prevent constipation, make regular bowel movements frequency, and prevent digestive complications.

7. Give freshness

Bergamot essential oil is also popular with young people who like freshness. Bergamot is something that is refreshing and can be used as a deodorant. Disinfecting and refreshing aroma are the main reasons why many young people use bergamot as a deodorant. Disinfectant properties can inhibit the growth of germs.

The sweet aroma of orange is so strong that it can eliminate body odor. This is also the reason why this oil is used as a room freshener.

8. Speeds-up Healing

If you have an accident and are injure, you can use bergamot oil, one of the health benefits of bergamot is that it speeds up the healing process of wounds, cracks in the heels, skin, ulcers, eczema, and itching. Bergamot oil is also useful for preventing injuries to become tetanus and septic.

9. Good for skin care

Another great benefit of bergamot, it can keep your skin young. the content in bergamot oil is what makes the skin always healthy and young. This is also the reason why beauty products use bergamot as a raw material, including beauty products such as beauty soaps, creams and lotions.

The content of cicatrizant in bergamot oil helps speed up the disguise of scars, it spreads pigment so that it can eliminate the marks and skin color. This oil is usually used to get rid of pimples and get rid of scars due to acne.

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10. Spasms Relieves

Spasma can be relaxed again by relaxing nerves and muscles. This will provide quick relief for people who experience spasms, cramps, and muscle contractions.

For those of you who have a chronic cough, you can also use bergamot essential oil. Likewise, sufferers of asthma, and other respiratory problems.

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Other Benefits of Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is a tonic, meaning that it is useful to relieve respiratory problems, blood circulation, excretion, digestion, nervous system, it is also famous for being anti-congestive. To alleviate this problem, you should use a vaporizer especially when you have coughs and colds.

Bergamot oil is also useful to relieve cough with phlegm, and helps the body eliminate phlegm the natural way through coughing and sneezing.

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How to use Bergamot Oil?

How to use bergamot oil is usually dissolved with carrier oils such as clary sage, incense, mandarin, fir, black pepper, geranium, nutmeg, sandalwood, vitiver, ylang-ylang and rosemary.

  • You can use bergamot oil on the outside of the skin such as bathing, this can also improve skin health.
  • Most people use bergamot oil to refresh the air and use it with a diffuser, your room will smell nice and pleasant.
  • Add a drop or two of bergamot oil to your tea, and enjoy your Earl Gray.
  • Mix in a carrier oil and apply your grits. This can improve your digestion.
  • There are also those who interfere with bergamot oil in their skin care products, and into shower products.

Word of Caution

Bergamot essential oil must be avoided from sunlight, this is because there is a content of bergapten, this is toxic when exposed to sunlight. Then the storage of bergamot oil must be in a dark place.

Sun exposure is not only avoided when stored, but when applied to the skin, you should avoid sun exposure until this oil absorbs into your skin.

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