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  1. AySee Emm

    I'm a fan of Rippin' cord!

    by AySee Emm on 08/25/14
  2. 88blazerfan88

    I'm a fan of all things RIP CITY

    by 88blazerfan88 on 08/12/14
  3. tonycrawford

    I'm a fan of Enter new fan statement...

    by tonycrawford on 07/24/14
  4. Nic Caldwell

    I'm a fan of Move Batum to 2 spot and play three bigs against teams effective in the paint.

    by Nic Caldwell on 07/21/14
  5. gregtampetersen

    I'm a fan of Enter new fan statement...

    by gregtampetersen on 07/21/14
  6. 117637

    I'm a fan of the Blazers. I am very impressed with the new administration and how they continue to improve the team the right way. GO BLAZERS!!!

    by 117637 on 07/17/14
  7. Eric Simukka

    I'm a fan of Some say Blazermania is back.....I got news for ya...it never left.

    by Eric Simukka on 06/02/14
  8. millie

    I'm a fan of Enter new fan statement...

    by millie on 05/22/14
  9. LWES

    I'm a fan of Enter new fan statement...

    by LWES on 05/21/14
  10. gldwing44

    I'm a fan of Enter new fan statement...

    by gldwing44 on 05/09/14
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Highest Rated Fan Statements

  1. ewreck

    I'm a fan of Who else? THE TRAIL BLAZERS!

    by ewreck
    avg. rating: 5
  2. blazerglen

    I'm a fan of Don't tell me this team ain't got no heart!! Well, well, well, you can never tell...

    by blazerglen
    avg. rating: 5
  3. bonjustin8

    I'm a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers. Period.

    by bonjustin8
    avg. rating: 5
  4. 1rudyfan

    I'm a fan of Rudy

    by 1rudyfan
    avg. rating: 5
  5. johnshavers

    I'm a fan of The Trail Blazers...sort of!

    by johnshavers
    avg. rating: 5
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