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Top 10 Amber Essential Oil Benefits & Uses and Side Effects

Amber Essential Oil Benefits

Essential oils are known to have many benefits in improving health conditions. One of them is amber essential oil. There are several extraordinary benefits of amber essential oil, including as a herbal medicine to calm the mind, increase libido, maintain heart health, and relieve pain.

Other benefits of amber essential oil are to smooth circulation, improve breathing, trade, improve brain health, and others. However, this oil also gives some side effects if it is used incorrectly such as skin inflammation, and digestive disorders occur if swallowed. While pregnant women and breastfeeding women, it is expected to consult a doctor before using amber oil.

Amber is said to be a very unique essential oil because it comes from resin and trees that are millions of years old. The price of amber essential oil is very expensive and can even reach hundreds of dollars for an ounce. So it is difficult to get genuine and pure oil so that a lot of marketed oil comes from a combination of amber resin and other carrier oils. So it is important for users of this oil to check first about what ingredients are in the oil before using it, users can see or read the ingredients listed on the bottle or package, so as not to encourage side effects.

Usually, amber essential oil also has health benefits when mixed with other substances such as mixed with succinic acid, incensole, sesquiterpenes, alpha-cedrene, thujopsene, widdrol. All the results of this mixture can provide good effects for body health. Next we consider what are the health benefits of amber.

Benefits of Amber Essential Oil

For people with poor circulation, this oil is very good to use, including colds and flus. Other problems that can be overcome with amber oil are inflammation, low s3x drive, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, dementia, cognitive slowness, fatigue, neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis and including problems related to heart health.

1. Relieve stress and anxiety

To reduce stress and anxiety, many people use amber essential oil as a medicine. You can put a few drops in the tub or slowly inhale can provide peace. You can also mix it in massage oil, it will give you a comfortable feel and make you sleep well with a fresh feeling in the morning.

2. Improve cognitive

The next benefit of amber essential oil is to improve cognition, there are certain compounds in this essential oil that work to prevent oxidative stress and improve cognition. Amber oil can clear your mind and reduce stress so that it can provide an increase in your concentration.

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3. Reducing pain and inflammation

If you feel convulsions, and anxious inflammation you can use a few drops of amber essential oil. This essential oil is used topically to relieve pain, inflammation and spasms.

Use by inhalation is also good for health, especially stopping inflammation in the interior of digestion. But it is not recommended to consume orally.

4. Improve heart health

Amber essential oil also functions as a traditional medicine to overcome heart problems, such as palpitations, calming the heart because it is an oil that contains anti-spammodic properties. That is, amber oil is useful to eliminate heart setrs, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

5. Increase libido

Furthermore, the benefits of amber essential oil are able to increase libido stimulation so that this oil is recommended for couples who want to get a more intense s3xual sensation. When this oil is sprayed into the room, the body will respond by releasing hormones in the body so that it can increase libido stimulation and increase male fertility.

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6. Good for circulation

To get the benefits of a smooth blood circulation, ameber essential oil rubbed into the skin. Amber essential oil has calming properties, stimulants and blood flow and spread oxygen throughout the body so that the body feels comfort and calmness.

7. Strengthening the immune system

Furthermore, amber essential oil is beneficial for a stronger immune system. This oil contains anti-bacterial, expectorant, so that it can cure infections in the respiratory tract. Besides that it also calms the throat and breathing and decreases mucus production. In addition to using amber oil, essential oils such as frankincense and sandalwood oils are also good for immunity thanks to the high levels of antioxidants in them.

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8. Uses for Amber Essential Oil

The oil is not only useful as a medicine but also has many benefits for beauty, so many cosmetic products that use amber oil as ingredients.

9. Cologne and Perfume

Amber essential oil is rare, so the price is very expensive, even one ounce can be hundreds of dollars. However, this oil is often an ingredient in various brands of perfumes and colognes. This oil has a warm, rich and aromatic aroma and is very sought after by many perfume businesses.

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10. Eliminating unpleasant odors at home

This essential oil is also widely used in the room to eliminate unpleasant odors, but the benefits of amber essential oil are not only to expel odors but are also good for removing bacteria and improving the surface hygiene. So, by using amber oil, you can get a clean room and healthy air.

11. Useful as a Soaps and Shampoos

Because it is rich in antibacterial properties, amber oil is not used as a cosmetic ingredient such as soap and shampoo.

Side effects of amber essential oil

Using amber oil has the potential to cause side effects, among which are possible skin inflammation, stomach problems and drug interactions. To avoid the bad effects and side effects of amber essential oil, it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor or essential oil expert first before using for things whose effects are unknown.

Here are some of the side effects of amber essential oil

1. Children and pregnant women

If you are a pregnant woman or child, then avoid getting close to amber oil, this oil has chemical effects and stimulating effects that can cause preterm labor in pregnant women. But if you force you to use it, consult first with a specialist.

2. Inflammation of the skin

Many users of this essential oil report having experienced inflammation of the skin, rashes, and irritations.

However, if you use this oil after mixing with other carrier oils, the effect will be felt mild. So, before actually using it, you should try first one or two drops on the surface of the skin, attention to the reaction. If it’s safe, then you can use it broadly on the surface of the skin.

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3. Consumption

Amber essential oil is not recommended for internal consumption because it can cause serious stomach problems. Problems that occur can be nausea or vomiting.

Thus is a brief explanation of amber essential oil, both about its benefits for health, beauty or side effects that may occur when using it incorrectly. May be useful!

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