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8 Reasons Why You Should Eat Amla Every Day

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Amla health benefits – Amla fruit which is rarely eaten has many health benefits. There are many reasons why you should like this food and make it a daily food that you should eat. Amla is said to contain vitamin C more than oranges and even up to 8 times more. While it has more antioxidants, it is said that amla contains 2 times more antioxidants than acay berries and 17 times more than pomegranates.

From a health profile like this, amla or Indian ghoseberry is a fruit that deserves to be considered as a health fruit that is rich in nutrients. This makes amla suitable to be called a superfood because of its extraordinary nutritional content.

Amla is a green fruit which comes from the Sanskrit word “amlaki” which means nectar of life. Consuming it regularly can protect us from various types of diseases. Among the diseases that can be prevented by amla are cancer, common cold, infertility and others. How, are you sure about the benefits of amla fruit?

Amla health benefits
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If you want to know more about the health benefits of amla, read on this article to find out why you should eat amla every day.

1. Against the common cold

Why do you have to eat amla? The answer is because it can prevent many diseases and make you healthier. Vitamin C in amla, which is said to be 8 times more than oranges, is more easily absorbed by the body than taking vitamin C supplements.

Take two teaspoons of amla powder, and two teaspoons of honey, and drink it three or four times a day (to help get an instant cold). If you want to protect yourself from colds, flu permanently, then take amla once a day.

2. Good for vision health

One of the benefits of amla is that it is very good for our vision health. Amla is said to contain carotene whose benefits are to improve vision health.

Among the problems with vision are cataracts, intraocular tension, redness, watery eyes and red eyes.

3. Helps burn a lot of fat

Amla is also useful for weight loss. These are the benefits of amla that are very much discussed and also feel very interesting. This is due to the protein content in amla, which is said to be able to hold a person from wanting to eat more.

In addition, nutritionists say that amla is a fruit that can increase the body’s metabolism so that it is fast in the fat burning process.

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4. Build immunity

Amla is a fruit with anti-bacterial and anti-astringent properties, which can increase immunity against disease.

Many diseases that occur are the result of oxidative damage, especially cancer. While amla is a food rich in antioxidants that is good enough to fight free radicals in the body. So, amla can prevent serious health problems because it is able to increase the body’s strength against germs such as free radicals.

5. Benefits of amla to beautify hair

Just like curry leaves, amla is a tonic that can nourish hair so it keeps hair healthy. Amla is also useful in slowing gray hair, strengthening hair follicles, eliminating dandruff, and increasing blood flow to the hair roots so that the hair becomes strong.

Amla also functions as a hair conditioner that makes your hair shiny.

6. Good for skin

This is an anti aging fruit that you should consume regularly. You can consume amla juice mixed with honey every day to make your skin blemish free, healthy and always in beautiful.

7. Manage chronic conditions

Amla is a fruit that is rich in chromium which is useful for reducing ginger cholesterol and stimulating insulin production. This means that consuming amla fruit can reduce blood sugar.

Drinking amla juice every morning is also beneficial for lowering blood pressure as well as helping blood pressure levels remain stable and safe.

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8. Benefits of amla for pain relief

Amla is said to be great for relieving painful joints or mouth ulcers. The anti-inflammatory properties in amla fruit are great for relieving pain in joints or mouth ulcers. To relieve and heal ulcers, you can simply rinse your mouth with amla juice.

How to Use Amla

The best way to get optimal benefits from amla is to drink a cup of amla juice every day. This fruit is usually harvested a lot from December to April. If you don’t like the sour taste, you can try:


Take the amla, remove the seeds and cut it into small pieces. Mix with a pinch of salt and dry in the sun for a few days to dry. When it’s completely dry, store it in a jar, and keep it as a snack every day.


For those who like pickles, you can enjoy a different pickle this time, this is pickled amla. Try making spicy amla pickles or making sweet amla foods by soaking the amla in sweet water.

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