Best Health Benefits of Snake Fruit (Salacca Zalacca)

Health Benefits of Snake Fruit

Salak or snake fruit is a tropical fruit originating from South Sumatra and parts of Java. Salak fruit has scaly skin like snake skin with white flesh on the inside. The jam, the seeds are large and dark brown. The taste is sweet and mixed with chelate. Salak fruit contains many benefits because of the … Read more

What is Jasmine Tea and How to Make It

What is Jasmine Tea and How to Make It

Jasmine tea is the most popular tea in Asian restaurants. It is a fragrant tea, soft and easy to mix with various hot spices and according to taste. Tea is usually a special dish in the morning and can also be served cold or hot according to taste and of course this is related to … Read more

Can Broccoli Fight Flu And Colds?

Can Broccoli Fight Flu And Colds

Colds and flu are diseases that often occur together, and they are caused by infections. Colds are caused by about 200 different viruses. Meanwhile, flu is a health problem caused by the influenza virus. To get good health, we are encouraged to consume healthy and clean foods. A balanced diet should consist of essential oils … Read more

What Enema Is? The Benefits, Types, and Concerns

Benefits of enemas

What is an enema? An enema is an injection of rectal fluid with the aim of cleaning and stimulating emptying of the intestine. Enemas have been used in medicine for thousands of years, especially in treating chronic constipation. Also used on someone who is going to undergo certain medical tests and surgeries. The enema is … Read more