Bamboo Leaves Health Benefits and Side Effects

15+ Bamboo Leaves Health Benefits and Side Effects

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Bamboo is a magical plant from Asia, it is said to be a perennial plant and is in the grass family. Bamboo has a strong tree structure, high straight and this causes this plant to be a very profitable plant on earth. Asians usually use bamboo as material for making houses, fences and other buildings. But it is not only bamboo that is beneficial, even the leaves are beneficial for health. There are a number of health benefits of bamboo that need to be known, below we see how the review.

Bamboo Leaf Nutrition

Bamboo leaves are a source of antioxidants, and fiber is quite high. So do not be surprised if a panda can survive only by consuming bamboo shoots or bamboo leaves only. The most important thing in bamboo leaves is dietary fiber and silica. Silica is a type of food substance that has many health benefits such as increasing the growth of bones, nails, and good hair health. That said, the silica content in bamboo leaves is very high and can even reach 10 times the height compared to silica in horsetail leaves. Another nutrient that is no less important is fiber eating and this is very good for digestive health.

In one cup of bamboo leaves contain at least 1gram of fiber or 4% of 1 gram of leaves. Besides being high in dietary fiber, bamboo leaves are also said to be high in polyphenols which are useful as antioxidants. Next we see what are the health benefits of bamboo leaves.

The Health Benefits of Bamboo Leaves

Bamboo is a sufficient plant in the lives of Chinese people, that some bamboo has become a part of life, especially bamboo leaves which have become part of the ancient Chinese medicine system. In 2002 there was said to be a type of bamboo used in Chinese medicine, Khuzuye and Danzhuye.

Kuzhuye is a dried leaf of Pleioblastus amarus which has a mild and sweet bitter taste, which is good in treating respiratory problems. While Danzhuye is a dried leaf and stem of Lophatherum gracile, it has a bitter taste and is good for treatment related to urine problems, it is used to urinate and cure diseases that affect digestion.

To better understand the benefits of bamboo leaves for health, now we see in detail the benefits of bamboo leaves for health.

1. Maintain healthy skin

Bamboo leaves are important herbs for skin health, it is able to keep skin clean and free of acne. The benefits of bamboo leaves with antioxidants and high anti-bacterial content can fight and get rid of pimples.

In addition, bamboo leaves are also useful for removing various harmful chemicals that come from cosmetics. For the use of bamboo leaves for skin health is very easy, you only need to mash the bamboo leaves until smooth and become like paste. Add a little honey or olive oil, and apply on the face and skin infected with acne, let stand about 15 minutes and rinse with warm water, feel the difference. To get maximum results, take care with this bamboo leaf mask twice a week.

2. Prevent Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that usually occurs with age, this disease occurs because of damage to the brain. Research shows that bamboo leaves contain silica which is useful for preventing the absorption of aluminum in the body and eliminating it in the body. Aluminum is the main factor that causes brain damage which in turn causes Alzheimer’s. So, bamboo leaves have extraordinary benefits in preventing brain cell damage and fighting free radicals. However, further research is still needed to determine the content of bamboo leaves in their ability to cope with and treat disease.

3. Reducing high blood pressure

Bamboo leaves are also beneficial for heart health and high blood pressure. Bamboo leaves contain high enough fiber which is good for heart health.

Why bamboo leaves can reduce high blood pressure? It turns out that the high fiber content is useful for removing cholesterol. Excess cholesterol can cause plaque and blocked arteries and eventually high blood pressure or narrowing of the arteries called atherosclerosis. So, eating foods high in fiber is very good for heart health and smooth blood flow.

4. Supports nail and hair growth

The high silica content also has an effect on the great benefits for healthy hair and nails. The benefits of bamboo leaves are very large from the existing silica content. Silica is an element in the formation of nails and hair, which is why the benefits of bamboo leaves that contain silica are good enough for hair and nail growth. To get beautiful nails and beautiful hair, you can get used to drinking bamboo tea leaves.

Apart from silica, bamboo leaves also contain vitamin E which is very good for nails and hair. If you have problems with hair loss such as hair loss, and nail problems, try using herbs from bamboo leaves such as bamboo leaf tea.

6. Prevent free radical damage

Free radicals are another hidden enemy that makes a lot of damage to the body including cancer. Air pollution, chemicals, food are among the causes of the entry of free radicals in the body every day. Bamboo leaves contain antioxidants and polyphenols that are high enough to fight free radicals in the body. Antioxidants are the main substances that can block the growth of cancer in humans. To get antioxidant intake from bamboo leaves you can consume bamboo leaf tea every day.

7. Helps detoxify the body

The next benefit of bamboo leaves is in terms of removing toxins from the body. This is very amazing, thanks to the high silica in bamboo leaves, so it has the ability to remove toxins from the body, poisons will come out of feces and through urine. So, drinking bamboo tea leaves is an effective way to cleanse the body. If you diligently consume bamboo leaf tea you can feel good health in your activities and this benefit is also felt by your heart because the heart is no longer burdened with toxins that accumulate in the body.

8. Heal wounds

Bamboo leaves also contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, but it is also rich in silica so that it accelerates wound healing. Silica is one of the important elements in bamboo leaves which is useful for stimulating the formation of collagen, thus accelerating repair of wounds.

To get the benefits of wound healing with bamboo leaves, take a few bamboo leaves and grow fine, apply directly to the wound and wait 15 minutes, dressing with a bandage. Perform this treatment twice a day until the wound heals.

The benefits of bamboo leaves that heal wounds need not be doubted. Chinese and Japanese medicine experts have proven the efficacy of bamboo leaves for this healing.

9. Relieve Menstrual Syndrome

Menstruation is a jeadian that is always experienced by women throughout the month. Sometimes when menstruation comes, women experience back pain, stomach and even spine to provide discomfort. To overcome this problem Asian women use bamboo leaves as a concoction that is proven successful in relieving pain during menstruation.

How to make a mixture of bamboo leaves is to boil some bamboo leaves to boil and filter it, drink while still warm.

10. Overcoming urination problem

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in bamboo leaves provide benefits against urination problems. for those of you who have problems with urinating, bamboo leaves are an ingredient that is worth a try. If you experience a burning sensation in your bladder or pain, this could be the result of bacteria and drinking a little mineral water. To make herbal concoctions from bamboo leaves, you can boil 20 bamboo leaves with three glasses of water, reserving one glass of water and wait for it to cool, add one tablespoon of honey and drink. In Chinese medicine, they use bamboo leaves called Danzhuye, or dried leaves from Lophatherum gracile. This is a bamboo species that is known to cure bladder problems.

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11. Reducing sugar levels

One of the benefits of bamboo leaves is to reduce blood sugar levels, and this is very good for people with blood sugar. Diabetes is caused due to the low levels of insulin produced by the pancreas. Insulin is the main ingredient needed in digesting sugar and diabetic patients have deficient insulin levels so they cannot digest sugar properly.

High fiber content in bamboo leaves is useful for reducing sugar in the body so it does not burden the amount of insulin in action. To reduce blood sugar, you can consume bamboo leaf cooking water after eating.

12. Treat respiratory disorders

The benefits of bamboo leaves also treat respiratory disorders. You can boil bamboo leaves mixed with honey, this is good for treating respiratory disorders such as asthma and others. the anti-inflammatory properties, carbohydrates and proteins also play a role in reducing the risk of respiratory distress or curing breathing.

But if you are taking chemical drugs, consult with your doctor first before taking this natural medicine.

13. Increase male fertility

The extraordinary benefits of bamboo leaves also affect male fertility. Fertility problems in Europe are mostly a problem for most men. Apparently, bamboo leaves can be useful to overcome this problem. Africans used to use bamboo leaves to treat male infertility problems.

Bamboo leaves contain substances such as alkaloids, tannins, saponins, which are beneficial in improving the function of the epididymis, the male reproductive system, and the male reproductive glands. Apart from bamboo leaves, bamboo shoots are also famous as a food ingredient known as aphrodisiacs and this is popular in China, they believe that bamboo shoots can stimulate and increase male s3xual stamina.

14. Assist the delivery process

Asian women believe that bamboo leaves are not only beneficial for fertility, but can also facilitate the delivery of pregnant women. That is why, pregnant women are advised to drink bamboo leaf tea at the end of pregnancy. Bamboo leaf tea can increase fetal contraction so as to simplify and speed up the delivery process.

While other studies say that drinking bamboo leaf tea is good for pregnant women because it can prevent babies born in a state of brain damage or autism.

15. Boosts immunity

The silica content in bamboo leaves is very important for human health. Silica, anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, antioxidant content and other substances cause various health problems can be overcome easily. So, one of increasing immunity is to consume bamboo tea leaves regularly.

Side Effects of Bamboo Leaves

We understand the benefits of bamboo leaves which are quite large in the world of health ranging from curing bladder problems to beneficial to male fertility. However, that does not mean there are no side effects of bamboo leaves, bamboo leaf side effects can mainly occur if consumed in excessive amounts and for a long time.

Bamboo is not all the same, including bamboo called “Bambusa vulgaris“, said that this type of bamboo has an effect on women such as abortion, other problems that can arise are digestive and metabolic problems. If your problem is not cured by consuming bamboo leaves, consult your doctor immediately.

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